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Housing Trust Migration (including Interfacing) George Palios.

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1 Housing Trust Migration (including Interfacing) George Palios

2 Contents The government were encouraging Councils to separate out their housing stock from Authority control and funded the creation of a number of Housing Trusts(HHT). Staff were automatically transferred over to the trust, but the new Trust had no computer systems, so these had to be purchased and then all existing data migrated across to the new machines. Here are a few slides from the many presentations I held to explain how the Housing systems would be transferred to the new Housing Trust computers(fairly easy), and how the electronic interfaces would be migrated(more complex). My role was to Project Manage the migration (including designing the new systems architecture), over a 3- month period. The diagrams are admittedly a little complex for the presentation, but were actual working documents.

3 Investigation Aims Change Process Change Requirement My Role Organisation


5 Change Requirement Tenants rights protected Separate Company £329Million investment – 30 years Stock Transfer Project Teams Vote for Housing Trust

6 Original Configuration

7 Proposed Goal

8 Investigation Existing Software Deadlines Resources Data Volumes/Frequencies Relevant Information

9 Choices Option 2: Re-Model Interface Software SWOT Analysis Effectiveness Selected Option 2 Option 1: Manual Data Transfer

10 Proposed Solution

11 Change Process Meetings Reports / Dataflow Diagrams Milestones Deadlines Proof of Concept Communication Activities / Resources / Timescales Dependencies / Critical Path Project Plan

12 Proof of Concept

13 Key Activities Testing Flexibility Skills Transfer Test Environment Contingency Resources

14 Summary Implementation Plan Future flexibility Information Exchange My Role Improved Housing Service

15 Lessons

16 Final Phase

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