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Mobile Wallet – fastPay Brief Summary

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1 Mobile Wallet – fastPay Brief Summary
July 2013

2 New Generation Mobile Wallet
fastPay Mobile Wallet Definition Send Money New Generation Mobile Wallet Spend Money Reach the Cash No NEED to Carry Card No NEED to be a Bank Customer Can be used at any GSM Operator

3 fastPay Mobile Wallet Monetary Flow Monetary In-flow Monetary Out-flow
M-Wallet fastPay Mobile Cash-Out (Withdraw on ATM) DenizBank ATM Demand Deposit Overdraft Account Send Back to Demand Deposit Account Credit Card Merchant Payment Utility Payments Facebook & Internet Banking Incoming P2P Transfer Pool Outgoing P2P Transfer 3

4 fastPay Mobile Wallet Inovation Behind 1. 1. 1. DRAW-IN Mobile Wallet
That is Firstly Empowering Visual Memory (Pin Number is not Mondatory, Just Draw Your Own «Sign») 24/7 SEND MONEY Mobile Wallet That Firstly and Uniquely Can send money from anyone to anyone at anytime. (No need to be a bank customer to send money. Any Bank, Any GSM Operator, Any Non Bank) PAY TO POS Mobile Wallet That Firstly Can Pay Money Directly To POS Machine via using merchant list according to geo coordination (No Need to show your phone to POS Machine. No Need to use NFC. No need to shoot any QR-Code) WITHDRAW MOBILE MONEY Mobile Wallet That Can Make You Withdraw Money From Your Account Without Any ATM Card. SEND MONEY WITH VOICE Mobile Wallet That Firstly Can Send Money With Voice Order 1. 1. 1.

5 fastPay Mobile Wallet Opportunities
fastPay is the ONLY Mobile Wallet which can Pay at All 81 Provinces Of Turkey. By the help of fastPay’s directly connect facility to POS machine, fastPay is the ONLY Mobile Wallet which can Pay For a Restaurant’s POS Machine even it is far far away by kilometers. Pay from Istanbul to Hatay on behalf of your girlfriend with fastPay takes only a few seconds.

6 fastPay Mobile Wallet Opportunities 1.
fastPay is the ONLY Mobile Wallet which can send money with voice order. By the help of fastPay’s Voice Order money sending facility, it is available to send money when you are driving your car without pushing buttons and disturbing your attention on traffic. 1.

7 fastPay Mobile Wallet Opportunities
Nobody visit me here at the cash desk no longer . I may have a long lazy summer vacation in canary islands this year You’re dinner is already ready It is possible to pay from mobile to mobile mobile to cash till or mobile POS machine Me roast venison and a cup of coffee I’ve ordered a steak and a cup of tea. If she would like she can share the bill with her boy friend by using the app. He needn’t to call the waiter to have menu or to order either to pay the bill

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