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MOBILE ABUSE A Real Friend but ……. inconsiderate, annoying discourteous and stupid in public places.

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1 MOBILE ABUSE A Real Friend but ……. inconsiderate, annoying discourteous and stupid in public places

2 Mobile Abuse Like millions of others, you may be the victim of cell phone abuse. What is cell phone abuse?

3 Imagine ….. You are in a public place trying to concentrate on something or in serious discussion with your friend or enjoying a peaceful moment…… A stranger 5 to 10 feet away starts talking on his cell phone

4 Your concentration breaks or your conversation ends or your peaceful moment disturbs…….
Now you are a victim of cell phone abuse.

5 Cell phone abuse results in 1. Cyber crime
2. Invasion of privacy 3. Health hazards 4. Social problems 5.Psychological problems 6. Financial loss

6 Cyber crime Includes traditional activities such as fraud, theft or forgery ,when ever a telecommunication system is involved

7 Cyber Cyber-, derived from the Greek word Kubernetes meaning Steersman , is used in the terms cybersex, cybernetics, cyberspace, cyberpunk, cyberhomes and cyberhate, but has been largely surpassed by e-

8 It is used in the computer or electronic context to denote control of the thing represented by the word it precedes- CYBERCRIME

9 1.Internet auction fraud 2. Internet service provider fraud
The various forms of Cyber crime are 1.Internet auction fraud 2. Internet service provider fraud 3. Fraudulent web designing 4. Multilevel marketing fraud 5. Health care fraud 6. Mobile phone fraud

10 Computer and Mobile network intrusion
1.Password Sniffer Programmes that monitors and record the name and password of network users as they log in 2. Spoofing One computer is electronically' looks like’ another computer to gain access

11 3. Cyber fraud Stock manipulation, fraudulent business opportunities, web auctions, credit card fraud 4. Cyber stalking Sending harassing or threatening e –mail or unwanted files and obscene messages or images

12 Cyber stalkers usually target women and children who are inexperience in online activities.
Stalkers generally lose interest if they don’t get the reactions they seek

13 Cyber terrorism Use of computers or mobile phones or programmes in attack against others. It is a form of ‘Info war” Computer sabotage Use of internet to hinder the normal functioning of a computer through the introduction of worms, viruses logic bombs etc

14 Mail Bombs Software that will instruct a computer to do almost anything so that it will send mails for the tracker Credit card fraud Hacking of credit card pin number to withdraw money Identity theft Theft of one’s identity for criminal use

15 Phishing Introduction of Malicious codes into links Eg. Spoofed Bank web sites Pharming Programme that direct the user to another Mocked link

16 How to escape Stay anonymous- choose a genderless name
2. Never give name or full address to strangers 3. Don’t respond to harassing or negative messages 4. Avoid uncomfortable situation quickly

17 6. Learn more about internet privacy
5. Watch what you say- don’t flirt online 6. Learn more about internet privacy 7. Don’t give ID to strangers 8. Frequently change your password and answer to the ‘secret question’ 9. Don’t disclose your password to any one, not even to your friends 10. Don’t hesitate in filing a complaint with the police if there is any cyber fraud

18 IT Act 2008 Computer Related Offences
If any person, dishonestly, or fraudulently, does any act referred to in section 43, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two three years or with fine which may extend to five lakh rupees or with both.

19 IT Act Section 66 A Punishment for sending offensive messages through communication service, etc. any electronic mail or electronic mail message for the purpose of causing annoyance or inconvenience or to deceive or to mislead the addressee or recipient about the origin of such messages.

20 IT Act Section 66 E Punishment for violation of privacy.
Whoever, intentionally or knowingly captures, publishes or transmits the image of a private area of any person without his or her consent, under circumstances violating the privacy of that person, shall be punished with  imprisonment which may extend to three years or with fine not exceeding two lakh rupees, or with both

21 IT Act Section 67 Punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form Whoever publishes or transmits or causes to be published in the electronic form, any material which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or if  its effect is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons.

22 CELL PHONES Perry Long invented First Cell phone in 1940.
The first fully automatic mobile phone system, called MTA (Mobile Telephone system A), was developed by Ericsson and commercially released in Sweden in 1956

23 Mobile Phone The Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Systems are digital mobile phone services.

24 The system consist of a Base station antenna which communicates with the mobile phones through Radio Frequency (RF) transmission.

25 The mobile phone system is referred to as “cellular telephone system because the coverage area is divided into “cells “each of which has a base station antenna.

26 Mobile phones use Electromagnetic radiation in the Microwave range around 2.5 GHz

27 When we talk on mobile phones, the transmitter takes the sound and encodes on to a continuous “sine wave”. The sine wave radiates out from the antenna and fluctuates evenly through space.

