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Mobile Broadband Everywhere, anytime broadband access Andrei Dulski, Ericsson.

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1 Mobile Broadband Everywhere, anytime broadband access Andrei Dulski, Ericsson

2 2006-06-18 Everywhere coverage This is Mobile Broadband

3 2006-06-18 This is Mobile Broadband Full mobility

4 2006-06-18 High data speeds This is Mobile Broadband

5 2006-06-18 Sources: Ericsson estimates Historic Growth Rates Broadband: 94% CAGR CAGR: Compounded Annual Growth Rate, period 1998-2005 One of the fastest growing new services in history Broadband Access Mobile Telephony: 32% CAGR Million lines Broadband take-up is even faster than mobile

6 2006-06-18 Broadband everywhere the starting point and the potential FTTH Cable xDSL WiMax WCDMA CDMA2000 2009 400 million subscribers 2005 204 million subscribers

7 2006-06-18 Key success factor for building a mass market Established end-user behavior

8 2006-06-18 HSPA in the laptop Strong industry commitment for embedded 3G 3G Operators Vodafone, Cingular, T-mobile Terminal and chipset vendors Ericsson, Option, SierraWireless, Novatel PC manufactures Dell, HP, FujitsuSiemens, Lenovo (IBM), Sony The 3G-laptop is enabling operator subsidies Commercial 2006 Availability

9 2006-06-18 ~550 * +VAT Note: 14,1¨ TFT screen, 2,2 GHz Celeron CPU, Windows XP, Colour printer, 256 Mbyte RAM, 30Gbyte disk, 24X CD-RW/DVD, Misc SW, 802.11b/g WiFi card, Ethernet card ~550 * +VAT Laptops are cheap enough for the mass-market Could subsidies be used to drive up-take?

10 2006-06-18 Mobile Broadband powered by 3G is a key enabler Connecting everybody is a top priority! Broadband serving society the ability to connect the mobile workforce to the main office with a mobile PC is becoming a critical productivity factor for both private and public sector... EU Commission, June 2004 We ought to have a universal, affordable access for broadband technology by the year 2007, and then we ought to make sure as soon as possible thereafter, consumers have got plenty of choices when it comes to purchasing the broadband carrier US President, George Bush, 2004 Making broadband: Available to all citizens Affordable Healthy competition Fixed and mobile

11 2006-06-18 Laptop mobility seekers Broadband performance everywhere, both indoor and outdoor Fixed Wireless Broadband Very cost efficient - ADSL/WiMAX alternative Enhanced handset services New multimedia services Different types of Mobile Broadband segments

12 2006-06-18 200420052006 14 1.8 ~50 14 1.8 ~50 100 50 ~10 100 50 ~10 14 5.8 ~35 14 5.8 ~35 WCDMA evolved Evolution of performance & functionality 2007 MBMS Enhanced UL Phase 2 MBMS Enhanced UL Phase 2 3.6 0.384 ~75 3.6 0.384 ~75 0.384 0.064 ~150 0.384 0.064 ~150 WCDMA S3G 20 Mhz S3G 20 Mhz HSDPA Phase 2 Enhanced UL Phase 1 HSDPA Phase 2 Enhanced UL Phase 1 HSDPA Phase 1 HSDPA Phase 1 DL Mbit/s UL -- Latency ms 2009Time frame: HSDPA is just the first step... 28* 5.8 ~30 28* 5.8 ~30 2008 MIMO * With 2x2 MIMO in DL

13 2006-06-18 Mobile broadband terminals A 3G network is no longer just a mobile telephony network PC cards 3G Modems PC Integrated Phones & PDAs Unmatchable terminal volumes and economies of scale

14 2006-06-18 Mobile telephony Video telephony MobileTV Richer communication Media downloads Mobile broadband Wireless Broadband to homes and offices PSTN WCDMA Multi service access - fixed and mobile One network delivers all services!

15 2006-06-18 Mobile Broadband Downunder WCDMA – the solution for serving an entire continent Telstra An incumbent's strategy... WCDMA – urban and rural Nation wide coverage (98% population) Broadband to fixed and mobile users Voice, video and multimedia communication One network, one technology, one service offering – Everywhere!

16 2006-06-18

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