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Sales on the Move Niels van der Putten September 2012.

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1 Sales on the Move Niels van der Putten September 2012

2 © 2012 BearingPoint2Sales on the Move Products and portfolios become more complex due to complex customer needs One person cannot sell everything and needs to involve experts to get a deal More consultative selling required to become a trusted business partner Companies become more complex and organizational matrices put a strain on the coordination of the sales force effort and customer dialogue Sales needs to align with other departments to provide full service More partners/ alliances are involved in the selling process There is so much data and reports available that they are often ignored Sales force environment is increasingly complex This Point of View focuses on how Sales Reps can be supported in bringing the right message with the biggest impact to the market Our sales forces are faced with an increasing challenging commercial environment with many factors influencing the customer dialogues

3 © 2012 BearingPoint3Sales on the Move Sales reps are less customer focused due to internal alignment of the customer dialogue Sales Manager Your visit frequency is too low. Step up on your visits Commercial Analytics We found a new segment. Can you develop it? Marketing Manager You need to get more exposure for this campaign Product Managers Tell you customers about this new feature! Customer Services Your customer has called a lot with issues lately. Can you check? Sales Reps Can you fill in for me? I am home sick Sales reps are often the primary contact with your customer base and everyone wants a piece of their conversation. Instead of focusing on the customer, the rep is focused internal alignment Sales Rep Customer

4 © 2012 BearingPoint4Sales on the Move Reps should be in the field talking to customer with relevant dialogues Sales reps are very capable of steering the dialogue in the direction that yields most results. It is their job. What they need is a way to drive an engaging dialogue that fits the occasion of the customer meeting Campaigns Previous visits Event invitations Advice Order intake Proposals Contracts Surveys Quotas Issues & questions Product intros Analytics

5 © 2012 BearingPoint5Sales on the Move Mobile solutions offer distinctive advantages to make the most of sales forces time in the field Actionable Analytics n On the road analytics n Driving sales activities n Providing focus on optimal results n Trend analysis keeps rep on long term targets Engaging Interactions n Interactive customer dialogues n Multi-media marketing collaterals n Easy product configurators and proposal generators n Automatic sales visit admin Sales Enablement n Visual route & visit planning n Tailored interactive training modules n Chat functions for corporate social communities n Easy sharing of documents Easy to use tool supports Sales in their daily work. Interactive, multimedia tooling supports engaging customer dialogues. An enabled, independent sales force needs less steering and control mechanisms to achieve results How can I engage my customer? What can I do more? What should I do? 123

6 © 2012 BearingPoint6Sales on the Move Scope of key functionality Mobile Sales Sales Quota Analysis Lead Opportunity Management Micro Segment Whitespace Analytics Prospecting Analytics Dialogue Builder Advice Tool Product Configurator & Proposal Generator Campaign Management Cross-functional Service Customer Profiling Contract Management Training Activity Management Collaboration Actionable AnalyticsEngaging InteractionsSales Enablement 123

7 © 2012 BearingPoint7Sales on the Move Actionable Analytics: Sales force steer themselves to the optimum result While on the move a rep can use easy to interpret analytics to drive his efforts to the optimal result. The analytics provide the tools to help a sales rep to make the right decisions Win/Loss Ratio: I am winning far more deals than losing and the trend is up! I need to focus more on following up my leads to keep a healthy pipeline Two of my open opportunities have not changed for over a week?! Pipeline Value: Wow, not good! I need to focus on lead generation quickly! 1

8 © 2012 BearingPoint8Sales on the Move Central coordination can develop flexible, best-of-breed apps/tools of which the rep always has the latest content available. The rep can modularly use these tools to the advantage of each customer visit Engaging Interactions: Sales force have access to the relevant tools to engage their customer Customer Surveys Marketing collaterals Campaigns Proposal configurator Product Introductions This gives me an easy, interactive and attractive support before, during and after a customer visit! Interactive mobile tool(box) Sales selects relevant support Central coordination & development 2

