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The Future of Hospital Education: Advancing Health Via the Deployment of Smart Mobile Technology Grant Information Packet 2012.

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1 The Future of Hospital Education: Advancing Health Via the Deployment of Smart Mobile Technology Grant Information Packet 2012

2 Executive Summary of RWJ Executive Summary of RWJ Evaluating Innovations in Nursing Education: The Future of Hospital Education-Advancing Health Via the Deployment of Smart Mobile Technology Project Model: Hospital U has been working with major health systems on deploying mobile technology for their hospital learning populations for several years. As a result, we are consistently looking for funding opportunities such as Robert Wood Johnson, other private foundations, as well as government grants. We are proud to announce that we have received a round of funding which will allow us to accomplish the following objective: Deploy a simple, innovative model to allow a single educator to rapidly create and deploy content and to help to better educate their mobile learners in a hospital setting. Hospital Educators will Use Mobile Technology to Better Educate Large Learning Populations. The major trend we are seeing is the proliferation of smart mobile devices which have emerged on the hospital campus. Is there a way for the hospital education staff to leverage the availability of these devices? We propose to provide 20 participating hospital/health systems with the following toolset to deploy and standardize the use of smart mobile technology. 1)Distribution Platform- Our technology backbone is called the Mobile Learning Manager (MLM). This software is designed to allow a single educator to very simply push content to large learner populations in the form of video, audio, documents, web pages courses-learners access through an app (apple/android)…. mobile analytics can track/report learner usage. 2)Content Creation. We provide you with simple online file conversion and creation tools for ALL of your own existing educational content - PowerPoints, YouTube, Flash, audio and video files - into mobile format. 3)Existing Content: 1000 just-in-time mobile nursing skills videos and 3rd party Apps by specialty and 1000 leadership audio/video modules by competency. We will select a predetermined list of hospital approved apps that users can voluntarily select by specialty. 4)Hardware: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model. Most mobile learners will use their own smart devices. For staff without- Lending Library of 10-20 iPod Touch devices, along with a dedicated MultiSync Case. (Funding for hardware is pending) Leveraging MLM technology for multiple learning populations: In addition to nursing, this technology can also be used for any other learning populations in the healthcare system such as physician/resident, leadership development, allied health, ancillary, etc…It even has a dedicated Patient Education platform that will allow distribution of patient ed. to literally every specialty, or individual physician. The administrator for each of these learning populations would have access to the system.

3 Executive Summary The Mobile Learning Manager (MLM) will allow hospital educators to easily deliver in real-time quality learning experiences to their learner populations through mobile devices. In addition to nursing, hospitals can use the same technology for all its other populations (e.g., physicians, residents, leadership, ancillary-dedicated patient education platform) The objectives are to leverage mobile technology in hospitals in order to: accelerate learningaccelerate learning performance support at the bedsideperformance support at the bedside reduce costsreduce costs mobile EMRmobile EMR enhance clinical competencies,enhance clinical competencies, assist in recruitment and retention,assist in recruitment and retention, reduce errors, improve outcomesreduce errors, improve outcomes add flexibility andadd flexibility and improve quality and job satisfactionimprove quality and job satisfaction track and record user outcomestrack and record user outcomes

4 Mobile Platform a) Portal hosts all content (2000 clinical/leadership modules) + Your own b) Mobile Learning Manager-Upload and manage all mobile content C)Users with their own smart devices download the app to stream your content in real time- Supports all smart devices Android iPad/Tablet iPhone/iPod Touch

5 Dedicated Mobile Learning Manager Hospital initially has generic login or its own branding (above) and employees have unique, secure log- ins. When new content is uploaded to the MLM, user is alerted though e-mail App Home Page. Users have a directory for key contacts, events/messages for stand alone events and communications, Video, Audio, and Document content is uploaded into our Mobile Learning Manager (MLM) and user gets the latest content streamed to their device in real- time Whenever a new course is available in the health system, courses are categorized by subject in the MLM. Input course description, time, location, and when courses are available. When you have mission critical documents to share with your workforce, user gets an automated e-mail alert that document has been uploaded, and documents are categorized. Video and audio content work the same way…uploaded onto MLM and users stream new content from their devices. See 2-Minute Video Demos of the Mobile U Learning Manager Overview End User Administrator

6 Deliver &Track Your Own Content + 3 rd Party Apps 1) Mobile Learning Manager (MLM) will allow the health system to upload its own mission critical content-deliver to your populations devices in real time Nursing OrientationNursing Orientation Resident/physician toolsResident/physician tools Policy and proceduresPolicy and procedures Health and safetyHealth and safety Rapid content creation/distribution (e.g., grand rounds)Rapid content creation/distribution (e.g., grand rounds) Bedside decision supportBedside decision support Mobile electronic medical recordsMobile electronic medical records Leadership developmentLeadership development Patient Ed to all specialtiesPatient Ed to all specialties Will record and track all content usage and provide user reporting-acts as a light mobile LMS or can interface with your LMSWill record and track all content usage and provide user reporting-acts as a light mobile LMS or can interface with your LMS 2) In addition, the hospital will approve a series of 3 rd party medical apps (depending on clinical specialty-see graphic) and users will be able to be download to their respective devices

7 Next Steps RWJ Project Name: RWJ The Future of Hospital Education: Advancing Health via the Deployment of Smart Mobile Technology Project Description. Hospital U is accepting applications from 20 hospitals/health systems geographically dispersed throughout the U.S. We propose to provide these participating hospital/system with comprehensive toolset to deploy and standardize the use of smart mobile technology. Key Dates/Deliverables. March 15th Application deadline - Pilot can be set up within 8 hours A)Initial project will be for a 6 to12 month duration, and will be self-sustaining after initial grant period is completed, B)No obligation for health system. Hospital U receives funding directly from grant sources and decides at its discretion with whom to partner. If during the project duration hospital wants to cease participation, we will substitute their participation at any time with another health system. Since 1999, Hospital U has been partnering with a number of other private foundations, government agencies and other funding sources The Mobile Learning Manager technology project has already been funded. Technology is content agnostic, which means we are always looking for upcoming grants to continue to support our collaborative initiatives. Next Steps: 1.Identify a Project Sponsor (coordinator). e.g., Clinical education director/manager 2.Identify participating departments or target populations: e.g, Clinical education, Leadership, Patient Ed 3.Read through this packet and watch the included 5-minute video summaries of this project 4.Set up a Planning Meeting with Hospital U Project Leader - Eric Kugler: Contact 713-256-1472 Project Specialist - Andrew Cohen: Contact 1888-534-1212 ext 5. Fill out 1-Page Application Form

8 Participating Institution Information: 1-Page Application Form Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evaluating Innovations in Nursing Education (EIN) The Future of Hospital Education Advancing Health Via the Deployment of Smart Mobile Technology Contact: Eric Kugler 713-256-1472, Participating Hospital/System AddressCity StateZip Project SponsorEmail TelephoneCell/Other Approximate Number of Nurses/Learners Target Pilot Audience

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