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Avaya Mobile Collaboration for IAUG Presenter – Brent Thomas

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1 Avaya Mobile Collaboration for IAUG Presenter – Brent Thomas
February 2012

2 Agenda – Mobile Collaboration
1. Social and Market Trends 2. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution 3. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Capabilities 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There 5. Conclusion

3 Social and Market Trends
Organizations face a tough economy, aggressive competitors, fragile customer loyalty, and changing demographics Economy and Recession Generational Social Networking Cloud Virtual Worlds and Communities Mobile Living BYOD trends 3 © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 3 3

4 Mobile Collaboration Drivers
Return to Business Growth BYOD and Consumerization Blended Personal & Business Life Need to accelerate customer, development and sales processes People and processes scattered globally Impact on business and customer relationships Up to 40% of employees spend >20% of time far from desk – Gartner Over 80% of Fortune 100 deploying iPhones and iPads – Network World 72% of organizations permitting employee- owned devices – Aberdeen 40% 2011 WLAN growth due to BYOD – Dell Oro Tablets & smartphones mix together enterprise, personal and social uses If it is my device I expect to access social and entertainment media! Security across mixed enterprise/personal use now becoming key 4 © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 4 4

5 Meeting The Needs Of All Your Constituents
Line of Business Faster Execution Customer Experience Increase Productivity Problem Resolution ! IT Decrease Cost Simplify Maintenance Integrate Systems Deploy New Services End User Anywhere, Anytime Social Networking Relevant Information Any Device, Any Modality

6 Agenda – Mobile Collaboration
1. Social and Market Trends 2. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution 3. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Capabilities 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There 5. Conclusion

7 Hey, what do you mean by mobile?

8 Enabling Collaboration and Mobility
empowered by enhanced communications that enable you to work and make decisions faster, bringing together the right people at the right time, to harness the collective intelligence of everyone to drive better business results Mobility allowing you to collaborate across devices and media, with the contextual information you need, regardless of location – office, campus, home, hotel, travelling, customer site, remote locations, etc. Right People Right Information Right Time

9 Avaya Mobile Collaboration Overview
Accelerate your business with faster collaboration and smarter decisions anywhere on any device Faster collaboration accelerates business Empowering the right people globally Accessible through presence, messaging, voice and conferencing Smarter decisions drive customer satisfaction and results People productive everywhere across mobile, teleworker, and office clients Avaya Flare® Communicator for iPad – powering decision making on the go Reliable integrated collaboration solution lowers TCO Built on proven Avaya Aura® enterprise-wide foundation Real-time optimized and secure WLAN networking and SBC support BYOD Professional Services expertise accelerates adoption Flexible deployment and managed service choices (including OPEX models)

10 Empowering the Mobile Collaborator Faster collaboration, smarter decisions, better business
Maureen - customer relationship manager Travelling with her iPad, key client calls Accessible and able to quickly find experts Gathers contextual information using iPad Executes transaction for client using a business app and Tom’s and Bob’s support Bob - back-office support (may be in his home office!) Integrated desktop Easily supports the team Tom – mobile expert Indicates his availability Easily communicates with one-X smartphone Professional & Support Services Avaya Managed Services Avaya UC Applications Avaya Networking The right experience for every person 10

11 Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution
Avaya Aura® common enterprise-wide foundation for communications and collaboration applications (including messaging, conferencing, video, and contact center) Avaya Flare® Communicator for iPad for powerful mobile decision making with apps + communications Avaya one-X® for smartphones, desktops, speech access, and home teleworking Avaya ACE™ for multivendor application integration Avaya Session Border Controller (SBC) Advanced for Enterprise for secure remote VPN-less access Avaya WLAN 8100 for secure, BYOD authenticated, voice/video optimized, wireless campus roaming (see Avaya Professional and Managed Services driving faster ROI and managed costs Internet

12 Mobile Collaboration Pack Allowing customers to get started easily
Target Customer Street Price $50K 50 SEATS Avaya Aura® Enterprise Edition: 50 user licenses DEVICES / CLIENTS Flare Communicator for iPAD (qty 50)* w/ UC All Inclusive (qty 50) licenses Avaya one-X® Communicator 6.0 Avaya Extension-to-Cellular Avaya one-X® Mobile Add that this pricing is for a mid-size customer. Pricing is for anyone Add that this is designed for customers not on Aura 6.0 who want to take advantage of SIP video. Add can scale to 1000 users with this pack. Avaya Aura® Solution for Midsize Enterprise Avaya one-X Client Enablement Server Avaya G430 Gateway INFRASTRUCTURE PROF. SERVICES SUPPORT ADDITIONS FUTURES APS Implementation 1 Yr Software Support + Upgrades, Hardware Maintenance Easy to Add product and APS a la carte menu Future Entitlements via Upgrade Subscription * Available through separate introductory offer

