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Your Alumni are Moving onto the Mobile Web. Are You? Mobile Applications and Alumni Engagement Chad Davis, Lehigh University Steve Rittler, CounterMarch.

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1 Your Alumni are Moving onto the Mobile Web. Are You? Mobile Applications and Alumni Engagement Chad Davis, Lehigh University Steve Rittler, CounterMarch Systems

2 Our Promise In this session we will boldly go where email, Facebook, Twitter, the alumni website and an online community simply can't: directly into the pockets of alumni STAR WARS STYLE

3 Hello! A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ChadRoy Halladay Steve

4 Hello! PURPOSE A well designed mobile app gives instant gratification HOW TO Tools, talent and techniques DONE A case study of an integrated campaign THIS IS WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR

5 Why mobile? More convenient People feel smarter when they have the answers More engaging (briefly) Immediacy drives interaction More intimate It's right there in your pocket all the time WE JUST GOT GOOD AT FACEBOOK!

6 Why mobile? Mobile devices sales rate exceeds computers > 1 billion mobile broadband subscribers in 2011 Timeliness > Quantity Situational applications have massive utility value Engagement of students and young alumni LIKE GOING FROM MOVIES TO TELEVISION

7 The machines are taking over OUTPACING LAPTOP/DESKTOP SALES

8 What is a mobile device? Smartphones iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre with screen sizes from 3.5"-4.2" Tablets iPad (9"), Samsung Galaxy (7"), and the hundreds of others (various) on the way WE'RE GLAD YOU ASKED

9 Lesser devices "Dumbphones" EXTREMELY LIMITED CAPABILITY

10 What is used and why POPULAR MOBILE APPS AppWhy?Really…why? LinkedInIt's a better networking platform than your online community Work FacebookIt's a better "stalking" platform than your online community Play TwitterEverybody listen to me! I have valuable thoughts about my lunch! Ego FoursquareI'm here. Why aren't you here too? I'm lonely.Companionship Angry BirdsKill time, lose sleepFun These five factors determine the success of every mobile app

11 The Home Screen Installing/bookmarking an app is a personal choice made based on relevance and utility You want to (you NEED to!) be one of those home screen apps an alum uses PRIME REAL ESTATE

12 Key Question How do we drive actions that lead to substantive engagement? 1.Think about the context in which the app is used 2.Provide only what is necessary and useful 3.Act quickly and openly on collected feedback REPEAT FROM LAST SLIDE…

13 Hypothetical Priorities WE'RE NOT MINDREADERS AlumniInstitution "Do stuff for me"The appearance, if not reality, of being technically up-to-date with minimal management overhead Alumni directory and networking accessProtection of confidential and/or personal information Answers to questions Where is reunion check-in? How do I get to Davis Hall? What time does the lecture start? A phone call and an opportunity to engage in depth Relevant, interesting, 'pride-inspiring' news Promotion of "The Mission" or "The Campaign" High fidelity, high utilityLow cost

14 Hypothetical Priorities THE SPACE BETWEEN Finding common ground Understand key needs (some are probably echoes of past requests) Address items that align with your long term plans How easy can you make it to collect an address update? In-app surveys and frequent feedback on enhancements

15 Word of caution Do not try to push every bit of content from your website out into your mobile application! The context in which someone uses a mobile app is very different from a standard website 10 POUNDS OF SUGAR IN A 5 POUND BAG

16 What is 'mobile'? Text messaging (SMS) Mobile web applications Websites designed for mobile device capabilities and constraints Native mobile applications One for Android, one for iOS, one for Win7…etc. THINLY SLICING THE TERMS

17 SMS Ye olde "text message" SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE PlusesMinuses Cheap (pennies per message)Opt-in required Low management overheadLow fidelity message – short text Runs everywhereLost in the mix of other SMS messages Can be used to address short-term needsNo long term interaction

18 SMS Several great services available to help Twilio (also voice!), Tropo, Clickatell Bi-directional communications! Extremely "event-driven" Request and response, end of conversation. SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE

