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MobiHealth - Innovative GPRS / UMTS services for healthcare

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1 MobiHealth - Innovative GPRS / UMTS services for healthcare

2 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium The MobiHealth Project IST 2001-36006 Overall objective The development and trialing of new services and applications in the area of mobile health, promoting the use and deployment of GPRS and UMTS.

3 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Challenges in healthcare We have a growing number of chronic disease patients (diabetes, cardiovascular, asthma etc) National healthcare systems face increasing costs and serious financial and budgetary problems Patients (and healthy people) become proactive, health-conscious and seek individual, personalized healthcare Mobility of people in Europe is increasing

4 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Wouldnt it be nice... To have the same level of healthcare while continuing a normal active life, instead of being stranded at the hospital? To maintain a high quality-of-life, inspite of having a chronic disease? To have your health status monitored without having to go to a health center? To be able to give patients the most (cost) efficient therapy and support?

5 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium With Mobile Internet it can be done! The Internet is anonymous and global. Mobile Internet is personal and local. Always Online Transactions Personalization Location Based Services Mobility

6 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium The dream... GPRS UMTS

7 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Try to make the dream come true: MobiHealth targets Development of new m-health services and methodologies for their evaluation Integration of a generic m-health Body Area Network (BAN) Validation of GPRS and UMTS networks for m- health services via large scale trials Validation of the accuracy of measurements and data capture Validation of medical, social/ethical and economic advantages of the new m-health applications

8 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium 2.5G / 3 G / 4G Patient Care Emergency Sports Clin. Research Wireless BAN Operating System Data Handling Data Handling Generic wireless BAN for multiple services

9 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium MobiHealth BAN structure

10 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium MobiHealth operational overview Wireless Health Broker & Service Provid. Public Operator Hospital UMTS Doctor BAN

11 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Trial scenarios (Randomized controlled) Trials. (The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Germany) Monitoring of chronic patients. Monitoring of early discharged patients. Monitoring of high risk patients. (Primary endpoints: hospital and emergency room admission, mortality. Secondary endpoints: patient quality of life, satisfaction and functional performance, adherance to the treatment, cost analysis, usability) Acute and trauma care.

12 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Patient management leads to significant savings Source: BKK, Preussen Elektra, Hannover McKinsey EXAMPLE : Percentage of yearly treatment costs per patient for Asthma, (100=5,000)

13 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Diabetes 5.000.000500.0001.000.000 Stroke 1.500.000150.000 300.000 Asthma 4.000.000400.000 800.000 Hypertension 17.600.000 1.760.000 3.520.000 CAD 1.500.000150.000 300.000 Total potential users 2.960.0005.920.000 DiseasePrevalence Acceptance* 10%20% * Estimated acceptance rates for mobile disease management programs Potential number of users of mobile patient management

14 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Important issues for MobiHealth to tackle Quality of service –Network related issues: hand-over, interruption/delays in transmission, data loss bandwidth problems, etc. Social acceptance –Health risks (cell phone usage), economic issues, ethical issues Legal issues –Accreditation of the devices and applications –Protection of health related data –Privacy, security and encryption of data –Medical responsibilities / liability

15 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Project timetable First wireless BAN prototypeMid November 02 BAN final releaseEnd April 03 Final release of service applicationsEnd April 03 Start of field trialsBeg. May 03 Evaluation of trial resultsJuly-Sept. 03 End of projectEnd October 03

16 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium The MobiHealth consortium Ericsson (D) –GesundheitScout 24 Telia (S) –University of Lulea University of Twente (NL) – MST, TMSI, Compaq, Yucat Telefonica Moviles (E) –Corporacia Sanitari Clinic, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Phillips Research (UK) CMG Wireless Data Solutions (NL)

17 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Summary

18 © 2002 The MobiHealth Consortium Contacts Rainer Herzog Senior Consultant Maximilianstr. 36/RG D-80539 München Germany Tel.: +49 89 25543715 Mobile.: +49 178 534 0067 mailto: Ericsson GmbHUniversity of Twente Prof. Dimitri Konstantas Dr. Val Jones Mr. Richard Bults CTIT – APS P.O.Box 217 NL-7500 AE Enschede The Netherlands Tel.: +31 53 489 3784 / 4018 mailto: mailto: mailto: Project Website:

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