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The case for VM based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing

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1 The case for VM based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing
-Mahadev Satyanarayanan†, Paramvir Bahl‡, Ramon Caceres•, Nigel Davies◦ †Carnegie Mellon University,‡Microsoft Research,•AT&T Research, ◦Lancaster University Presented by: Anjali Sridhar

2 Current Limitations of Mobile Devices
Processor Speed Memory Size Battery Life Intrinsic to Mobility! Applications that augment human cognition require LARGE processing power and energy!

3 Motivation Compute intensive applications based on image processing, speech recognition, natural language processing, augmented reality etc that augment cognitive ability of users needs to be handled by a system capable of providing low latency results to the user

4 Example Scenario Cognitive assistance for an Alzheimer’s patient
- lightweight wearable computer with a head-up display in the form of an eyeglass Eyeglass has a camera for scene capture and ear phones for audio feedback Augmented reality system to aid cognition

5 Proposed Solution Leverage the cloudlet-based resource-rich mobile computing resource Reduced one hop latency and peak bandwidth demand of multiple users

6 Cloud Vs Cloudlet Why is the Cloud not sufficient?

7 Cloudlet Cloud on Internet Mobile Device Distant Cloud on Internet
Low Latency High Bandwidth Wireless network Coffee Shop Cloudlet

8 Solution Transient Cloudlet Customization Use of VM technology:
VM Migration – Suspend VM, migrate the entire VM Dynamic VM Synthesis - Apply an overlay VM and resume execution

9 Cloudlet Customization – Dynamic VM Synthesis Approach

10 Implementation - Kimberley
Mobile Device : Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Mobile OS: Maemo 4.0 linux Cloudlet Infrastructure: Desktop Computer Cloudlet OS: Ubuntu Linux

11 Kimberley Steps: 1)Prepare the overlay VM kimberlize <baseVM> <install-script> <resume-script> 2) Connect to the Cloudlet 3) Receive VM residue, Cleanup

12 Kimberley Creation Time for VM Overlays

13 Speed of VM Synthesis

14 Challenges Business Model – Top Down or Bottom Up?
Base VM compatibility – How many Base VM’s do we need to have present at the cloudlet? Trust and Security – Is the cloudlet secure?

15 Thank You!

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