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Mobile Platform Development LGICT Presentation Ben Sinnott Spatial Systems Team Leader

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1 Mobile Platform Development LGICT Presentation Ben Sinnott Spatial Systems Team Leader

2 Background Wyndham 542km 2 on western fringe of Melbourne (part Metro part Rural) One of the fastest growing in municipalities in Australia. Its estimated residential population set to exceed 245,000 people by 2021 Growing pains… increased requirements on the same resources Get smarter about processes, utilize newer technologies to improve productivity

3 Background Some mobile device solutions existed but were isolated, single function based solutions Many field tasks paper based Plethora of Issues Double handling of data Security of Information Audit compliance Cumbersome data entry Difficult to retrieve information Simular processes across Council to same core functionality

4 A platform to deliver solutions to multiple business functions (lower cost) Flexibility to conform to different scenarios Internally developed (lower cost, customizability, multiple device, support) iOS app but with the deep level integration of an internal system (flow of data/automation key part of the solution) Minimize manual data handling Utilise the latest in mobile, web and spatial technologies Connectivity (3G/4G) Live environment with ability to work offline where lacking coverage Solution

5 Solution Framework Form submitted on iOS device (information, photos, location) server Data is sent to a central server using 3G/4G technology and spatially processed, acknowledgement sent back to devices Internal Systems Information is then accessible to internal systems such as GIS and other web technologies to view/manage incoming data. Web Interface

6 First attempt at new solution platform. A mobile system to conduct mandatory road assets inspections across multiple categories Note defects and generate work orders to resolve issues. Heavy usage (~3000 inspections per month) Starting Point – FieldInspect

7 Background – FieldInspect PDA/Handheld Slow Connectivity Battery life Support Poor camera Pideon/Toughbook Slow $$$ Battery life Limited functionality Support WebMapping / Citrix (iPad) Difficult/Slow to use Connectivity iPad only Lack of device features (GPS,Camera) Integrated Showed potential of device/iOS solution

8 iOS app capable of running on iPhone, iPad and iPad mini (# of devices) A series of web services to pull data to and from devices back to a central server Server side spatial processing to associate inspections to assets (link to other systems) Web interface to view/manage incoming inspections and generate work orders FieldInspect Solution

9 An end to end solution Database Inspection is created on apple device, defect is recorded The inspection is sent to server where it is associated to an asset This inspection is then pushed back to other fleet devices running the FieldInspect app Once on the server, the inspection can be viewed by other integrated systems such as the corporate GIS Wynmap The inspection can also be viewed in the works order management system to generate a work order The work order is issued, handed to contractor and the issue is resolved

10 Integration-FieldInspect Relatively live integration (10min delay) Inspections appear automatically Real time issue management and analysis Hotspot analysis Find trouble areas New opportunities

11 Data transfer more sophisticated Connectivity Data display limitations Apple Maps (Accuracy/Completeness) Fragility Security of Data/Device Obstacles/Challenges- Field Inspect

12 Significant time savings were possible Fluid UI/Very quick data entry Automation of data flow between device and server. Utilisation of device features (GPS, images) Longer battery life (i.e. no downtime/return to office) Ability to retrieve information Simple but powerful, Apple gestures intuitive (training) Users have innate understanding of technology Updates/Installs easily deployable over the air AirWatch Offline submissions were important feature Solution can be adapted to develop other simular solutions. What we learnt - Field Inspect

13 Transferability Other Applications Further 4 applications developed with more in production Consistent benefits (productivity etc.) Further developed knowledge across the unit Enhancements from new applications fed back to FieldInspect (photos) New ideas/applications of the technology VacantLand PoolBarrier Audit PetInspect TreeInspect RatesFinder

14 Transferability VacantLand Inspection of vacant property for grass height and litter compliance Second solution developed 12 week inspection time to 2 Photos critical feature Further developed knowledge Enhancements fed back to FieldInspect (photos) Back

15 Transferability AnimalInspect Random audit of properties for unregistered pets Set list of properties with unregistered pets Framework gaining more maturity > quicker turnover

16 Transferability Pool Barrier Audits Inspection of Pool/Spa fencing to ensure legislated compliance More comprehensive form Historical component important Back

17 Transferability Summary Highly Successful outcome across multiple applications so far Simpler, faster, more robust and user-friendly solution Collected information more complete, correct and accessible Number of obstacles along the way that were overcome. Streamline mobile business processes Penetration of spatial /mapping technology to new departments (uptake of GIS) Planning, scoping and consultation were important Engaging/educating users increases benefit/use Possibilities…new technology & opportunities

18 Ben Sinnott Spatial Systems Team Leader Transferability Summary Adam Mowlam Coordinator System Development & Analysis Cameron Douglas Team Leader Application Development Ben Sinnott Team Leader Spatial Systems Paul Lowery Data Management Officer John Benko Mobile Development Officer Michelle Hanslow Senior Spatial Information Officer Preethi Balan Mobile Development Officer Kumica Truong Application Development Officer Graeme Bernard Spatial Information Officer Contact Information

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