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Mobile Security Guide Matt Scofield, Eric Samson, Cong Le.

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1 Mobile Security Guide Matt Scofield, Eric Samson, Cong Le

2 Overview I.Introduction II.Background III.Related Works I IV.Related Works II V.Survey VI.Results VII.Conclusion VIII.Questions and Comments

3 Introduction Goal: Create a simple Best Practice Guidelines for Mobile Device Security Methodology: Two Pronged Approach a. Research topics related to mobile security and existing and conduct a survey to obtain user behavior patterns. b. Use gathered information to create a simpler and easier to follow guideline.

4 Background There are currently 1.2 billion mobile web users according to The threat of malicious attacks to mobile devices is likely to increase according to a paper on malicious software in mobile devices. Existing guidelines are often overly specific, highly specialized, or obscure.

5 Research I Guidelines examples Common suggestions Enable Password Keep Software Updated Back up data Install anti-virus

6 Research II MMS and bluetooth MMS vulnerabilities bypassed through use of CAPTCHAs BlueTooth vulnerabilities bypassed through a number of means Possibly eliminated entirely at the Telecom level Cloud based antivirus Advantages: Power consumption, Computing power, Larger database Disadvantages: Requires internet connection, Reactive protection Manufacturer Enabled Security Radio control parameters are stored during the manufacturing process Secure booting

7 Survey Target Audience: General Mobile Device users Total Number of Participants:38 Objective: Obtain data on mobile device usage patterns Distribution Model: Online Survey (Google Docs - Forms)

8 Results I

9 Results II

10 Results III

11 Results IV

12 Conclusion / Proposed Guideline Enable password lock Keep software up-to-date Read reviews and comments of applications Install anti-virus software Back up data regularly Turn off bluetooth discovery

13 Extended Guideline Read permission requests before accepting Enable remote lock and wipe Keep up to date on information about security Do not join unknown access points Only download from trusted sources Do not leave device unattended Use our guideline!

14 Comments and Questions ? All your questions are belong to us!

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