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Page1 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Network services for developing the future Best Of Wireless – 26/11 B. Lemaire.

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1 page1 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Network services for developing the future Best Of Wireless – 26/11 B. Lemaire

2 page2 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03Agenda o Belgacom Mobile – The Company o A changing market, and the Proximus approach o From infotainment to any business

3 page3 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Who is Proximus ? 25% 75%

4 page4 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Who is Proximus ? o Proximus network performance characteristics 1st dual-band network 900-1800 MHz in Belgium High standard in CCSR - Overall Call Succes Rate 12 mio voice calls per day and over 5 mio SMS/day GPRS network ready by 18/01/01 o Mobile Intranet : secure access to corporate networks (July 2001) UMTS license A (highest technical value in spectrum allocation) 188 roaming agreements with 115 countries (Eurocall) o Proximus commercial performance 4.2 Mio active customers 2 Bio turnover in 2002 2.300 employees

5 page5 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Sport Adressbook Account queries IVR News Mediaconversion Unified messaging e-mail Voice mail Time tables Workgroup coordination Payments Banking Traffic information Stock quotes Positioning Dispatching Fax Ticketing Gambling Calender Gaming Internet access Reminders Weather Forecasts File transfer Proximus Vision My mobile, my personal assistant, always, everywhere

6 page6 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03Agenda o Belgacom Mobile – The Company o A changing market, and the Proximus approach o From infotainment to any business

7 page7 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Telco/ Network Operator User Voice DevicesInfrastructure 2G - Yesterday 3G - Tomorrow Delivering rich 3G service portfolios require a multitude of players. Mobile operators will only be one of these players, having to deal with business models in complex partnerships and two broad sets of customers: - end-users: retail (B2C, B2B) - service/application/content providers: wholesale (B2B2B, B2B2C) Mobile World evolving from simple to complex

8 page8 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Approaching customers under different models BEARER SERVICES LAYER (Core network business) CONTENT PROVIDERS CONTENT AGGREG. Proximus Other Player NETWORK SERVICES LAYER (Commercial access proposition) PROXIMUS PORTAL MDG Content ProvidersISPASP PROXIMUS OFFER B2B RES Partners who develop and provide applications/services that run on the Proximus network CUSTOMERS Consumers / Business NETWORK SERVICES OFFER

9 page9 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 o Data development are one of the axes that will support the revenue growth of any operator o Business models are key to encourage merchants to develop & offer a large portfolio of goods & services o Access for customers to those goods & services should be secure & easy to use o Proximus needs to play an active role in developing data services o The network services are a natural extension of Proximus existing business: capacity to manage a large customer base (4.2 Mio active customers) ability to handle massive numbers of small transactions capability to bill and collect payments, to control access and spending and to prevent fraud telecom business is secure (both network & devices) Part of our future growth depends mobile data services

10 page10 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Proximus Value added Network&Services Goals Revenue share business model Customer support Operational excellence Commercial support Business Partners Content Providers ISPASP SMSC Location information MMSC Billing Customer services Network and customer base Mobile operator

11 page11 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Third parties : SMS wholesale Proximus Mobistar Base 3rd party Content Provider SMS-C Connection through : - Leased line - Bilan - IP Technical configuration And MMS or Location information…

12 page12 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 And today, roles and responsibilities… OperatorThird partyContent provider Proximus Mobistar Base e.g.: Paratel, Netsize, Mcube, TMSC, Mobile Way, Telitas, Wap MX, GSM Online, K-Mobile, Jippii e.g.: RTL, VTM, VT4 Wilsto De Persgroep, Etri… Short code Billing Network Support to 3 rd party & content provider End-User Support Gateway Coordination with mobile operators Application provider Customer service (opt-in/opt-out…) Content offer Applications Marketing push Roles & Responsibilities

13 page13 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 The Value Chain Application Provider Gateway Content Creator Content Provider Merchant Operator End-user Etri Reuters Digital Fun VTM VT4 Jim TV VUM... Etri Digital Fun Kiwee KMI VTM Jim TV VUM Ring Codepartners Zoyd NE Way... Etri Digital Fun Kiwee KMI TMF De Standaard Telitas Goldenbytes Netsize Ring Paratel MCube Proximus Mobistar Base

14 page14 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03Agenda o Belgacom Mobile – The Company o A changing market, and the Proximus approach o From entertainment to integration in all business

15 page15 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 From Entertainment… o Existing business has started with mainly infotainment: Logos and tones TV interaction o This area of business continues to develop through more sophisticated applications: Java gaming Music download Increased interactivity MMS wall papers … The infotainment market is evolving from simple 160 characters messaging to sophisticated applications as the handset market enables this type of applications.

