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Breakfast Briefing Seminar: Opportunities for research via mobile devices AJ Johnson, Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange.

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1 Breakfast Briefing Seminar: Opportunities for research via mobile devices AJ Johnson, Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange

2 10 years ago, would we have laughed at someone who said this? In the future almost every consumer will carry a research device for 19 hours a day. Researchers can communicate with them at any time, ask questions, receive images, videos and location information to collect in context feedback at the exact point of experience. That time has come! And its only the tip of the iceberg!!

3 61% - of female 15-34 years smartphone owners access the mobile social media sites The right time for mobile research Sample Gap B A C Teens Smartphone ownership Jan-10June-10 13% 20% iPhone ownership Female < 35 Jan-10June-10 7% 20% Source: Ipsos MORI Technology Tracker, June 2010 Respondent Prerogative New Insights

4 The challenges of mobile research: Competition for face time or What shall I do next? 250,000 iPhone Apps 140,000 Android Apps

5 So we have to change the way we think We dont! How do we move this 45 minute online survey to mobile

6 Mobile research opportunities

7 AJ Johnson Alarm clock GPS / Location Email Calendar Phone Internet Media player Applications My mobile does!! Do you know this about me? Firstly, mobile research doesnt always mean asking questions

8 Yes No MobiTrack We would like to ask you a few questions regarding your voice call. Mobile passive measurement Passive application measures mobile activity including web, text, voice, apps and other phone functions 1 Ability to pop-up short surveys to complement passive data 2 Online aggregated dashboard reporting 3

9 Gaining fast feedback on issues of the day 75% of the UK population now use SMS. Free for listeners to participate and feedback is collected fast and reported in real-time Today we want to know if you think its time for the Queen to let Prince Charles be King – Text POLL to 6618

10 Understanding radio listeners: Wake Up With Moyles What are you doing while listening to Moyles? My morning with Moyles Hes the first voice I hear each morning when the alarm goes of at 7:00am. Im up 15 minutes later and then I turn the radio on in the bathroom and listen to Moyles in the shower. Breakfast involves toast, tea and cereal and I have 10 minutes to sit down and listen to the 8:00am news as the girls pack their bags ready for school. The car ride to the school is 15 minutes and the car stereo is preset to Radio 1. I did switch to Radio 2 for a while when Evans joined but I think Moyles is funnier. Once the kids are safely inside the school gate then I manage to hear the final part of the show on my way home. The children love Frosties, they think theyre Grrreat!

11 Before work I check the TV schedule for while Im at work. Dont tell anyone but I record Homes under the hammer At work I listen to the Radio through iTunes. I work much more effectively to music – its calming On the train home its movie time. For £3.99 you can download the latest movies and watch them at your leisure When I get home the TV is taken over by my girlfriends WiiFit. I have to use the TV in the bedroom! After dinner we laze in front of the TV and watch some reality rubbish. It gives the brain a rest after a difficult day at work I finally get to watch my DVDs after she goes to bed. Finally I have control of the remote!! What a great invention the DAB radio was. I listen to 5 Live in perfect quality in the shower 231 4567 Understanding the consumer: James, 35 years old, Manchester My daily media

12 Co-creating with radio listeners: My perfect playlist My Favourite 5 Share 98% Playlist for Diva Chicks 92% 85% 82% 78% Check in to the research lounge Check in to the research lounge To give more opinions about radio Voted by Radio listeners select and share their ideal radio playlist amongst their friends. By voting for their favourites one single list is compiled and broadcasted on the radio. Once engaged, listeners can complete further research opportunities in the research lounge

13 Integrating research opportunities into radio apps ….any many other radio apps available Integrated research app Passive Active Understand how the app is used How the app affects the phone usage Track adverts placed in apps Track impact of advert through subsequent activities On air polls Customer feedback and testing new concepts Generating new ideas through listener co- creation Diaries and ethnography tasks

14 Developing mobile diary applications Diary application developed for a global internet services provider working on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Using a points system to encourage check ins and sharing information with us on their mobile usage

15 MBI Touchpoints - PDA / Paper Diaries Replaced with User-experience Optimised Mobile Diaries Source: MRI / MBI analysis

16 Developing a mobile radio listening diary Idea of recording radio listening Out of home When the experience is most recent Offers the ability to communicate reminders through the mobile device Potential for combining both active and passive listening

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