13 Case Study Westlake: Empowering Remote “On-site” Staff
Full spectrum lending institution based in Los Angeles 300 remote account managers located within car dealerships Finding current tools & personal cell phone use ineffective Empowering account managers to better service dealers and customers Saving money on establishing “offices” within dealers and at home Controlling cell-phone costs and improving “one-number” accessibility Lowering TCO for IT Problem Deployed Apple iPads to 300 dealer account managers Leverage dealership Internet access, no separate phones Easy-to-use Avaya Flare® interface at the dealer, at home, and when travelling Extending use of existing Avaya Aura® infrastructure and shared back-end apps Solution Serving customers faster Ease of communication no matter where people are conducting business Being seen by customers to be empowered with cutting- edge tools ‘At a glance’ ability to find available Westlake experts and bring them into key conversations Value “The visual and intuitive nature of Avaya Flare Communicator makes it easier for everyone to communicate, not only with the home office, but with each other as well.” 13

14 Case Study Emory: Enabling the BYOD Campus
Renowned private research university in Atlanta, Georgia Also one of the Southeast’s leading healthcare systems 3,000 faculty members, 50 locations, 52,000 endpoints Employees roaming campus typically not connected to university communications Too many incompatible devices to support Use of personal phones requires tracking too many contact numbers Need to control TCO for IT Problem Early access customer now planning Flare Communicator roll-out to faculty with iPads Extending use of existing Avaya Aura® infrastructure and shared back-end apps Interoperates with Avaya Desktop Video Devices and other mobile clients being used by staff Solution IT issues are minimal Able to leverage expanding BYOD iPad use Staff can establish their own “office identity” anywhere Expect to simplify “roaming” and drive improved staff accessibility and productivity Reduce LD costs Fun! Value “Combines Avaya software engineering expertise with all the strengths of the iPad. The result is great voice quality, high reliability and a beautiful user interface that looks like it was built for how we work today. It’s the only ‘phone’ I have on my desk right now.”  14

15 Case Study Boyd Bros: Collaboration Wherever You Go…
Midsize transportation company based in Clayton, Alabama Over 1000 trucks hauling time-sensitive steel/building materials Recognized as “Best Fleet To Drive For” (2010 Truckload Carrier Assoc.) Critical shortage of qualified drivers in the transportation industry Keeping qualified people on staff when they relocate Providing sales personnel with mobility options Need to lower TCO and streamline management Problem Consolidated Avaya Aura® communications platform Avaya one-X® for mobility, presence, teleworking, contact center and home agent capabilities Emergency home and remote virtual office choices Easy to add HD video conferencing for relationship- building with drivers Solution Competitive advantage in hiring and retaining drivers Cost avoidance in training new employees: $50K+/year 300% increase in home agent productivity 80% improvement system management time Easy to establish home offices and mobility options Value “Avaya has helped us to create a more effective and mobile workforce, and to continue building a highly collaborative culture.” 15

16 Line-of-Business Value
IT Value Accelerate key customer, sales, and development processes Increase customer responsiveness and satisfaction Speed time-to-market Engage the right people in decisions more rapidly and productively Reduce travel costs through more effective remote working Empower and encourage workers by supporting the latest technologies Lower TCO and simplify operations with an integrated architecture Evolve cost-effectively from current communications systems Tackle BYOD user trends with security and control Reduce external mobile phone and conferencing service costs Drive more effective adoption and ROI with professional and managed services choices Avaya is the trusted supplier of reliable, highly-distributed enterprise solutions and services for mobile and video collaboration

17 Agenda – Mobile Collaboration
1. Social and Market Trends 2. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution 3. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Capabilities 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There 5. Conclusion

18 Flexibility to Tackle All Mobility Profiles
Road warrior Typically not in any office, often travelling, meeting customers and partners, needs back-end support Teleworker Often in a home office, yet needs full enterprise access and capabilities Nomad Sets up their office wherever they are, may “hot desk” for this, always needs rich access to people and information Campus roamer Moves around campus or enterprise locations, may often be away from their office, or not have one

19 Customers Partners Suppliers Customer Facing Specialists
Enterprise-wide Collaboration Mobile Collaboration is part of Avaya’s consistent end-to-end architecture Service Providers Standard Media Web Social Networks Stores Branches Customers Partners Suppliers Customer Facing Specialists Mobile Collaborators Experts Back Office Knowledge Workers Agents Other workers Avaya Aura® Avaya Networking Apps Contact Center Collaboration Social Media Cloud Services Multi-vendor IP-PBXs web.alive 19

