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© 2006 VeriPark 1 Ericsson eXchange Platform

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1 © 2006 VeriPark 1 Ericsson eXchange Platform

2 © 2006 VeriPark 2 Our Vision Users of X Platform Features Architecture and Key Facts X Platform Interfaces Roadmap Agenda

3 End Users Providing an extensible infrastructure that will serve mobile content to masses and integrate the parties in the mobile communityReporting Content Delivery Billing Content Management X Platform Mass Media (e.g. ShowTV,Ihlas,MTV) Content Owners (e.g. MÜYAP, MTV, Sezen Aksu) Content Providers (e.g. Logizmo, Tikle) © 2006 VeriPark 3Aggregators (e.g. Retromedya, Azenet ) GSM Operators (Avea, Turkcell, Vodafone,) Ericsson eXchange Platform Advertise and cross sale mobile content Advertise and cross sale mobile content Deliver content to masses Extend market reach with partners Provide value added services Manage the content delivery process Access content anytime, anywhere

4 © 2006 VeriPark 4 Users of X Platform Show TV is the largest television-based mobile content aggregator in Turkey. Delivers ringtones and wallpapers advertised through television banners. Up to 1,000 SMS / minute is received during prime time shows More than 10,000 content currently active in database 50 active partners in Turkey and Germany

5 © 2006 VeriPark 5 Users of X Platform İhlas Holding is one of the most prominent group of companies in Turkey. Delivers ringtones, wallpapers, Java games, SMS-to-TV services via a dedicated TV channel Manolya TV Is also active in Netherlands and Germany

6 © 2006 VeriPark 6 Users of X Platform İhlas Holding is one of the most prominent group of companies in Turkey. Delivers ringtones, wallpapers, Java games, SMS-to-TV services via a dedicated TV channel Manolya TV Is also active in Netherlands and Germany

7 © 2006 VeriPark 7 Users of X Platform Loopus is established by the famous musician Gökhan Kırdar, who is known for his work for television series. Yabancı Damat Sağır Oda Haziran Gecesi Köprü Kurtlar Vadisi Mainly provides ringtones of the artist. Content delivery to mobile phones and PCs are supported. Full DRM support enables Loopus to maintain copyrights after sale.

8 © 2006 VeriPark 8 X Platform– new customers... MTV Türkiye CNN Türk Sony Ericsson

9 © 2006 VeriPark 9 Features Currently supports delivery of the following content types: – Ringtones (Monophonic, Polyphonic, True tone) – Wallpapers – Nametones and name wallpapers – Picture Messages – Operator and Color Logos – Java Games and Applications – Themes – Videos – Full track delivery support with DRM Mobile agents are dynamically tested with UAProf to ensure the content will be successfully delivered

10 © 2006 VeriPark 10 Features Supports interaction services – SMS Chat – Infotainment services, - horoscope, news, soccer results, etc – Voting

11 © 2006 VeriPark 11 Features Supports various delivery models – Transactional (push-pull) content delivery – Subscriptional content delivery – All you can eat - at a fixed price – Campaigns (one content free, others are 50% off at a fixed price) – Single opt-in, double opt-in models

12 © 2006 VeriPark 12 Features Supports various billing models – MO-Billing – MT-Billing – Before push billing – Before download billing – After download billing – Buy now pay later with instalment – Content sales with credit card Supports SMS delivery reports for reconciliation with the operators or confirmation of subscription charging

13 © 2006 VeriPark 13 Features Full DRM support for full track delivered to PC and forward lock support for mobile content. Alternative DRM options to ensure highest flexibility – Option to limit the function to burn the content to CD as Audio CD – Option to specify how many times the content to be played – Option to specify the expiration date of the DRM license – Option to specify the duration of the DRM license (beginnig with the first use) – Option to specify the DRM license to be backuped – Option to limit the function to transport the content to a DRM supported portable device

14 © 2006 VeriPark 14 Features Operator independent

15 © 2006 VeriPark 15 Architecture Extends to support new operator protocols

16 © 2006 VeriPark 16 Architecture Extensible architecture to allow addition of services without modifying the application New Services Core Content Delivery and Workflow Subscription and Billing Operator Communication

17 © 2006 VeriPark 17 Architecture Channel based structure to enable multi service delivery from a single application

18 © 2006 VeriPark 18 Architecture Integrates with third party content providers – MÜYAP – Logizmo – Tikle – Mobilarus – Azenet – Mobilink

19 © 2006 VeriPark 19 Architecture Provides access to partners for content list update and sales reporting – Telebizz – Callcium – Creagate One shared shortcode allows access to multiple partners

20 © 2006 VeriPark 20 Key Facts High throughput for all SMS and WAP channels – 1,000 transaction / minute peak rates – Average 500,000 transactions / month Hosted in a managed colocation center 2 load balanced servers ensure high performance and availability Peak hardware resource usage around 50%

21 © 2006 VeriPark 21 Key Facts Customizable WAP content, every partner can have a unique looking WAP site

22 © 2006 VeriPark 22 Key Facts Customizable portal based web site, every partner can create a totally different look and feel

23 © 2006 VeriPark 23 Content Management in X Platform

24 © 2006 VeriPark 24 Content Management in X Platform

25 © 2006 VeriPark 25 Channel Management in X Platform

26 © 2006 VeriPark 26 Reports in X Platform

27 © 2006 VeriPark 27 Reports in X Platform

28 © 2006 VeriPark 28 Reports in X Platform

29 © 2006 VeriPark 29 Reports in X Platform

30 © 2006 VeriPark 30 Roadmap Streaming content support with the advance of 3G Catalog application for Java-enabled phones Personalization in all channels Enhanced mobile browsing for advanced mobile phones

31 © 2006 VeriPark 31 Ericsson eXchange Platform Enables aggregators to install a turnkey solution delivering content to mobile users Provides an extensible infrastructure, making it easy to provide new services Ensures end user loyalty with subscription and cross-sales Provides an affiliate-ready platform on a multi-channel basis

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