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Goodrich Proprietary Information

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1 Goodrich Proprietary Information
Creating Value through Excellence in Innovation, Quality and People Our Vision Goodrich Proprietary Information

2 Goodrich Proprietary Information
Goodrich Culture is Our Differentiator BL This slide is extremely important. It is the theme for our conference; it sets out how our organization works – what are our values? How will we work together in our operating environment? How will we treat one another when we’re in the work place? The overlap of these three circles is where leadership need to demonstrate through their behavior that they have competence in all areas. It will not be sufficient for future Goodrich leaders to be competent in only one of the circles, they will need to show through their behavior that they are equally competent operating across the boundaries of each. It is leadership who will ensure that we make this credible and real for our employees. They are responsible for shaping the culture with their actions being consistent with this philosophy. It’s About Leadership Goodrich Proprietary Information 2 2 2

3 A Global Leader in Aerospace and Defense
One of the largest worldwide aerospace and defense suppliers Large installed base on modern fleets drives aftermarket sales Significant and rapidly growing defense and space presence Proprietary flight-critical systems and products Operating history of 140+ years 2010 sales - $7 billion More than 25,000 employees at over 80 locations worldwide Goodrich celebrated its 140th birthday in More precisely, on December 31 – it was on this day in 1870 that Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich set up the partnership Goodrich, Tew & Co. in Ohio to manufacture various kinds of rubber goods. Goodrich Proprietary Information 3

4 Goodrich Aerostructures
Company started as Rohr Aircraft in 1940, by Fred Rohr in his garage. During World War II became the world’s largest supplier of power packages. Fred Rohr hand-formed the cowling, fairings and gas and oil tanks for Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis” Goodrich Proprietary Information

5 Nacelle Component Overview
Nacelle Weight Range Lbs Nacelle Utilizes: Advanced light weight complex composite and metallic material systems Advanced design and analysis techniques Load sharing to reduce engine weight Fan Cowl assembly Exhaust assembly Nacelle Provides: Smooth aerodynamic airflow reducing drag and optimizing specific fuel consumption Reverse thrust A/C stopping force Major acoustic systems to reduce engine noise Protection of key engine and aircraft systems These are the key components While we rarely build all of the these components internally we have the capability of doing so. This is a differentiator form our competition as often they specialize TR is key component Thrust reverser assembly/ VAFN Inlet assembly Goodrich Proprietary Information 5 5

6 In Production Programs
Boeing 767/GE: Inlets, fan cowls and core cowls Boeing 737NG: Inlets and fan cowls Airbus A319/A320/A321: nacelles for CFM56 and V2500 engines F-15 Flight control surfaces Airbus A330 - GE: Inlet, fan cowls, core cowls and EBU; RR: Nozzle Embraer 170/175: APU tailcone Embraer 190/195: Inlet, fan cowls, exhaust, EBU and APU tailcone C5 Nacelles & Pylon Goodrich has manufactured more nacelles than any other company 6 Goodrich Proprietary Information 6

7 New Programs Boeing 787 nacelles Airbus A350 XWB nacelles
Mitsubishi RJ nacelles Bombardier CSeries nacelles Airbus NEO GTF nacelles Nacelle technology and market share leader - large commercial aircraft nacelles Goodrich Proprietary Information 7

8 Goodrich Proprietary Information
What Goodrich Brings ... Financial strength Dedication to innovation Full development capabilities Proven ability to integrate complex aircraft sub-systems Unparalleled schedule performance Industry leadership in Lean Manufacturing/Continuous Improvement Global presence and support capability Goodrich Proprietary Information

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