28 Electromagnetic spectrum

29 Once the encoded sound has been placed on the sine wave, the transmitter sends the signal to the antenna which then sends the signal out.

30 The encoded signals are made up of electromagnetic radiations
The encoded signals are made up of electromagnetic radiations. These waves are picked up by the receiver in the base station tower. The base station antenna emits radiations continuously to make a link with the subscribers.

31 Mobile tower and base station

32 Mobile Evolution

33 GSM & CDMA Phones GSM (Global System for Mobile communications: is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a channel access method utilized by various radio communication technologies.

34 CDMA –GSM Phones

35 GPS Phone A GPS navigation device is any device that receives Global Positioning System (GPS) signals for the purpose of determining the present location. These devices are used in military, aviation, marine and consumer product applications.

36 GPS Phone

37 Smart Phone A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality. a smartphone is simply a phone with advanced features like , Internet and e-book reader capabilities

38 Smart Phones

39 SIM Subscriber Identification Module (SIM)
The SIM is a detachable smart card containing the user's subscription information and phone book.

40 This allows the user to retain his or her information after switching handsets.
Alternatively, the user can also change operators while retaining the handset simply by changing the SIM.

41 SIM Securely stores the service subscriber key having 15 digits
First 3 digits – Mobile country code Second 2 digits – Mobile network code Third 10 digits – Mobile station identification number

42 EV DO EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized), often abbreviated as EV-DO or EV, is a telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access.

43 Mobile Phone technology


45 Mobile Phone Terminology
URL – Universal Resource Locator iPod – intelligent Portable occular device MPEG – Moving Picture Expert Group MP3 – Moving Picture – 3( Audio layer 3) Wi-Fi – Brand name of Wi-Fi Alliance-WLAN Blue tooth – Open wireless protocol

46 GPS – Global Positioning System
GPRS – General Packet Radio Service - Blackberry system VoIP Phone – Voice over Internet Protocol Most common type is Skype

47 Symptoms of Mobile abuse
Inability to concentrate on what you are doing 2. Mild or severe irritability or annoyance 3. Sensitivity to stupid ring tones 4. Initially thinking that the cell phone user is actually talking to you

48 5. Wishing the user would finish the call
6. Wishing the user would leave the place 7. Wishing that the battery would die

49 HEALTH HAZARDS Mobile phones uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range Part of the radio wave emitted by the mobile phone handset will be absorbed by the head The radiation from a standard GSM handset has a peak output power of 2watts

50 Mobile Radiation

51 SAR The rate at which human body absorbs radiation is known as Specific Absorption Rate Maximum level of SAR is set as 2 w/kg averaged over a volume of 1 gm tissue for the head

52 THERMAL EFFECT Microwave causes “dielectric heating”
Human tissue is rich in water and exhibit dielectric property(+ and – ve ions) Living tissue heat up through the rotation of polar molecules such as water Friction causes heating of tissue

53 Thermal effect Thermographic images – Before and After 15 minutes of cell phone use Red and yellow patches- Heated tissues

54 Head is in the “near field “ of radiation, so that most of the heating effect occurs in the head
Temperature in the internal ear, brain increases 1 degree or more This adversely affect the functioning of these organs since these have fluid filled cavities

55 Blood-Brain Barrier The blood vessels in the brain and the surrounding tissue forms the BBB that can easily dispose heat But prolonged heating effect can alter brain functions and hearing ability

56 Blood brain barrier

57 Thermal effects Burning sensation in the Scalp and Ear pinna
Mood alteration and lack of concentration Lethargy and lack of sleep Whistling sound in the ear

58 Premature Cataract- Cornea of eye lacks blood supply and heat cannot be disposed
Confusion and loss of memory since the microwaves interfere with the mood controlling brainwaves Alters sleep physiology and biological rhythm by changing the level of Dopamine, Serotonin hormones

59 Human Eye

60 Non Thermal Effects Increased cellular responses
Leakage of Albumin from blood into the brain due to increased permeability of BBB

61 Non thermal effects

62 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Unspecific symptoms during and after the use of cell phone. Tingling sensation, fatigue, dizziness, loss of mental attention, reduction in reaction time, memory retentiveness, tachycardia etc.