20 Avaya EC 500 (Extension to Cellular)
Clientless access to Aura CM telephony features Telephony User Interface (Keypad) Single Number Reach Ring office calls on mobile (transfer CLID) Can also ring up to 4 addt’l devices (eg. Home) Single Identity Outbound mobile calls are handled by enterprise call server (office CLID) Two-stage dialing architecture LD toll avoidance Single Voice Mail Enterprise voic enforcement Call Handoff Deskphone or one-X Communicator client Presence updates Centralized call logging/recording

21 Mobile Accessibility on the Road Avaya one-X® Mobile
Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian clients Your mobile cellular smartphone becomes your office phone Integrated smartphone client with One-number accessibility (your business #) One-number call-out identity (your business #) Use corporate international/LD calling plans Call screening Visual voice mail Enterprise directory search Unified call logs (with phones & desktop client) Rapidly collaborate with the best available person Control your availability and see presence of enterprise contacts

22 Avaya one-X® Mobile Phone Clients
Avaya one-X® Mobile Lite Avaya one-X® Mobile SIP iOS/Android* Avaya one-X® Mobile UC Voice Cellular Wi-Fi Data N/A Cellular/Wi-Fi Telephony/UC Basic Telephony Rich Telephony Telephony +UC Requirements Communication Manager (EC500) Communication Manager (w/SM or SES) / One-X Mobile Sip License Communication Manager, one-X CES / One-X Mobile UC licenses - UC Bundle or Enterprise Edition Licenses User Mobile Office Professional Campus-Centric Road Warrior 22

23 Downloading one-X Mobile 6.1.2 Clients
Google Play Apple App Store BlackBerry AppWorld “Free” Download Supported w/ CM w/ EC500 R9 CS1000 R7.5 w/ Mobile Extension (one-X Mobile Lite 1.x)

24 Enabling Mobile Decision Making Avaya Flare® Communicator for iPad
Manage multiple calls, just like in the office Quickly find all your contacts Set presence information Select communication modes Manage contacts, call log & IMs Launch from history or contact fan Fun and easy to use “cards & spotlights” Calls, IM, Presence from anywhere One-number accessibility Reduce cellular expenses with VoIP over WiFi / 3Gdata / Internet Search corporate LDAP directories Easily switch between other iPad applications while calls continue See Easily extend your office: transition from deskphone or desktop-client by just logging into iPad app

25 Integrated Desktop and Teleworker Experience Avaya one-X® Communicator
Integrated desktop client Flexible travel, teleworker and office voice choices: VoIP to desktop Call-back to home/any phone Control office deskphone One-number accessibility Easy to shift to iPad or smartphone client when you leave your desktop One click access to and other desktop apps Low cost webcam video option © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

26 Microsoft Desktop Integration
Desktop plugin augments Lync client Supports Lync on-premise and Office365 Fully leverages Avaya Aura® voice and features as the “power behind the click” One-number accessibility (your business #) Can flexibly use VoIP to desktop or control existing Avaya deskphone Easy to shift to smartphone client or iPad when you leave your desktop Only requires lower cost “standard CAL” Presence/IM Microsoft license © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

27 Hands-free, Eyes-free, Personal Assistance Avaya one-X® Speech
Hands-free, Eyes-free, Personal Assistance Avaya one-X® Speech* (included with Avaya Aura® Messaging) “Make a call” …to one of your contacts, somebody within your corporate directory or simply speak the number you want to call! “Schedule a reminder” …and let yourself be called at any number and reminded, so you won’t forget any of your tasks or appointments! “Send a message” …to a contact’s , to a voic box or somebody within your corporate directory. “When am I free today?” …keep track of your time wherever you are! “Read my messages” …voic and/or . Filter by status or by sender. You can reply, forward, delete, … “Follow Me!” …and have all your calls flexibly forwarded to you wherever you are. * Available for English only

28 Immersive is nice, but my couch is better 
Don’t you want to let go some of this so called immersive experience for freedom?

29 Participate to a meeting from your Mobile or Tablet
Don’t you want to let go some of this so called immersive experience for freedom?

