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Arkady Zaslavsky Mobility Group School of Computer Science & Software Engineering InfoTech, Monash University

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2 Arkady Zaslavsky Mobility Group School of Computer Science & Software Engineering InfoTech, Monash University Mobile computing overviewMobile computing overview Building research groupBuilding research group DSSEDSSE DSTC & M3DSTC & M3 Mobile & Pervasive Computing @ Monash University

3 What is a Distributed Mobile Computing System 4 Mobile computing is associated with mobility of users, hardware, data and software in computer applications. 4 Specialized class of distributed computing systems where some nodes can move in physical and/or logical space, ad hoc connecting/ disconnecting while remaining part of a distributed system and perhaps participating in global computational activities

4 Mobile Computing Environment Mbps to Gbps Mobile GSM connection 9.6 kbps Home Base Node N j... Zone of Influence Wireless LAN Mbps Home Base Node N i... Zone of Influence 19.2-115 kbps Cellular Data

5 Who needs Mobile Computing?

6 Mobile Computing: Problems and Assumptions 4 Location is dynamically changing information 4 Cost of communication is asymmetric 4 Severe power restrictions on mobile hosts 4 Limited storage available on mobile hosts 4 Frequent and foreseeable disconnections 4 Security issues due to mobility of hosts

7 Building research group... 4 More than 25 students (PhD, Masters (R), Masters (C/W), Honours) in 6 years 4 3-5 academics 4 70+ publications 4 1,300K+ grant money & in-kind support 4 Mobile computing laboratory

8 Building research group… more 4 M. Faiz Database Replication Strategy in Mobile Computing Environment (Research Masters, completed 1995) A Virtual primary copy (VPC) A Simulation & comparison with PC 4 4 Yeo, L.H. Multiple queue based transaction management model in multidatabase systems (PhD) A Queues to support disconnection A Petri nets

9 4 4 Oey, A.: WWW security in mobile computing environment, (Honours Project, 1996) Building research group… more 4 S,Lai Adaptive protocols for mobile computing environment (PhD) A Packet buffering A Simulation A Transparently sits on top of TCP/IP

10 Building research group… more 4 B. Mitelman, Link State Routing Protocols, (Research Masters) A Data link layer A Petri nets A Ad-hoc mobile networks 4 4 El-Wazer, M.: Multiprotocol gateways for mobile telecommunications (Research Masters, 1997) A Gateway prototype A Packet based A Protocol conversion A LOTOS

11 Building research group… more 4 E. Sung Software-Assisted Handover Model in Heterogeneous Wireless Computing Environments (Research Masters, 1997) A Telstra mobile data & WLAN A Simulation & performance analysis 4 4 Rasheed, A.: Supporting disconnected operation for mobile data access using twin-transaction (PhD, 1999) A Replicating process A prototype implementation

12 Building research group… more 4 S. Krishnaswamy, Database schema refinement using data mining techniques (Research Masters, 1998) A DBRefine tool A Oracle 4 4 S. Krishnaswamy Distributed data mining with mobile agents (PhD) A Cost-efficient agent communications A agent factory & CC

13 Building research group… more 4 X. Dong, Object-oriented query optimisation in mobile computing environment (Research Masters, 1997) A Two-criteria optimisation A energy & work 4 4 M. Nzama, Adaptive multimedia applications in mobile computing (PhD) A Distributed collaboration A bandwidth awareness A adaptability

14 Building research group… more 4 P. Stanski, Supportive Operating Environment for Heterogeneous Mobile Code (PhD) A PESOS A agents A ambient calculus 4 4 Khoo, E.Handoff in wireless ATM networks (MEng) 4 4 K. Tan Client/server Interaction in WWW Applications for Mobile Computing Environments (MDigCom)

15 Building research group… more 4 W. Lee: "Oracle mobile agents in advanced applications" (C/W masters, 1999) A Prototype A Unique experience 4 4 M. Pirotta Advanced interfaces to mobile databases (PhD) 4 4 Kehao Xie - "Applications development for Nokia-9000", (C/W) A Synchronising calendars using SMS

16 Building research group… more 4 S. Cuce: "Cache management algorithms in mobile computing (Honours, 1998) A Prioritising file transmission for caching A Extended info for files 4 4 S. Cuce Mobile file systems with transparency support (PhD) A Dynamic file consistency models A Glomar

17 Building research group… more 4 J. Tan Schema integration for mobile databases (PhD) 4 4 K. Monostori Finding overlaps & similarities in digital libraries using mobile agents (PhD) A Suffix trees A MatchDetectReveal A Meta-Object Facility (MOF)

18 Building research group… more 4 ITAG – Itinerary Agents – mobile agents

19 TOOLS97 Conference Wireless LAN Wireless LANWireless LAN

20 WLAN Infrastructure Omni-directional Amplifier Root mode 10-12 km radius Omni-directional + grid Root 10-12 km radius 802.11

21 Future: Is it bright ??? 4 Projects –DSTC 4 Students 4 Challenges 4 Opportunities Enterprise architecture for mobile computations $1,2M+ annual SAPDSTOHealthTelstra/TRLCSIRO Collaboration support bandwidthenergy weight + functionality cost M3

22 Potential Research Issues & Projects 4 Connection/Disconnection Management for Mobile Workstations 4 Database Recovery in Mobile Environments 4 Service Scheduling for Mobile Hosts 4 Access Transparency in Mobile Databases 4 Process and/or Data Migration in Mobile Computing 4 Tracking Mobile Workstations 4 Database Design for Mobile Information Systems 4 Security Issues in Wireless Information Systems 4 Control Protocols for Mobile Workstations 4 Address Resolution in Mobile Environments 4 Tools & Means for Simulating Mobile Environments 4 Virtual cell optimisation and handling 4 Social & technological implications of mobile computing 4 Etc

23 QUESTIONS ? The End

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