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Executive Viewpoint Trends and opportunities for tomorrows mobile PC Bill Mitchell Corporate Vice President Windows Client Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Executive Viewpoint Trends and opportunities for tomorrows mobile PC Bill Mitchell Corporate Vice President Windows Client Microsoft Corporation

2 Session Outline Core Mobile PC Platform Message Today Mainstream Tablets and Experience Pack Tomorrow Longhorn Mobile Features + Innovative Hardware = Opportunities to differentiate Beyond New Designs Get Personal and Redefine Performance Call to Action and Links

3 PC Market Analysis Source: Gartner 03/2005 0 200M 250M 300M 50M 100M 150M WW Desktop Units: Average 4% Growth WW Notebook Units: Average 15% Growth

4 Technology Barriers Engineering Barriers Going Mobile IDC Mobile PC Segments Data source: IDC DT Replacement Two & Three spindle 14-17 screen 7-12 lbs. Thin and Light Two-spindle 14-15 screen 4-7 lbs. Ultra-Portable Single & Dual spindle 10-12 screen 2-4 lbs. Ultra-Mobile 0 to 1 spindle 5-8 screen Under 2 lbs. Information Workers and Consumers CAGR (04-08): 22% CY08 Market Size: 51M 63% 2008 Market share 2006 2004 10%19%30% Information Workers and Consumers CAGR (04-08): -11% CY08 Market Size: 8.9M 31%17%7% Mobile Professionals, Information Workers CAGR (04-08): 51.4% CY08 Market Size: 28.4M 3% 3% Personal 1% 1%0% Consumers, Mobile Professionals CAGR (04-08): 40% CY08 Market Size: 2.5M Transportable Mobile 56%63% Accessible

5 Mobility Spans Business, Consumer And Life PCs will become personal like Mobile Phones Battery Life Wireless File Sharing Email Anywhere Instant Message Quick Access to Data Take Notes Movies & Music Business User Scenario Consumer Scenario Entire school day or day of errands Homework projects From the couch Side chat during lecture In between class or errands In class In the car Entire day of meetings Transfer files to mtg. participants At the airport Side chat during meeting While dashing to meetings In meetings On the plane

6 Key Barriers Issue HardwareCostPerformance Battery life Thermals Screen readability Weight Input mechanisms Connectivity capabilities Applications Enhance existing value Create new value Operating System Focus on performance vs. power Natural interaction Data Availability SynchronizationBackupAccess Perception Mobile PC = Desktop machine on batteries Barriers To A Mobile PC Per Person

7 Goals Mobile PC Gets Personal MobilePC-Per-Person >100M PCs Ultra-Mobile Longhorn+ MainstreamMobility Ultra-Portable Longhorn Tablet as a Feature Thin and Light Tablet PC 2005 Evolution Of the PC V1Tablets XP Tablet PC Ed. Hardware Platform SoftwarePlatform

8 Tablet As A Feature Averatec C3500 HP TC4200 Acer C300 Toshiba R15/M4 Fujitsu T4000 Gateway M275 Shift Perception Broaden Retail Availability Reduce Cost Enhance Functionality

9 Tablet As A Feature Six great ways to stay organized and get inspired Energy Blue Theme Pack & Windows Media Player Skin Ink Art 1.3 Media Transfer Ink Crossword Snipping Tool

10 Tablet PC Experience Pack demo


12 Mainstream Mobility Ultra-portable = ultra-personal Full-function PC Light enough to carry and use Face-open with pen and touch, for instant use Long battery life

13 Longhorn Mobile Value Opportunities to Differentiate Innovative mobile PC form factors High-end Graphics Auxiliary Displays Touch Screens High-resolution/Wide screen displays More Available Better Battery Life Auxiliary Display Fast Startup Natural Input/Output Touch Screen Secure Boot More Places and Scenarios Easy and secure networks discovery, join, and usage Reliable, performing wireless PC adapts automatically to switching network Seamless connection to external display or projector Single sync experience for data and devices Mobile Media and Entertainment Ambient light sensors Array microphones TPM 1.2 Wireless Peripherals Integrated Bluetooth

14 LH Fast Access Instant Aux Display Boot Full Windows 15 seconds Resume from Sleep (LH Default) …from memory …from disk 2 seconds 10 seconds

15 LH Fast Access Options Speed Start Mode OEM differentiation options LH OS core technology 0-1 sec Aux Display Implement Aux Display Aux Display Platform 1 - 2 sec Resume from Sleep Direct media HW button Fast display light- up Piton Reliable resume (no veto & diagnosability) LDDM driver model Sleep Delay services load Enumeration optimizations Network join optimizations Clean startup UX Direct media access 5-10 sec Resume from Disk Fast BIOS Hybrid disk w/ fast NV Cache Fast HDD 7200 RPM Fast CPU 10-15 sec Boot

16 Longhorn Mobile Features demo

17 Mobile PC Per Person Carry-everywhere form factor Rich, natural interaction All-day battery life Always-connected/always on Affordable - $500-$800

18 Call To Action Join us on our progression Doesnt mean larger mobiles go away They become the new desktop Make your PCs More personal Longer lasting Rich in different modes Connected Work on scenarios with us Connecting your life

19 Contact Us Microsofts Mobile Platforms Group Mobile Platforms and Tablet PC Business Development Mobile Platforms and Tablet PC Support tus.asp?domain=windows tus.asp?domain=windows Tablet PC Website

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