30 Mobile video conferencing
Don’t you want to let go some of this so called immersive experience for freedom?


32 Avaya One Touch Video Email Link
This slide shows you a screen capture of an with an icon with an embedded URL for navigating to starting an Avaya One Touch Video voice and video session. Provides for ability to support: Connections from Internet users Connections from enterprise users Simple one-click connection from reader to: sender for corporate voice & video communication A video conference session— e.g., a court hearing, a company meeting, or a vendor session A hiring interview with a human resources recruiter Someone inside corporation from someone outside the business Link has embedded Avaya One Touch Video URL to DMZ with extension, full telephone number, or SIP URI 32

33 Avaya One Touch Video Example
External view of call to one-X Agent Text Chat The agent can add chat and application sharing to the conversation. This application sharing capability is being expanded in a future release to give the agent a view to the consumer’s current web page they are viewing as well as their history. Application Sharing 33

34 Immersive 3D “Virtual World” Experiences Avaya web.alive™
Alternative to traditional audio/web conferencing Much more dynamic and engaging avatar, 3D, and spatial audio experience More effective meetings, team activities, and training Meet who’s there, move around, chat, go outside or to another room to talk privately Presentation, browsing, banners, screen-share and phone-out tools Ask for a demo – experiencing is believing!

35 Breaking news A Cisco research study revealed that 95 percent of the organizations surveyed allow some form of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and that more than a third (36 percent) fully embrace the BYOD concept by providing full IT support for employee-owned devices.

36 Ethernet Routing Switches
Nortel Corporate Presentation Enabling Campus Roaming and BYOD Avaya Networking – Avaya WLAN 8100 and Identity Engines WLAN optimized for industry- leading high-scale voice and video performance Over 20% better voice and 30% better video performance than competing networks Dynamic “call-admission” control Centralized “Identity Engine” authentication and access control for wireless, wired, and remote BYOD devices including iPads Centralized management Lower business risks, manage compliance, and lower IT TCO Enterprise LAN Identity Engines Ethernet Routing Switches Network Management WLAN 8100 Access Point See © 2004 Nortel 36

37 Avaya SBC Advanced for Enterprise
Secure Remote Access Avaya Session Border Controller (SBC) Advanced for Enterprise SIP security designed for scalable cost-effective enterprise use Fully supports SIP trunking Also supports remote and mobile SIP devices and clients Extends Avaya Aura® SIP capabilities outside the enterprise Easy and intuitive to deploy and configure, lowering TCO Proven technology backed by proactive “VIPER Lab” threat research and analysis Remote SIP Devices Avaya SBC Advanced for Enterprise SIP Trunking

38 Collaboration Requires Architectural Flexibility
Traditional PBX, IP-PBX Silos of location-centric services Disjointed user experiences Sequential application use Capabilities application specific Consolidated Shared Services Enterprise-wide shared services Seamless multi-modal user experiences Many apps/people brought together Capabilities based on user profiles Workflow integrated 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

39 Three Tiered Architecture
Avaya Aura® Three Tiered Architecture Communication Applications Avaya Agile Communications Environment™ (ACE) Avaya Aura® Messaging Avaya Aura® Conferencing Avaya Aura® Contact Center Communications Infrastructure Data Infrastructure Session Manager, SBC System Manager Voice/Video Services Presence/IM Services Application Integration Core Communication Services Clients and Devices Desktop and Mobile Devices Avaya Flare® Experience Avaya one-X® Clients Video Endpoints

40 Agenda – Mobile Collaboration
1. Social and Market Trends 2. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution 3. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Capabilities 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There 5. Conclusion

41 Adoption of Collaboration Every organization has their own incremental journey
Business Transformation (Innovate) Incorporate work assignment and managed workflow Integrate communications into business applications Inter-enterprise collaboration Measure, analyze, optimize Hard $ Soft $ Bus. Impact Hard $ Soft $ Bus. Impact Targeted Applications (Integrate) Simplify and personalize customer and user experiences Rapidly deploy targeted mobility, UC clients, video, conferencing – to the right users Drive group productivity with integrated desktop and room video Enable multi-modal contact centers, social networking Expand customer self service everywhere – speech, web, video, social widgets Collaborative Enterprise Consolidate Lower TCO Reduce communication costs Consolidate applications Evolve to session-based architecture Hard $ Soft $ Bus. Impact

42 Avaya Collaboration Adoption Methodology
Understand core business priorities What is preventing you from reaching your business objectives? Identify key users and business processes What processes, work profiles and target users will benefit the most? Every user does not need every app! Target for maximum immediate return Where can you get the most bang for your buck? Which applications help most? Who are the key users? What are the key integrations with business applications? Incrementally build into reference architecture What “self funded” steps will save money, lower TCO and increase agility? How can existing investments be leveraged and extended? © 2009 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

43 Assistance Every Step of The Journey Available from Avaya Professional Services and Partners
Step 1 Advisory & Business Consulting Step 2 Implementation Step 3 Training – Admin and End User User Adoption Services Solution Architecture Services SIP Economic Assessment Self-Funded Roadmap Network Assessment Planning & Design Project Management Onsite Installation Implementation & Configuration User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Cutover Support Admin Training on Core components End User Training on Mobile Collaboration endpoints and capabilities © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