63 EM Radiation penetration into brain Fig. 1. 5 year old brain Fig. 2
EM Radiation penetration into brain Fig.1.5 year old brain Fig year old brain Fig.3. Adult brain

64 Hearing impairments Heating effect in the fluid of internal ear
Piercing sound from the speaker causes irritability in the ear drum and internal sensory cells of ear Human ear is highly sensitive to waves between 1000 and 6000 Hz

65 Human Ear

66 Genotoxic effect Reduction in reproductive capacity DNA fragmentation
Boosted rate of cell division

67 Acoustic Neuroma Begnin brain tumor Meningioma Glioma
One hour use of Mobile phone per day can increase the tumor risk after 10 years

68 Acoustic Neuroma

69 Sleep and EEG Effects Brain waves such as alpha beta ,delta waves will be affected when exposed to pulsed radiations

70 Brain waves

71 Microwave Auditory Effect
Clicks and Buzzing sound in the head Microwave induces electric current in the hearing centre of the brain and causes Auditory illusion This may happen if music is heard using ear phone or Bluetooth for long time

72 Internal hearing sensors

73 The human ear has a peak sensitivity of 3000 Hz, which causes a sense of unease. Alarms and Mobile ring tones are designed to sound at 3000 Hz.  The ear has a very low threshold of hearing for 3000 Hz.  A sound of this frequency is very penetrating.

74 After Call Symptoms Burning sensation in the ear pinna
Irritation in the scalp Confusion Lethargy Auditory illusion

75 Social Problems In attention blindness Caller Hegemony Cognitive load
Mobile Phone in public places creates social problems also…. In attention blindness Caller Hegemony Cognitive load Accidents e-waste

76 Inattention blindness
Cell phone use in social situations may result in overload. Local interaction and remote interaction demands certain attention Cell phone use in public places makes the user “ blind “ to local cues due to cognitive overload

77 Cell phone use in public places reduce the reaction time to events around the user
Reduced attention to local situation may disturb others since the user is not attending the social situation Use of Mobile phones in gatherings, meetings, entertainment places etc disturb others through inattention blindness

78 Caller Hegemony The alarming ring tone may demand higher attention to the phone rather than the local settings Caller Hegemony is the asymmetric relationship between the caller and answerer

79 Cognitive load Mobile phone use in public places makes the user overloaded and become unaware of the details of communicative behavior of co- located individuals as well as other relevant features of the social situation

80 Accidents Mobile phone use while driving may cause accidents due to inattention blindness and cognitive load Cell phone conversation distracts the driver’s attention, increase reaction time, and reduce visual field attention Cognitive load raises above visual sensation and diverts attention

81 Reaction to and memory of visual inputs while driving will drastically reduce if the cognitive load increases. The same negative effects may also happens if the driver uses a hands free phone.

82 e-waste

83 Psychological problems
NoMophobia ( No Mobile phobia  When we run out of credit or battery, lose of phone or are in an area with no reception, being phoneless can bring a panic symptom referred to as NoMo Phobia or No Mobile phobia

84 Ringxiety- Ringtone anxiety
Term introduced by David Laramie California Ringxiety is the sensation and false belief that one can hear his or her mobile phone ringing or fell it vibrating. Humans are sensitive to auditory tones between 1000 and 6000 Hz. The ring tone frequency falls with in this range

85 Ringxiety

86 Precautions Do not use mobile phone more than 15 minutes per day
Do not allow others to click photos without your permission Do not reply to sms(short messaging service) and mms(multimedia messaging service)from strangers

87 Do not send obscene text or images though mms
Do not give your numbers to strangers while chatting online Do not keep the Bluetooth open to all Do not give mobile to unauthorized service centre to avoid ‘Cloning” Use security pin code to avoid misuse

88 Use mobile phone only for communication
Avoid using it in public places, hospitals, trains, buses etc for long time.

89 Do not hear mobile music for long time
Do not hear mobile music for long time. It will create auditory illusion Remove irritant ringtones and replace it with soft standard ring tones Switch off mobile in silent zones.

90 Do not share your photos to strangers to avoid misuse such as Morphing
Do not keep the mobile in bedside while sleeping. It will alter your sleep physiology Consider Mobile phones similar to your land phone. So that you will use it only for communication

91 Chat Rooms Take extreme care during online chatting and browsing blogs and web pages like Orkut. Hackers are waiting for you Do not reply to anonymous messages and do not give mail ID or full address in such web pages Use a genderless login name Frequently change passwords

92 Do not use mobile Phone while it is plugged in
Safety Measures Do not use mobile Phone while it is plugged in

93 Safety Measures Do not use mobile phones when there is lightning

94 Safety Measures Do not use Mobile phone near Petrol outlet

95 Safety Measures Do not use Mobile phone near LPG gas cylinder

96 Safety Measures Do not keep mobile phone close to body while sleeping Its radiation will alter your biorhythms and sleep physiology

97 Cell phone abuse is a world wide epidemic which is now affecting millions of men ,women and children especially teen age students

98 To the cell phone abusers we say …………..
Try a little cell phone courtesy…. and do not burden others with your pseudo social behavior.

99 On behalf of the millions of us who suffer cell phone abuse everyday
Thank you

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