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Mark Hartley, EMVCo Board of Managers Representative March 2011 EMVCo – Advancing Chip Standards for the Global Payments Industry.

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1 Mark Hartley, EMVCo Board of Managers Representative March 2011 EMVCo – Advancing Chip Standards for the Global Payments Industry

2 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Agenda Introduction to EMVCo EMV ® Today EMVs Global Reach 2011 Priorities Common Contactless Acceptance Infrastructure Mobile Payments New Participation Structure Conclusion 2

3 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo EMVCo Overview 3

4 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Technical standards body managing and enhancing the EMV Specification to meet the needs of stakeholders. Introduction to EMVCo 4

5 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo EMVCos scope and participation have evolved over time in response to emerging payment, technology and industry needs. 5 Scope and Participation Next? JCB Joins American Express Joins Working Groups Expanded Contactless & Mobile Task Forces Expanded Industry Participation Board of Advisors Europay, MCW & Visa EMV Spec Interoperability Management Contactless & Mobile Terminal Type Approval Process CCD/CPA Specs & Card Type Approval Scope Participation

6 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo EMVCos Global Reach 6

7 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Global Deployment 7

8 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo EMVCo Structure & Stakeholders – 2011 8 Technical and Operations Focus Executive Committee Business Focus Board of Advisors Secretariats Board of Managers Working Groups Security Card and Terminal Card and Terminal Approval Terminal Approval Contactless Card Approval Card Approval Security Evaluation Security Evaluation Inter- operability Inter- operability Mobile Payments Mobile Payments Business Associates Subscribers Technical Associates Task Forces

9 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo EMVCos 2011 Priorities EMVCo continues its work towards a common contactless acceptance infrastructure for payments globally. 9 New EMVCo participation structureencourages broadening of industry engagement. EMVCos cross-industry collaboration advances contactless mobile payments standardisation.

10 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Contactless Acceptance 10

11 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Contactless Acceptance – Background 11 As the technology evolved, significant investments were made in deployment of different contactless solutions, which now enjoy a large installed base of cards and terminals. To broaden and accelerate the deployment of contactless payment, EMVCo can help further by standardising the existing contactless acceptance infrastructure and streamlining the contactless type approval processes. The Entry Point design allows for the accommodation of regional solutions and the gradual migration to a common acceptance kernel.

12 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Contactless Acceptance – Status Phased Implementation See General Bulletin #43 at for further 12 Phase OneFocusing on streamlining existing licensing and contactless type approval and building a framework for future development. Phase TwoBuilding a contactless online-only kernel. Phase ThreeContinuing the development with offline market requirements and incorporating new cryptography standards.

13 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Contactless Acceptance – Current Roadmap 13 Phase One: Streamline existing licensing and approval Phase Two: Common Online Kernel Phase Three: Common On/Offline ECC Kernel Oct 2009 2011 2012 2013+ 2010 Past Accomplishments Entry Point, Contactless Communication Protocol

14 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Mobile Payments 14

15 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Mobile Payments – Background The future growth of contactless mobile payments technology, and its viability as a sustainable, global, mass market payment method, relies on the existence of a standardised technical infrastructure. Inter-industry cooperation is essential to avoid a fragmented approach to standardisation and the resulting limitations that this would bring. EMVCo is tackling the technical challenges in contactless mobile payments (CMP) and aligning with the traditional charter to deliver payment specifications, testing and type approval processes that ensure security and interoperability between payment instruments (whether plastic cards or mobile devices) and terminals. 15

16 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo 16 MPWG Guiding Principles User Choice –End user to have active control over when, where and which payment instrument/credential can be used: Payment brand, financial institution, type (user defined choice and priority) Choice and priority changeable by user at any time. Issuer flexibility: –Secure element form factor (UICC, embedded, removable memory card etc.) –One or more secure elements. Traditional standardisation role: –EMVCo requires an approved secure element to host payment instrument –Agreement on standardised and interoperable processes to manage payment instrument/ credentials on secure elements –Compatibility with existing contactless payments acceptance infrastructure EMV Common Contactless Protocol Level 1 PPSE.

17 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo EMVCo Contactless Mobile Payments Landscape Reviewed the landscape of contactless mobile payments infrastructure standards available in the marketplace and determined best approach to support EMVCos role in contactless mobile payments. Prioritised and identified those requirements, standards, specifications and processes that: –Are within domain of other related standards groups (this drove high priority liaison efforts) –Are in need of development by the MPWG and that would complement its liaison activities –Provide the contactless mobile payments community with appropriate guidance in developing various parts of the mobile payments infrastructure (from the payment industry perspective). 17

18 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Mobile Payments – Handset Architecture 18 User Interface Wide Area Modem Application Environment Contactless Module Antenna Over-the-Air Personalisation & Provisioning Payment Application Management Contactless Proximity Payments