19 SMS Opportunities Reunion event reminders Event registration Event help desk (on-site FAQ) Low-bandwidth Twitter for events Mobile giving FOR ALL DEVICES

20 Mobile Web Apps PlusesMinuses Cheapest, easiest way to extend your presence Your existing CMS may not be up to the challenge Newer devices have modern, standards- compliant browsers Not every device is new (older Blackberries are especially flaky) It's just another website (easy updates)…with modifications Can do just about anything"Just about" means limited access to hardware Can "look like" a native appWho knows how to "make a bookmark on the home screen"? 100% BROWSER-BASED Mobile web apps (think HTML5 ) have become the de-facto standard

21 Native Mobile Apps PlusesMinuses Highest performance, hands downEvery platform requires a different codebase Complete access to hardwareEvery platform requires a different codebase Native look and feelEvery platform requires a different codebase Use new hardware/OS features as they become available Updates to the app may require a fresh installation You get to put it in an "App Store"…where the rules are opaque at best and the control is outside your institution A SUPPORT PROBLEM Native apps are installed on the device and live there until removed

22 "Near-Native" Mobile Apps PlusesMinuses Built using web technologies (HTML, Javascript, Flash) Any translation tier will hurt performance Access to most hardwareVaries per platform, lags in releases Native look and feelDepending on the tool You get to put it in an "App Store"…where the rules are opaque at best and the control is outside your institution WEB TO NATIVE TRANSLATION Builds like web, installs like native

23 "Near-native" Mobile Apps ALMOST THERE Tools are maturing fast Titanium Appcelerator (most mature) PhoneGap (most extensible) Adobe (most accessible for developers) Flash Packager for iOS Adobe AIR for Mobile Use of familiar languages lowers the bar for app development

24 Good News! The process for implementing a mobile app is the same as other media! Assess target audiences Segment appropriately Design appealing content for each Select implementation on usual factors Execute support and feedback workflow IT'S NOT ALL THAT DIFFERENT

25 Vendor Questions What type of app do you provide for each platform? What metrics will we have access to in order to evaluate success? Integration: to what extent and how much is included? How well does their product relate to your users? OTHER THAN COST

26 Let's talk actual apps Demo time

27 Situational Applications Reunion/Homecoming Event information Campus maps Emergency contacts Networking THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JERSEY SHORE

28 Reunion Princeton and Cornell Homegrown app Andrew Gossen @agossen HOMEGROWN EXAMPLES

29 Situational Applications Self-guided campus tour using GPS THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JERSEY SHORE

30 Geolocation Your personal GPS coordinates Built in to newer devices and some standard browsers Opportunities What would you do if you knew your proximity to places, things and other people? YOU'RE NEVER LOST. EVER.

31 Sample: Cornell Compass App tells you how far you are from the center of Cornell's campus You can "check in" from that location AN EARLY EXPERIMENT

32 Social Media + Events Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter are all "mobile enabled" Foursquare's primary reason for being is mobile THE GANG'S ALL HERE…OR ARE THEY?

33 Sample: Cornell's "Zinck's Night" Integrated Twitter, Foursquare and Google Maps A real-time look at global event participation GIVE MY REGARDS TO DAVY

34 Sample: Cornell's "Zinck's Night"

35 Case Study Lehigh/Lafayette Challenge Concept Weeklong Challenge Mobile Giving Results Followup DON'T LET "THAT OTHER SCHOOL" WIN

36 Results BOTH SCHOOLS WON Online (strictly Young Alumni & Seniors)Texting (all alumni) 339 gifts in one week445 text gifts in one day $13,300 ($7000 for scholarship)$4450 56 designations305 distinct phone numbers matched to 254 names in Banner 40 donors who had never made a gift before 11 alumni were first time donors 70's: 22 80's: 40 90's: 37 Young: 89

37 Samples Desktop Mobile GO AHEAD AND CLICK AWAY

38 Final Thoughts Work. Play. Ego. Companionship. Fun. Segment appropriately Build for relevant, actionable content FOOD FOR THOUGHT

39 Thanks!

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