16 page16 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Responding to 3 Business customers needs : improve productivity control cost generate revenues A customised approach With partners to deliver end-to-end solutions Proximus mobile business solutions

17 page17 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 …To integration in all business o Business outside the entertainment are now more and more entering the use of mobile device as development area: Inclusion in distribution channel/process (i.e. use of sms for sales from a distance) Mobile becomes just another media in the marketing mix (i.e. mobile advertising) CRM tool (i.e. contacting the customer for confirming reservations to a seminar) … o Why? Penetration rates Customer intimacy Efficiency compared to other media

18 page18 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Basis: GSM-users in Belgium The penetration of SMS is such that it covers an extremely substantial part of the Belgian population. Why? - Penetration rates SMS

19 page19 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Why? - Penetration rates SMS (N=400 Px customers; 200 postpaid, 200 prepaid)

20 page20 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Why? – Customer intimacy o A mobile phone gives access directly to the user o In addition it is a personal object o It is therefore a dream tool for any marketer, as it enables a direct personal contact with the consumer. o Therefore it is also a tool to handle with care as wrong use will create more rejection than adherence: E-mail was also considered as a dream tool, however spamming lead to customer rejection o Avoiding the e-mail spamming phenomena will only be achieved by remaining close to the consumer and the respect of the applicable laws: opt-in, opt-out, clear and simple procedures, fair trade practices …

21 page21 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Why? Efficiency compared to other media Push campaignOne off PullContinued dialogue Action E-mail marketing action Retail promotionLoyalty scheme Compared to Targeted e-mail mailingFree-phone responseNo comparable tool Example Push SMS to promote event, call to action,… Contest on FMCG product wrapping Regular SMS dialogue with customer (announcement, propositions) Comment Cost per thousand: 107 compared to 170 with e-mail - Cost comparable (125) - High response rates of 13% - Cost per thousand 111 - High level of interaction Mobile marketing (in this case SMS), showed a high efficiency both on cost and response rate. Source: Forrester research – the marketeer guide to sms

22 page22 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 Examples of new applications o Estaimpuis : information services to the citizen o STIB/MIVB: timetables o National Lotery : sms game o De persgroep – Immonet: information service o Forest National: interactivity o TVs, radios o Mobile contest on candy bars o Banking sector: advertising o Movie sector: advertising o Internet site o Internet blogs o Mobile gaming o …

23 page23 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 INFORMATION SERVICES From: Take-away Weekend promo, 2 for the price of 1 Call 906 123 456 to Purchase now. From: Find a friend Time: 09:45, Nov 4, 2002 Further evolution o SMS continues to develop itself strongly as it did over the past three years. o MMS and Location will follow the same trend, while offering increased potentials thanks to its multi-media capabilities. o Proximus will support actively the development of MMS like we did for SMS. As of the moment that: There will be increased penetration Interoperability will be there The market will come to a technical maturity MMS will definitely be a killer application. o MMS EXAMPLES: o.

24 page24 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03Conclusion o As part of their strategy, Proximus has facilitated the use of SMS by third parties o This has translated itself into first inclusion of the mobile device into entertainment sector through things like logos, ring tones, and TV interactivity with as main driver the generation of revenues o More and more mobile is included in non entertainment business. o Because mobile : Have extremely high penetration rates Gives access to the customer like never before Is extremely efficient in reaching the consumer o SMS, MMS and LBS provide enhanced possibilities that enlarge the tools that are available to support the business of any company in search of developing his activities.

25 page25 Best Of Wireless – 26/11/03 THANK YOU! Boris Lemaire Belgacom Mobile BMD – Marketing – Network Services Market Manager Network Services +

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