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B ODY BASICS Want to know what type of workout works wonders for you? Decode your shape to sculpt it well.

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1 B ODY BASICS Want to know what type of workout works wonders for you? Decode your shape to sculpt it well.

2 APPLE BODY TYPE : CELEBRITY MATCH: Sameera Reddy, Elizabeth Hurley, Catherine Zeta-zones etc….

3 A typical apple-shaped body is one that looks like an inverted pyramid, with a heavier upper body and smaller lower body. Subsequently, the butt,arms and legs seem smaller in proportion to the belly and waist area. This type of body type is common with women who have high androgen(male harmone) levels, leading to a slightly masculine appearance. The abdominal fat that surrounds internal organs – heart, liver, kidneys and intestines – results in a plethora of health risks. Some associated with this body type include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders and an increased likelihood of strokes.

4 Working the fat: Since fat accumulation is around the upper-middle torso, a complete cardiovascular workout is not enough. One needs to also go in for intensive abdominal training. The best workout plan would be to combine intensive running, stair climbing or spinning with crunches and squats. Pilates, which focuses on the core muscles, is also a good workout to bring in some variation.

5 Diet diary Since apple-shaped women are prone to heart disease and metabolic disorders, the diet should have sufficient healthy fats and fibre-rich complex carbohydrate. The meal should incorporate lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Avoid white processed foods.

6 Hour glass body type Celebrity match: Katrina Kaif, Scarlet Johansson, Sophia Loren etc…..

7 An hourglass implies a well-proportioned upper and lower body with a slender waist. Sounds perfect, right? Well expect for the rare instance, it isnt. Women with this shape often end up looking bigger than other body types. Hourglass-shaped women put on weight in both upper and lower portion of their abdominal region. The main areas are arms, chest, hips and waist. However, on the plus side, this body type is generally less prone to diseases compared to apple or pear-shaped women.

8 Working the fat Hour glass is the most proportionate, its ideal to put together a general workout regime that would target all areas. Women with hour glass shaped bodies tend to put on weight easily. Doing push ups will help keep the body toned. Include plenty of jogging, elliptical training and climbing to burn calories. And go for surya namaskara as it works out the entire body. Since a slender waist is the most alluring feature of an hourglass, do waist bends with hands, rods or light dumbbells to enhance it. This, plus the right amount of cardio will keep your body in check.

9 Diet diary To maintain their perfect figure, women with this shape need to be careful with their diet. High-quality protein, eggs, green vegetables, nuts and skimmed diary products are advised. Also, restrict sugar intake in the diet.

10 Banana(petite) body type Celebrity match: Kareena Kapoor, Calista Flockhart etc….

11 Also called the ruler or chilli shape is generally characterized by a straight body. This body type has a more masculine vibe to it due to the way the body is proportioned. The waist is not narrower than the hips, creating a certain straight look. The lack of curves due to the absence of waist definition could be a problem for the banana shaped woman. Like the apples, the banana, too have a high level of androgen as compared to oestrogen. This makes them great athletes. Women with this body type are generally fit and have a very high rate of metabolism.They also dont run a very high risk of any disease.Their biggest challenge is to develop those killer curves.

12 Working the fat Though a banana-shaped woman seldom has weight problems, she has to work out harder than other shaped because the fat pockets are distributed all over her body. she has to concentrate on core workouts and heavy weights and not do so much of cardiovascular exercises. Since no curve is an issue with this shape, the goal should be on working out those body parts that are their assets- shoulder,arms,buttocks,thighs and chest. These exercises will help build muscle and work towards sculpting and shaping the body to make it appear more feminine. Stretching, sit ups,step classes,spinning, walking or jogging on an incline, squats and bench presses are recommended for a banana-shaped body.Power lunges with weight, crunches and push ups will also help develop curves.

13 Diet diary This body shape has a high metabolic rate. So, the women may be underweight and struggle to gain weight as opposed to losing it. They need to add high-quality protein, complex carbohydrate, calcium and whole wheat in their diet. However, starch is not recommended and its intake should be reduced.

14 Pear shape body type Celebrity match: Sonakshi Sinha, Jennifer Lopez, Beyounce Knowles etc….

15 A pear-shaped woman can be identified by a big bottom, as she would gain on her hips, thighs and behind the knees. In this case, the upper body is considerably smaller than the lower body. A pear-shaped woman bulks up from hips down the fastest of all body types, and as the weight continues to build up it spreads to the waist and upper abdomen area. They also have a slow metabolism and could eat half as much as other body types and yet accumulate fat.

16 Working the fat If you are a pear you will want to focus on exercises that will balance out the top half of your body with the bottom half. To achieve this, focus on aerobic activities that work out your lower body and resistance exercises that will build your upper body. Use light weights and perform high repititions of exercises. Walking, jumping ropes, elliptical training, leg lifts and dips and push ups as some of the ideal exercises for a pear shape. Lunges, squats and kickbacks are also advisable for a woman with this shape.

17 Diet dairy Women with this type of body shape have excessive fat around buttocks, hips and thighs. The dietary recommendation for themis to increase their calcium intake and to cut down on fat intake. They also need to cut down on sodium(found in salt and preservative-filled foods) to maintain blood pressure. This will also reduce the risk of varicose vein and osteoporosis.







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