44 Professional Services for Mobile Collaboration
Assistance from global Avaya and partner collaboration expertise guides planning, deployment, user adoption, and predictable ROI User Adoption Advisory Services Accelerate mobile collaboration solution ROI with effective user adoption planning and review Solution Architecture Services Reach business goals faster with a supporting mobility technology deployment plan and roadmap Implementation Services Free your IT resources by leveraging Avaya to fully implement and deploy your mobility solution and required integrations Additional: Self-Funded Roadmap, SIP Economic Assessment Identify and quantify structural savings that can then support application investment SIP evolution Network consolidation SIP Economics

45 Communications Outsourcing Solutions Communications Managed Services
Avaya Client Services Help Lower TCO Flexible support services, managed services and outsourcing choices Support Services Managed Services Communications Outsourcing Solutions Communications Managed Services Preferred Support Essential Support

46 Avaya Support Advantage
Flexibility & Simplicity Immediacy Immediacy Globally consistent remote hardware and software support included in all support offers Simple pricing and invoicing 24x7 access to web resources and remote technical support Menu of service offers aligned with customer needs Award-winning services recognized by 13 separate industry awards Co-termination of contracts Synchronized billing for multi-year coverage With Preferred Support: Up to 85% faster response times via web ticketing Proactive alert of alarms related to PSTN facilities Monitoring and proactive issue resolution with EXPERT SystemsSM High-speed secure connectivity with centralized management 99% resolution of system generated alarms without dispatch 20% average faster resolution Reduced risk of major outage 46

47 Advanced Services Options
Avaya Support Advantage Flexible customization to meet your support needs in four steps Choose Upgrade Advantage Entitlement to all new software releases 4 Upgrade Advantage Choose from Advanced Services: 3 Advanced Services Options Software Release Maintenance Remote Back-Up Admin Product Correction Support Client Service Manager Enhanced Monitoring Single Point of Contact Agency Carrier Terminal Replacement Onsite Parts Select Parts or Onsite Support: Parts NBD* Parts 8x5x4 Parts 24x7x4 Onsite 8x5 (includes Parts Coverage) Onsite 24x7 (includes Parts Coverage) 2 Preferred Requires Parts Essential Requires Parts Select Core Support Coverage: Preferred Essential 1 *6-month transition period for minimum parts requirement of NBD for US, Canada and EMEA following GA. Parts NBD is already required by policy in APAC and CALA. Replacement of any covered part that Avaya determines to be inoperative will be shipped for next day delivery, where available.

48 Managed Services from Avaya Removing the barriers to adopting new technologies
Communications Outsourcing Solution Communication Managed Services Avaya Matrix Management Platform Custom or Standard Multi-Vendor Support Total Operational Transparency Lower TCO Full OPEX Models SLAs with Remediation Management for UC, CC, Data and Video © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

49 Avaya Managed Services Capabilities
Avaya Delivers Multi-vendor support Global support and scale Choices for OPEX all-inclusive, predictable pricing Predictive and preventive platform – Avaya Matrix Management Platform ITIL alignment in service definition, service delivery and tools Custom global billing and reporting Communications applications technical support SLAs with remediation Global Track Record Avaya currently manages: Over 450 clients 2.6M+ voice ports 880,000 Ethernet Ports 265,000 Contact Center Agents 804 Video Conference Rooms 700+ resources dedicated to managed services providing global 24x7 coverage 15+ major outsourcing clients globally 85% of clients have mixed environment Ex: Cisco, Siemens, Juniper, Extreme 15+ years experience 95% client renewal rate

50 Agenda – Mobile Collaboration
1. Social and Market Trends 2. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution 3. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Capabilities 4. Avaya Can Help You Get There 5. Conclusion

51 Avaya Mobile Collaboration – Conclusion
Faster collaboration accelerates business Increasing the accessibility of the right people globally Providing the right experience for every person – broadest range of clients Smarter decisions drive business results Integrating communications and business tools to support decision making Simplifying collaboration for ordinary workers with Avaya Flare® Experience Lower costs and TCO Securely deploy on the open and reliable Avaya Aura® 6.x enterprise foundation Complementary to existing Avaya one-X® and UC application investments Make BYOD a reality with Avaya wireless roaming and security options


53 Agenda – Mobile Collaboration
1. Social and Market Trends 2. Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution 3. Conclusion Shorter agenda slide when delivering an overview with just the first two sections and perhaps a few selected slides from the Details sections. Delete this box

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