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What do we mean by mobile learning? niall winters.

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1 what do we mean by mobile learning? niall winters

2 what do we mean by mobile learning? quick overview conceptual understandings mobilities & ant apply to an example implications





7 whats goin on! location-based activities games collaboration e-science data collection and analysis new technologies schools/home boundaries history, geography etc. adult education

8 where are we pointing? innovation in a social context marcelo milrad technology creating new conditions for learning ulrich hoppe mobile society mike sharples

9 how to do it? lots of very interesting and successful projects what counts as mobile learning? conceptual understanding

10 mobile technology learners info

11 mobile technology learners info socio-technical interaction (mobilities // social as spatial form // context)

12 mobilities {learners, information, technology} (urry, 2000) complex interactions & interdependencies viewed as different abstract spaces regional, network & fluid (law & mol, 2003) spaces (ant)

13 object acting in space student PDAs teacher network x learners relations fluid x y z regional

14 characteristics of fluid space boundaries are not fixed what makes it work is adaptability variable in regional and network space and fixed in fluid space: can only exist because of variability however, there is a core of stable configurations so that is remains the same object: continuity is maintained

15 example: social tapestries

16 mobile app as fluid object fluid objects are customizable, adaptable fluid objects are transferable between contexts learning occurs through multiple changing relationships change occurs slowly over time (continuity) fluid objects can shape and be shaped, engendering different learning possibilities

17 conclusion what is meant by mobile learning? reconceptualised as learning the leverages the interplay between the mobilities of people, objects and information in fluid space

18 implications one: mobilities are central. how are they to be designed for? how do we support the interaction between mobilities? two: mobilities combine to produce new learning experiences three: understanding the ways in which the network of associations change in mobile learning

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