9 © 2012 BearingPoint9Sales on the Move Sales Enablement: make the most of a day in the field Between visits the rep can make use of the mobile tool to make the most of a day. The easy interaction makes even menial tasks more fun Where are my customers and prospects? What is my optimal route? What is there to know about my customer? Academy How can I improve my skills? - EXAMPLES - Route & visit planningTraining Academy Academy Customer profiling Many apps from the app store are easy to use to my advantage Flexible out-of-the-box apps 3

10 © 2012 BearingPoint10Sales on the Move Customer messages are centrally prepared and easily distributed to the sales force with quick feedback loops of each follow-up Relevant customer dialogues: Sales rep have powerful tools to add so much more to a customer visit Consistent branding and interactive dialogues through centralized marketing collaterals Via gamification a sales force can be motivated to do menial tasks like customer data updates Flexible CRM App infrastructure; easily updated/changed following market changes and new customer needs Tablets are easy to use on the road with quick access, interface and long battery life Key conclusions of using mobile tools Tablets enables a company to provide their sales force with new differentiating, interactive and engaging tools to make a customer visit more relevant Tablets and interactive apps provide a distinct advantage for a sales forces to provide engaging dialogues with their customers

11 © 2012 BearingPoint11Sales on the Move Mobile Sales Round Table

12 © 2012 BearingPoint Mobile Sales and industry relevance 12 IndustryRelevanceExample Companies Insurance Intermediary B2B Improved interaction and control with intermediaries: full scope of Mobile Sales functionality is relevant Reaal, ACHMEA, Aegon, NN, ING, Meeus Insurance Intermediary B2C Mobile sales can be used by insurance company to provide added value for Intermediaries: almost full scope of functionality is relevant All larger Insurance intermediaries B2B Banking SMB Bankers benefit from Analytics, Dialogue builder, Advice tool, Product configurator, Customer Profiling and Contract Mgt All banks Private Banking Main benefit is in Engaging interactions (Dialogue Builder, Advice Tool) and somewhat in Analytics Van Lanschot, Deutsche Bank Electronics & High Tech Full scope of Mobile Sales functionality is relevant: specifically product configurator Siemens, Philips, Cisco, ASML, FEI Company Telecom B2B Mainly for SMB: full scope of Mobile Sales functionality is relevant, for LE relevance for Engaging interactions KPN, UPC, Belgacom, Telenet, ZIGGO, Vodafone FMCG Food & beverageFull scope of Mobile Sales functionality is relevant Heineken, Friesland Campina, Refresco, Nestle, Douwe Egberts,

13 © 2012 BearingPoint Mobile Sales and industry relevance 13 IndustryRelevanceExample Companies Life & material sciences Full scope of Mobile Sales functionality is relevant: specifically Analytics, Dialogue Builder, Advice Tool, Product Info, Campaigns, Activity Management Novartis, DSM, GSK, Chemicals Full scope of Mobile Sales functionality is relevant: specifically Analytics, Dialogue Builder, Advice Tool, Product Info, Campaigns, Activity Management Bayer, BASF, Celanese, Ciba, Degussa, AkzoNobel UtilitiesMain relevance for Engaging InteractionsNUON, Delta, Essent Industry & Manufacturing Full scope of Mobile Sales functionality is relevant: specifically Analytics, Dialogue Builder, Advice Tool, Product Info and Proposal Generator, Activity and Contract Management Corus, CRH Food industry Full scope of Mobile Sales functionality is relevant: specifically Analytics, Dialogue Builder, Advice Tool, Product Info and Proposal Generator, Activity and Contract Management Numico, Refresco AutomotiveMain relevance for Engaging Interactions PON, Kroymans, OEMs: Louwman & Parquis, Peugot,

14 © 2012 BearingPoint Proposed Agenda for Round Table 14 TIMETOPICLeadOBJECTIVES TBD1. Introduction/ WelcomeBEObjectives, rationale, participants TBD2. The world of AppleApple TBD: the world of Apple and relation with Sales. E.g. case study of Apple devices and technology in sales execution TBD 3. Mobile Sales Business Transformations BE World of mobile sales: BE Vision Mobile sales organizational transformation 4. Mobile Sales Technical Implementations Xaton TBD Mobile Sales: Technical implications Mobile Sales APPS: trends, opportunities and challenges

15 © 2012 BearingPoint15Sales on the Move To get there... …Together.

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