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Heritage Management and Planning Seminar, Bridgetown 4 May 2012 Roy Winslow 9771 7725

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1 Heritage Management and Planning Seminar, Bridgetown 4 May 2012 Roy Winslow 9771 7725

2 Historically a timber town now a sub-regional service centre. Approximately 5,500 people in the town and immediate surrounds. Town first established circa 1908 with the peak of development in the 1920-1940 period. Examples of Art Deco-style architecture particularly in the town centre. Although known for timber production other key industries were historically dairy and tobacco and now horticulture. 2 Old Manjimup

3 New Manjimup Population of 11,000 in town and immediate surrounds by 2031. Sub-regional centre that supports the entire Warren-Blackwood with higher levels of goods and services to reduce the dependence on Bunbury and Perth. Expanded agricultural importance to the state. Regional airport (general aviation hub). Revitalised Town Centre – including interpreting our heritage. Age-Friendly Town. 3

4 What is a SuperTown? Nine identified Tier 3 towns that are to cater for their fair share of a doubling of the states population. New way of planning – aspirational targets for growth rather than based on business as usual trends. Growth Plan to double the population (and then some). Economic Development Plan to identify how to stimulate population growth. Needs to take into account surrounding towns. Implement projects designed to stimulate growth. 4

5 Heritage Protection 5 Shires MHI reviewed in 2008. Previously afforded planning scheme protection only to places listed on State Register or those proposed in the MHI for state listing. Currently proposing to add Category B places to the scheme Heritage List – local places of significant. Draft Heritage Policy is not designed as a blunt instrument to simply prevent demolition. Instead seeks to ensure heritage issues are given appropriate weight in planning decisions.

6 A Balancing Act – Stans Machinery 6 South West Co-operative Butter Factory 1926-1976. Farm machinery sales from late 1970s until 2011. Most factory equipment and outbuildings removed. Prominent location on highway with three centenary palms located in front. Proposal to demolish building and construct a supermarket complex approved in March 2011 – now under construction. Council needed to balance historical and heritage value against the desire for a new shopping complex.

7 Showcasing Heritage 7 Proposed $10 million upgrade of Timber and Heritage Park to act as the main focal point inside the town. Mix of recreational and interpretation facilities. Linkages along rail corridor into town and to other points of heritage interest. Interpretation of a full range of historical and modern activities – timber, settlement, food, wine, tobacco, energy.

8 Revitalising the Centre 8 Create an attractive, accessible and functional Town Centre. Understand that Manjimup will continue to be a functional regional centre rather than a tourist town. Improvements need to be designed with this in mind. Create an investment environment that encourages old buildings to be refurbished. Promote new business opportunities (e.g. old chain saw centre). Showcase local produce and encourage more cafes, restaurants and small bars.

9 Town Centre Project Elements 9 New entry points into the town and additional links between the highway and main street. Removal of unused rail infrastructure and creation of a linear parkland link through town. Creation of a town square environment in Brockman Street to encourage alfresco and market stalls. Significant investment in the quality of streetscape. Creation of new public spaces and historic and heritage interpretation opportunities. Delivery of a site for high-quality short- stay accommodation (with developer incentives).

10 What Now? 10 Initial funding to be awarded late May. Dependent upon funding outcome, work on the Town Centre Revitalisation Project will commence in 2012 and continue for 3-4 years. Other strategic projects relating to expansion of the districts agriculture and food economy, regional airport and creation of an age-friendly town will also commence (funding permitting). Refinement of the Preliminary Growth Plan. Monitor progress and continue to evolve as things change.

11 Questions? 11 Manjimup SuperTown Partners

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