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MOBILE AND TABLET COMPUTING The iPad, Xoom, and Other Tablet and Mobile Devices.

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1 MOBILE AND TABLET COMPUTING The iPad, Xoom, and Other Tablet and Mobile Devices

2 Mobile Device vs Tablet Mobile device (also known as handheld) Small handheld computing device Screen display with touch input Miniature keyboard Less than two pounds Smart phones and PDAs Tablet computers – Complete mobile computer – Larger than a mobile phone or PDA – Virtual keyboard

3 Operating Systems Apples iOS Started for iPhone Expanded to iPad Googles Android Originally for smart phones Found on more devices than any other OS Android 2.2 Smaller devices (smart phones to 7 inch tablets) Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) Larger tablets (10 inch and more)

4 Other OS for Tablet Computers Windows Business oriented with active pen and handwriting recognition. webOS Initially developed by Palm Used by HPs tablet and Synergy technology BlackBerry OS Developed by RIM for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Based on OS found in on-board automobile systems and International Space Station eReaders eInk screen, weeks between charges, read in direct sunlight

5 Mobile/Tablet Devices Apples iOS iPod iPhone iPad Googles Android Motorola Smart Phone Xoom Samsung Galaxy Tab Other Devices – Amazons Kindle Fire – Windows Motion CL900 – BlackBerry PlayBook Apps are OS, thus device dependent iOS apps will not run on Android OS iPad apps will not run on iPhone iPhone apps will run on iPad

6 Differences Between Apps iOS 500,000 apps No widgets Multitasking 37% of apps are free More games Android 250,000 apps Has widgets Multitasking Different sized screens make development difficult 57% of apps are free

7 Apps (Education) UNCP Pine Needle UNCP International Programs Ted HowStuffWorks Science360 for iPad

8 Apps (Document Management) Dropbox: on-line "cloud storage" that wirelessly synchronizes with you mobile devices. A great way to transfer documents from you computer to the mobile device. iBooks: manages books, pdf files, and other text files Kindle: eReader from Anazon Nook: eReader from Barnes & Noble

9 Apps (News) CNN AP News Huffington Post NPR USA Today NY Times ($20/mth subscription) CNBC (Financial information) WRAL: Channel 5 in Raleigh; news and weather News and Observer: it is an iPhone app, so it doesn't take advantage of the iPad real estate, but it does provide state news WUNC: North Carolina public radio, iPhone app, but runs on iPad. Live broadcast as well as archives.

10 Apps (References) a must have app Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List WebMD Google Earth Dragon Diction: converts speech to text Speak4it: input voice to get information on local businesses The Weather Channel: a must have app (UNCP graduate working on this app for the Weather Channel) YPmobile (Yellow pages)

11 Apps (Utilities) Nightstand Evernote Bamboo Paper Pcalc Lite Units by TheMacBox Skype DataVault Password Manager eWallet Password Manager

12 Apps (Google) Google Google Translate Google Sky Map Google Goggles Google Earth Google Docs Google Maps Google Body Google Voice Google Books

13 Apps (Entertainment) What's On (tv guide) TV Guide IMDb (if you are a movie enthusiast): information about thousands of movies Netflix: try hooking your iPad to your TV set to watch a movie TuneIn Radio

14 Apps (Photos) (these have great pictures) Life Fotopedia The Guardian Eyewitness

15 Apps (Universe) Planets GoSkyWatch

16 Apps (Social Networks) Facebook Flipboard Twitter

17 Apps (Games) Fruit Ninja HD Lite NinJump HF Hungry Shark – Part 1 HD iStunt 2 HD – Insane Hills Angry Birds HD Free Paper Toss HD ATC Mania Fire Ball Me Giggle 2 HD Lite Solitaire Sudoku Joy Reversi HD * Retro Pinball Pool Break Lite Talking Ben the Dog

18 Apps (Others) Medscape: medical information Action Burn: exercise tracking

19 Links to iPad Apps Articles Top 20 Free Apps for Your New iPad Top 100 Best Free iPad Apps The 100 Best iPad Apps,2817,2362572,00.asp,2817,2362572,00.asp Gizmos Best Free iPad Apps Comparisons – iOS vs Android science-wireless/t/app-showdown-android-vs- iphone/#.Tq8PpHJbX8g science-wireless/t/app-showdown-android-vs- iphone/#.Tq8PpHJbX8g

20 Devices MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) $426.00 Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi) $499.00 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus $499.00 iPad2 starting at $499.00

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