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UC Mobile Collaboration Group 7 – 25 - 2011 ITLC CTG UC MCG.

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1 UC Mobile Collaboration Group 7 – 25 - 2011 ITLC CTG UC MCG

2 7-25-11 AGENDA Introductions & Campus Updates Logistics monthly call is scheduled for the 4 th Monday from 4 – 5pm Formal Charter – bring a draft to the CTG next month Background UC MWF upcoming conference: Discuss and agree upon the UCs Mobile Web Framework Priorities for 2011-12 Discuss an MWF project plan for 2011-12 Discuss where resources from campuses can contribute/lead Agree upon technical goals for 2011-12 – for a preliminary version see MWF Rollout and developer training goals Updates of the UCs collaboration with Higher Ed and Educause The Higher Ed Mobile Coalition Educause ACTI –Mobile Application and Web Services WG CSG workshop Discuss potential models for the UCLA/UC MWF Sustainability Discuss Native Mobile needs for the Medical area Is there an affinity around Medicines needs? Should this be a sub-subgroup?

3 UC MCG - Membership INTRODUCTIONS UCLA - Rose Rocchio, Ed Sakabu, Eric Bollens, Albert Wu UCSD – Brett Pollak, Mojgan Amini UC Berkeley – Bill Allison, Tom Tsai UCOP – Gilbert Loo, Roong Uahaibool UCSF UCSF Library – Rich Trott UCSF Med School – Larry Suarez, Yen Melwin UCI – Jim Kreuziger, Ray Vadnais UCR – Israel Fletes UCSB – Joe Sabado, Bill McTague UC Davis – Curtis Bray UC Merced – Christopher Volkerts UCSC – Ken Schumann

4 Background ITLC – CTG – UC MCG ITAG and other groups – inter-related UCLA MWF Principles Connected at the UCCSC conference 2010 Won a Gold Sautter Award in 2011 MWF Collaboration Timeline Fall 2010 – UCLA Mobile launches Spring 2011 – 4 more UCs launched Fall 2011 – 2 more in the works

5 UCLA/UC MWF Principles Principles Device Agnostic Graceful Degradation Unified mobile presence Technology Platform Independent Scalable, distributed architecture Modern web standards (HTML 5, CSS 3, etc…)

6 Five Schools that have launched

7 2011-12 UC Mobile Collaboration Plan

8 1.0 UC/UCLA MWF Collaboration 1.1 Host 1st Annual UC-Wide MWF Conference 1.2 Track UCLA/UC MWF Effort A. Estimate of Core MWF Codebase Effort B. Estimate of campus specific MWF effort C. Estimate of Campus local Mobile WEB App effort 1.3 Track UC Effort with Higher Ed Collaboration A. Higher Ed Mobile Coalition - HEMC ( 6 subgroups ) B. Educause ACTI: Mobile Apps & Web services WG C. Estimate of effort working with the CSG

9 2011-12 UC Mobile Collab plan (cont) 1.4 MWF Technical Goals & Priorities 2011-12 A. MWF Release 1.1 (available on Github) B. MWF Release 1.2 Personalization + Mobile WEB Apps store Enhanced HTML5 Interactivity Basic Native Container (Using Phone Gap) UI Forms Enhancement (UCSD) Sharable Apps ( Glossary, Conference, Clicker ) C. MWF Release 1.3 Multi - Campus MWF Instance - Shared infrastructure Integrated Native Container(s) Installation Process (UCSD) Tablet and Desktop Support (UCSD)

10 2011-12 UC Mobile Collab plan (cont) 1.5 Research MWF Sustainability Models Continue Volunteer effort of Core Contributions UC Institute (Grants, Consulting, Corp partnerships) Create a SAAS partnership based on % contributions Merge w/ existing OS effort: JASIG, KUALI, INCOMMON Full Spin off as Entrepreneurial Venture 2.0 UC Medical Mobile Collaboration Create a focused affinity sub-group?

11 Appendix

12 One Code, Many Devices Works on any device with a web browser. Markup-driven with semantic entities. Progressive enhancement for more capable devices for a truly rich user experience. Webkit-based Rich Interface Devices Rich Interface Functionality CSS 3 EffectsHTML 5 APIs Rich Interface Devices Non-Linear UI Javascript Utilities Analytics Basic Devices Linear UI Minifiers & Compressors Images

13 Technology Independent Framework uses browser-side technologies. Compatible with any server-side languages, technologies and environments. Use your programming technology of choice. Framework (HTML, CSS, JS) PHPRuby Python ….NETPerlJava



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