19 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Mobile Payments – Domains of Activities 19 EMVCoIndustry OrgsPayment Systems Secure Elements UICC Profiles -Security Evaluation (new) GSMA · ETSI GlobalPlatform Approval (current) Mobile Devices Handset RequirementsGSMA · ETSI User Interface AAUI Specifications & Guidelines Functional Specifications Contactless Protocol Specifications -Compatibility Validation to EMV Requirements NFC ForumApproval (current) Payment Applications PPSE Specification (contained in AAUI ) - Testing (future) Payment System specific Payment Application Mgt. GSMA and EPC M- Channel Payment System specific Personalisation Provisioning Existing Specifications as option GSMA and EPC M- Channel Payment System specific

20 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo 20 Status of MPWG Development Efforts (1) Public Documents Posted on EMVCo Site: EMVCo Mobile Payments Architectural Overview document to serve as architectural reference document for the MPWG and describes briefly EMVCos and various standards bodies roles in the contactless mobile payments ecosystem. EMVCo Handset Requirements focusing on payment industrys specific requirements for NFC mobile payments capable handsets –Effectively store, enable and manage payment applications –Enable a degree of consistent user experience –Can be viewed along side the GSMA handset requirements.

21 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo 21 Status of MPWG Development Efforts (2) Public Documents Posted on EMVCo Subscribers Site: EMVCo Profile for GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration Secure Elements, a payment industry specific profile based on GlobalPlatforms development efforts. EMVCo Application Management Specifications (Application Activation User Interface) documents the necessary components facilitating selection and activation of the users choice of financial instrument to be used at the POS.

22 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo 22 Current MPWG Liaison Status (1) GlobalPlatform – Collaboration on Composition Model for Secure Element Security Evaluation: –Development of model by GlobalPlatform in cooperation with EMVCo and GSMA –The composition model addresses security evaluation of secure elements and secure applications –Traditionally secure element (card) and applications are evaluated together Composition model aims to provide method for evaluating SE once, and allowing this evaluation to be used in order to evaluate the multiple applications –Addresses both Common Criteria and EMVCo evaluation processes. GSMA – Collaboration efforts progressing well: –Multiple F2F meetings and many joint calls –Joint discussions on UICC certification and type approval framework with GlobalPlatform –Actively providing feedback and comments to each others document –Creating technical working bridge between two industries working on same topic. Liaison with other standard bodies – e.g. NFC Forum.

23 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Broadening Industry Engagement 23

24 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo 24 Industry Engagement Drivers Standards Industry requests for wider participation Interest in increased transparency Growth of EMV as contact chip standard Expectation to expand beyond contact chip Commitment to optimal resource management Recognise member investment in staff & T&E Efficiencies Customer Investment Optimisation Improved business vs. technical input balance Efficient interaction with standards bodies

25 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo Participation Level Description LevelQualifications /RequirementsHigh Level BenefitAnnual Fees MembersCommitment to global EMV interoperability Significant responsibilities in EMV issuance/acceptance in multiple countries Responsible for final specsCapital & resource investment Board of Advisors Business Associates Technical Associates (up to six seats, beginning 2011) Interaction with EMVCo Executive Committee N/A Business Associate Payment service providers Committed to EMV deployment and interoperability Interest in providing input to EMVCos strategic direction Seat on Board of Advisors Company subscriber benefits $12,500 Technical Associate Industry stakeholders Interest in EMVCo working group activities Quarterly workshops with WGs Vote to elect up to six BoA reps Company subscriber benefits $25,000 SubscriberCompany or Individual Access to draft specs, user meetings & communications $2,500 $750 25 Notice: Participation in EMVCo (other than as a member) does not give any equity or voting rights in EMVCo, LLC

26 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo EAP Associates Programme Participants^ 26 Business Associates (29) ABN AMRO BankANZAPCA*Atos Origin BancomatBank of ChinaBankers AssociationBarclays Bank BoC Credit Card*BPCE Bundesverband deutscher Banken Cartes Bancaires* CIELOCredit MutuelDiscover* EFTPOS Payments Australia Ltd. EPCEquens SEEURO 6000, S.A.Interac* Moneris Solutions*PASAPaymark LimitedRBS Worldpay SERMEPASistema 4BSRC Research*Swedbank UK Cards Association* Technical Associates (16) APCA*BoC Credit Card*Cartes Bancaires*Discover* HypercomInfineon TechnologiesIngenicoInside Secure Interac*Moneris Solutions * NCR Financial Solutions Group Limited SRC Research* Smart Payment AssociationVerifoneWalmartUK Cards Assoc.* ^ Participation as of 15 February 2011 * Denotes Dual Associates: Registered as Technical and Business Associates

27 Copyright © 2011 EMVCo

28 Mark Hartley EMVCo Board of Managers Representative March 2011 Thank You! Visit

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