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Mia Urman, Mia Urman, Take Your Oracle Forms on the Road Using.

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1 Mia Urman, Mia Urman, Take Your Oracle Forms on the Road Using ADF Mobile

2 Who Am I Mia Urman CEO, AuraPlayer Oracle ACE and Oracle Forms Evangelist 15 years supporting, training and consulting Oracle Tools 7 years at Oracle as a senior support analyst and local product manager of Forms and ADF. Founder of AuraPlayer - Oracle Forms modernization solutions to unlock Forms systems and fast-track to a Mobile / SOA architecture / Cloud ODTUG board member, international speaker at Kscope, OOW, UKOUG

3 Session Agenda Why Go Mobile? Oracle ADF Mobile Overview Components of ADF Mobile – The Data Layer – The UI Presentation Layer - AMX Components – Integrating Device Features Running Oracle Forms on the Mobile Getting Started

4 ClientServer Evolving With Oracle Forms

5 ClientServer Mobile

6 GLOBAL MOBILE 3G SUBSCRIBERS 6 Copyright © 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

7 What Device is Accessing Your Application?

8 Understanding Mobile Requirements Application Functionality - No mouse, Touch gestures Device Type – Phone / Tablet Screen size Network type – Security, Speed Device features integration Types of Users – Occasional, Internal/external Type of Applications – Browser Based / Hybrid

9 Mobile Web App (Viewed in Safari) 3 Mobile Application Types Native App (iOS)

10 Oracle ADF – Multi Channel Framework Oracle ADF Oracle ADF Database Web Services Cloud Web Mobile Office Legacy Systems Oracle Applications

11 Java HTML5 Use Existing Skills Set Built On Standards Use Existing Skills Set Built On Standards Oracle ADF Mobile Unique Hybrid Mobile Framework

12 ADF Mobile Overview Thin Native container on each platform HTML5/JavaScript Frontend Java Backend Encrypted SQLite

13 Device Services ADF Mobile Architecture Cordova Device Native Container Web View Server HTML ADF Mobile AMX View Java VM Business Logic ADF Model Server-Generated HTML Mobile Device SOAP & REST Services Local HTML HTML5 & JavaScript Presentation Configuration Server ADF Controller App Config App Config Server JDBC SQLite APN/GCM Push Services Push Handler Credential Management, SSO & Access Control

14 Focused on Productivity Oracle JDeveloper Extension Declarative and visual development Integration with Apple Xcode and Android SDK Component based UI construction Task Flows Data Controls Packaging Deployment Debugging Integrated Development Environment

15 Business Services Code logic with Java Lightweight JVM Local Business Logic – Java Classes – SQLite DB - Portable, lightweight relational database Easy access to Remote - Web service – SOAP – REST XML, REST JSON

16 ADF Mobile XML Components (AMX) XML format of JSF-like file built visually in JDeveloper 50+ Components Declarative data binding Rendered into HTML5 on device at RT

17 ADF View AMX Page – Holds the UI of a single page in XML format – Component set provided to construct the UI – Expression Language (EL) used to bind data to the components – EL is dynamic - If the value pointed to be an EL changes, the UI updates (unlike JSF lifecycle) Backing Beans – Java classes defined with an identifier and a scope (Application / pageFlow / View) – Definition in a taskflow – Used to hold page or-specific data and logic – Can access bindings on the page – Can call into into the model and update other items bound on the page

18 Page Definition Created when data control dropped on page One per AMX page – When data controls are used Defines which data controls are used on page Lists data and operations/methods

19 Carousel T- Maps ListView Gauge Charts Geo Map Basic Components Forms

20 DVT Charts, Gauges, Maps

21 Device Rich Features

22 Do you still carry around one of these?

23 Device Interaction / Gestures Leverages Apache Cordova Drag and drop to use – – SMS – Contacts – GPS – Camera Configure components to react to the following gestures: – Swipe to the right, left, up, down – Tap-and-hold

24 Data Caching Mobile devices can lose/turn off connectivity Offline access to data is a common requirement But it will increase the complexity of your application If you cache data locally you must consider – When to cache the data – How much data to cache – When to synchronize updates – Recording the order of updates – How to deal with synchronization conflicts – Security of the data if the device is lost Simple Offline Security

25 Getting Started Oracle Forms Using ADF Mobile

26 Development Today WebDesktopMobileOffice Database Web Services Legacy Systems Applications Unlimited

27 Forms Services Architecture JRE Application logic layer Data manager/ PL/SQL engine User interface layer Forms Listener Servlet Forms Servlet Forms Runtime Client tier Database tier Middle tier: WebLogic Managed Server Dynamically downloaded File containing application code Net Services Forms Client DB

28 Exposing Oracle Forms to ADF WebDesktopMobileOffice Web Services

29 DO NOT run Forms on the mobile Run your BUSINESS on the mobile See Demo

30 Exposing Forms to Mobile: The Process Understand Business Process Record & Deploy Scenario Generate WS with wizard Create ADF Mobile App Run Your Mobile App! Demo

31 Choose the Oracle Forms business process to record Select input / Output data to capture from Forms Identify expected results – popups, messages, errors Understanding the Business Process

32 Record the Forms business process using the AuraPlayer Toolbar Automatically Generate Webservices using the AuraPlayer Service Manager Recording Demo Webservice generation Demo Record & Deploy Oracle Forms as WS

33 Define TaskFlow with Validations 1. Define the navigation flow between the pages 2. Add validations (managed bean) that should occur upon success or failure of events

34 Create ADF DataControls for AuraPlayer Webservice URL -URL is simply copied from the AuraPlayer service manager Create AMX pages and design new mobile UI DEMO Create ADF Mobile UI - Jdeveloper

35 Demo Time Demos

36 Oracle 11g DB Desktop Mobile Devices DMZ External Network Oracle Forms 11g Server Secure Weblogic Server Runs Webservice FW Service Manager AuraPlayer – Solution Architecture Native ADF Mobile app

37 AuraPlayer - Same Forms Business Logic Multiple UIs ADF Mobile

38 What You Need Development – Oracle JDeveloper Oracle JDeveloper – Oracle ADF Mobile Extension (help->check for updates) – AuraPlayer Recording Toolbar AuraPlayer Recording Toolbar Deployment / testing / run-time – iOS on Mac machine iOS SDK+Xcode 4.4.x - require iOS Developer Program Membership – Free version (Xcode 4.5) is known to work but not certified – Android Android SDK (API Level 9 Min, 16 recommended) + Android device – AuraPlayer Server to run the Oracle Forms system as a webservice AuraPlayer Server

39 More Information Mia Urman - ADF Mobile on OTN – Datasheets,Tutorial,Demos ADF Mobile Blog – Oracle Forms Community Blog –,, AuraPlayer – or

40 My ADF Mobile Blog Tips and Tricks Common Bugs How to documents Presentations

41 Join the ADF Mobile Community Twitter Facebook Oracles WebLogic blog

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