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MOBILE PHONE NEW EMERGENCY AND CARE SYSTEMS Author : Taskin Sakarya (CEO) MOBILOTECH Mobile Localization Technologies Silberburgstr.

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1 MOBILE PHONE NEW EMERGENCY AND CARE SYSTEMS Author : Taskin Sakarya (CEO) MOBILOTECH Mobile Localization Technologies Silberburgstr. 90, 70176 Stuttgart, Germany Tel: (49-711) 656 770 36 Mobile phone SOS Mode of Operation

2 1.Emergency help mostly depends on Voice Calls, what if the person cannot comprehend? 2.Time taken for the emergency help to arrive is too long, i.e. fastest help in 15 minutes in cities. 3.Emergency help via mobile telephony is not possible where there is no mobile network coverage. 4.Many anonymous false mobile calls to disturb the emergency personnel. 5.Assume immediate evacuation of a densely populated certain area is needed, how to alarm the people in an area only and real fast? Emergency Related Problems To Overcome

3 6. Mobile Emergency Location, is positioning upto 125m good enough? 7. Is the person in need still alive? Is he/she getting better or worse? Is life functions monitoring possible? How? 8. Can the people in need dare to go out themselves again? Can we give the elderly their independence? 9. Can First Aid Persons get the best professional assistance possible? 10. Can we create better societies that are ready to help, rather than to kill? Further Emergency Issues To Solve

4 We can all learn to help.

5 (a)An SOS Mode of Operation is introduced into Mobile Phones. (b)The user triggers the mode with a certain emergency type. (c)Mobile telephone start sending repeated emergency/care messages including pre-registered and live information. (d)Multimedia capabilities increase the useful information content of the emergency messages. MobiLoTechs Solutions: 1. Emergency Voice Calls Only!

6 (a)SOS / Care Messages will be received by all or authorized peoples mobile phones directly. (b)The individuals or first-aid trained people near to the person in need, can help the person immediately. (c)This opens up new horizons for care services, security services, emergency professionals. MobiLoTechs Solutions: 2. Fastest Help in 15 Minutes!

7 * Periodic SOS Messages + reception by other mobile phones * Emergency phone Tracking + via any mobile phone * Type of emergency definition + Location info text TRX1 BSS Emergency Center TRX4 (passive receivers) MS1 MS2 MSTRACK TRX2 TRX3 MOBILE NETWORK General Architecture

8 (a)Emergency center will not receive the emergency call directly from mobile phone of the person, but from mobile phones of others. (b)Help will arrive soon, from people nearby! (c)A default mobile carrier frequency need to be determined and assigned. (Action item) MobiLoTechs Solutions: 3. No Mobile Network Coverage!

9 (a)A mobile phone which entered into SOS Mode of Operation stays there, until emergency center turns the mode off. Even power_off wont help! (b)Triggering the SOS mode of operation by mistake is avoided by appropriate pre-warnings. (c)SOS Mode of Operation is comparable to red chain in a train. (d)Entry into SOS Mode of Operation is either via E112 number dialing or via special combination of mobile phone keys. MobiLoTechs Solutions: 4. Anonymous False Mobile Calls!

10 (a)Initially SOS messages are sent with weak power levels to trigger others in the near vicinity, I.e. within 50 meters. (b)However, the distance of effectiveness can be set by professionals to meet their need. (c)SOS receiving mobile phones start giving tone and display alarms, to inform the user about the emergency. MobiLoTechs Solutions: 5. How to alarm people in an Area and real Fast?


12 (a)Not really! For example not in high population areas and not under snow avalanche. (b)SOS / care messages are periodically sent with own location information and measurements! (c)SOS / care message receiver will re-compare own measurements and calculate the direction and distance to a couple of meters. (d)SOS / care messages are initially sent within near vicinity, I.e. within 50 meters. MobiLoTechs Solutions: 6. Is positioning up to 125m good enough?

13 (a)First aid helpers often need to know the level of emergency, and how they can help. (b)Mobile phone receives wireless (bluetooth) life monitoring info from other commercial equipments and attaches them to the SOS / care messages. (c)Live and pre-registered multimedia information as text, tone, video will be attached to SOS / care messages for better information of the emergency. (d)These facilities achieve continuous monitoring, which also give good inputs during first aid support. MobiLoTechs Solutions: 7. The person in need still alive?

14 (a)People under special care will be able to move more freely within areas where care personnel are within mobile phone reach. Theyll not be afraid about help not coming in time. (b)Care messages are sent within near vicinity first. If no answer within certain time the range is increased! (c)After a given time no care service, the messages change type to SOS. MobiLoTechs Solutions: 8. Give the elderly their independence!

15 (a)Emergency center connects to the emergency related experts and expert databases. (b)Emergency center checks the past history of the person in need. (c)Emergency center re/sends back to the persons own mobile phone first aid support tips. (d)Emergency center can give more assistance by evaluating received life functions monitoring information. MobiLoTechs Solutions: 9. The best possible professional assistance!

16 (a)People dont trust others these days, especially where we hear so many terrorist acts. (b)MobiLoTechs solutions encourage people to help others! (c)These solutions encourage better emergency and care services. (d)These solutions will increase the trust on others again! MobiLoTechs Solutions: 10. Create better societies!

17 MobiLoTech is prepared to join in ETSI Workgroups to improve the Health aspects for Everyone!

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