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Supporting Windows Mobile Devices By Chris De Herrera, Webmaster, Pocket PC FAQ Microsoft MVP – Windows Mobile.

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1 Supporting Windows Mobile Devices By Chris De Herrera, Webmaster, Pocket PC FAQ Microsoft MVP – Windows Mobile

2 What is Windows Mobile? Windows Mobile is a combination of the Windows CE operating system, a new user interface and applications. –Smartphone – Windows Mobile Standard Edition – a cell phone first. Does not have a touch screen. –Pocket PC – Windows Mobile Professional – a data input device using a touch screen. –Size – small handheld devices however some are much larger –Combined devices – cell phone, PDA, media player, camera, etc.

3 What is Windows Mobile? Calendar Contacts Messaging Excel Mobile Word Mobile PowerPoint Mobile

4 What Are Windows Mobiles Features? Windows Mobile offers: –Cell phone – voice calling –Cellular based data – EvDO, 1xRTT, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS –Wi-Fi – 802.11b as well as 802.11g –Storage – internal storage and expansion via microSD, miniSD or SD flash –Connectivity – Supports TCP/IP, web browser, IMAP and POP3 e-mail, native Exchange support –Ability to display Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files – Pocket PCs can edit Word and Excel files

5 What isnt Windows Mobile? –Is not the same operating system and functionality of Windows that you have on your desktop PC –Doesnt run standard Windows applications including ActiveX controls designed for the PC. –Limited browser functionality – subset of JavaScript and limited screen size affect usability of desktop websites –Slower devices – most Windows Mobile devices CPUs run at 200-400MHz –Limited storage – The internal flash storage is significantly smaller than your PCs hard drive. Usually you will have anywhere from 32MB to 128MB of internal storage

6 System Architecture –Uses a ARM based RISC processor –32 process spaces each with 32 MB of ram –Internal storage is flash memory and it is shared between the boot ROM and installed programs or stored data –No swap file –Processes are paged in and out of the address space to execute – this allows for fast switching between applications –Uses a registry hive to store application configuration data –Has an internal database for applications such as calendar, contacts, tasks, messaging, etc.

7 Enterprise Mobile Assessment The Enterprise Mobile Assessment assists companies with assessing their support for mobile devices Assesses the following areas: E-Mail, Synchronization, Website, Device Security, Applications – Internal, Applications – External, Remote Access, Documentation, Recognized by Management, Audit, Governance of Mobility Available for free at

8 Enterprise Mobile Assessment Demonstration - Walkthrough

9 Connecting to the Desktop –Uses ActiveSync for Windows XP –Uses Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) for Windows Vista –Controls the type of data that is synchronized, whether or not internet connectivity via the desktop is available –TCP/IP is used to connect Windows Mobile to your PC –Installation order sensitive – must install Outlook prior to installing ActiveSync or WMDC –Troubleshooting is more complex due to error codes instead of text error messages Troubleshooting –ActiveSync shootactivesync.htm shootactivesync.htm –WMDC

10 Windows Mobile Device Center Demonstration - Walkthrough

11 Remote Control of a Device ActiveSync Remote Display Part of the Developer Toys - FREE x?FamilyID=74473fd6-1dcc-47aa-ab28- 6a2b006edfe9&displaylang=en x?FamilyID=74473fd6-1dcc-47aa-ab28- 6a2b006edfe9&displaylang=en 3 rd Party Software such as: Soti Pocket Controller – My Mobiler – Free -

12 Remote Control of a Device Demonstration - Walkthrough

13 Connecting to Exchange Exchange 2003 SP2 and Exchange 2007 support the ability to sync with Windows Mobile –A Digital Certificate is highly recommended for security –IMAP vs EAS –IMAP supports html e-mail on regardless of the version of Exchange –EAS only supports html e-mail with Exchange 2007 and Windows Mobile 6 –Troubleshooting error codes - xchange_errors.php xchange_errors.php

14 Exchange Mobile Client Configuration Demonstration - Walkthrough

15 Managing Device Configurations –Exchange 2003 SP2, Exchange 2007 – Can set password length and complexity and require periodic password change –3 rd party –Odyssey Software Athena –SOTI MobiControl –System Center Mobile Device Manager (SCMDM) 2008 – announced last fall, currently in beta. –Over the air configuration of security settings configured from Windows servers. –This release will require users to upgrade their devices to support remote management.

16 Emulator – Run Apps w/o a Device Test applications Create screen shots for documentation Reproduce user issues for support staff Best experience is with a Tablet PC because it allows you to emulate the Pocket PCs touch screen using a stylus just like a real mobile device Download of Windows Mobile 5 emulator for free - x?familyid=C62D54A5-183A-4A1E-A7E2- CC500ED1F19A&displaylang=en x?familyid=C62D54A5-183A-4A1E-A7E2- CC500ED1F19A&displaylang=en Windows Mobile 6 emulators are part of the Visual Studio 2005 SDKs

17 Emulator Demonstration Demonstration - Walkthrough

18 Steps for a rollout Decide which devices to support Decide how they will integrate in your environment Decide what software is required for users Decide which management tools to use Decide how you want to replicate the software – I recommend Sprite Backup or Clone Notify staff of policies on using the device Notify support staff of deployment date – make sure they have support tools! Deploy hardware and applications

19 Remote Control of a PC or Server Pocket PCs offer the capability to remote control a PC or Server Remote Desktop Connection – May not be available in all devices. Works just like it does on your PC – allows you to connect to Terminal Services as well as your PC. 3 rd Party Applications such as Goto My PC – http://www.gotomypc.com LogMeIn – VNC – Various clients

20 Remote Control of a PC via LogMeIn Demonstration - Walkthrough

21 Questions and Answers Questions and Answers About Windows Mobile

22 Finding Applications Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazines Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories - asp - A mixture of free and purchased software asp Handango – – A mixture of free and purchased software – Handango is the backbone of most software stores for Windows Mobile sites FreewarePPC – – Free software

23 Resources Microsoft News Pocket PC Thoughts Smartphone Thoughts Technical Support Pocket PC FAQ, http://forums.pocketpcfaq.com Microsoft Newsgroups – Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine –

24 Supporting Windows Mobile Devices By Chris De Herrera, Webmaster, Pocket PC FAQ Microsoft MVP – Windows Mobile

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