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New Findings in Science Strongly Support the Mystical Knowledge of the Ages. The human body is a complex sensing organism with innate intelligence capable.

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1 New Findings in Science Strongly Support the Mystical Knowledge of the Ages. The human body is a complex sensing organism with innate intelligence capable of processing everything that enters into its environment All Rights Reserved Copyright 2002 NuVisions for Wellness A Division of ADL Ministries

2 Processing stimuli thousands of times per second the body strives to sustain homeostasis or balance between systems.

3 The Science of Bionetics Tracks the flow of the bodys energy with the use of modern technology Acknowledges the spiritual aspect of life Supports the vital aspects of the organism and encourages balance Recognizes body, mind, and spirit as elements necessary to address in order to promote a totally holistic approach to health and wellbeing

4 thoughts and beliefs The Premises of Materialism are Severely Limited. Physicists experimenting with subatomic particles have discovered that the thoughts and beliefs of the experimenter interact with and effect the outcome of the experiment.

5 Mapping Health Using the science of Bionetics, it is possible to map the origins and challenges of disease within the body. All difficulties or diseases are progressive As a result they can be mapped energetically.

6 Breaking these components down to their smallest component yields pure energy. Mass can no longer be associated simply with material substance. Particles do not consist of any basic matter, but are simply bundles of energy.

7 Body and Energy All influences of disease are first shown as disturbances within the electrical fields of the body. By measuring these fields, it is possible to understand where the negative influences have occurred and use these readings in guiding the body back to wellness.

8 If behind all physical matter is energy, we need to look at our bodies not as stable, fixed physical objects but as energy processing units. Health is the natural condition of the body, as long as our energy is free to move to maintain a condition of harmony and balance.

9 An imbalance or obstruction to the free flow of our energies, persisting over a long period of time if ignored, will eventually manifest in the form of some some physical symptom in its attempt to get our attention. Disease is the result of an obstruction or imbalance to the flow of energy through the body.

10 The process maybe compared to the movement of water through a pipe. The process maybe compared to the movement of water through a pipe. The source of the water constitutes the input the size and condition of the pipe will determine the flow through. The water that emerges at the other end is the output. Ideally it should look like this. Experience tells us, however, that many things could go wrong. These examples highlight interdependent systems in which changes in one part impact the other parts in someway, and affect the operation of the whole system in general. Lack of resources, environmental toxins, blockage by accumulated debris, a leak, overuse or lack of use all constitute the quality of output.

11 The Body Is Electric It is also well known the the physical body is electrical in nature, the body is a hubbub of electrical activity including brain waves, muscle and nerve impulses, heart beats and more, all are based off of the bodys own electrical generators. Through the process of ionization (electrical activity) all activities of life within the cells occur. Also, the sudden loss of vital electrolytes electricity forming minerals within the body will cause imminent death.

12 Energetic Field Systems There are many energetic force fields. These energy systems include: Auras Chakras Kinetic Energy Fields Meridians

13 Although it is not linear, morbific influences cause problems with the body.

14 Such premises require an awareness that we are more than our physical bodies that even our thoughts and emotions are known to impact the flow of energy and manifest as a symptom on the physical level.

15 Disturbances in Fields If there are disturbances with the energy fields of the body, growing research in Sweden, Germany, and the United States unilaterally support that ill health will be the outcome. For example: It is now known that long-term exposure to high energy electrical wires can disturb the bodys electrical system enough that severe illnesses are likely to occur.

16 A rapidly growing field of medicine called psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is proving that our psychological state and our physical are intimately connected. Once thought to be independent of the brain we now know that our immune system is influenced by our thoughts and emotions causing -Chronic Dis-Stress-

17 So, as we can see there is a well accepted link between stress and illness. The problem is that very few know exactly how to measure stress, determine its effects, and manage it.

18 Everyone accepts that stress is killing them yet as a population we do less for stress then we should. Why because everyone has stress but not everyone dies from it.

19 Stress is responsible for 80% of all doctors visits Stress is linked to virtually all know diseases including Heart Disease Ulcers Hypertension IBS Depression/Anxiety Endocrine Dysfunction Diabetes Lowered Immune Function Increased Aging & Cancer

20 The phenomenon of stress involves so many different sub-specialties of medicine and psychology that no comprehensive, unifying concept of its nature has yet been presented, and so the seriousness of the consequences can not be fully appreciated. It is almost beyond our ability to comprehend the idea that stress, as the familiar, common stresses of life can be the cause of great majority of human ills. -Barbara B. Brown Ph.D.

21 He not busy being born is... busy dying. -Bob Dylan

22 There is no constant Wellness is a process never a static state. New understandings of the mind body spirit connection indicate that once free of symptoms, (i.e. neutral point) Our nature is to continue to advance to higher levels of wellness. --Self-Actualization--

23 True Health What is true health? How can it be evaluated? Is it merely the absence of disease?

24 True Health That state in which the body is vital, composed, balanced and adaptive to its environment. Responsive Auto-Self Regulating Homodynamic

25 Stress Ills Stress wears down the body systems including the brain substrate of feelings and emotions and is felt as stress but stress ills are caused by disturbed psychological within the body, not the stress itself.

26 Incubation Period The stress disease process operates covertly and can incubate for years before the disabling stress ills surface. It becomes an important health issue to examine the disease process of stress in detail.

27 Science of Homotoxicology The study of how toxins effect and move through the body, creating increasing levels of stress to the system.



30 Subtlety of attack The distress of stress is the diminishing of potential caused longed before stress ills emerge. States of diminished well being arise out of the struggle with everyday stress. They come from where and tear on the psyche, mind, and body as they strive to cope with the inconveniences and unsatisfactoriness of life.

31 The Basics of Balance Each body is a complex sensing organism processing stimuli thousands of times per second. The body strives to maintain balance between areas such as… Organs and their functionsOrgans and their functions Nutrition Nutrition Cellular Functions Cellular Functions Hormones Hormones Allergies Allergies Emotions Emotions Xenobiotics Xenobiotics And much more And much more

32 Modern Equipment With the use of modern electronics, specialized equipment is now available for use in determining energetic impasses to the flow of the bodys energy fields.

33 Because the stress signature is complex, a complex testing system makes determining the stress signature possibility. Normally the psycho – psychological responses are too vast, making analysis virtually impossible... Until Now

34 Introducing the BodyScan 2010 Technology that bridges the gap between science and complementary medicine

35 Bionetics Combined with the modern science of Bionetics which has its roots in the Chinese model of acupuncture and wellness and takes its wings from modern biofeedback, we are now able to identify the Stress Blueprint of the body.

36 Psycho-Physiological Stress Inventory By measuring bionetic Stress Responses, the physiological relationships are easily seen. All though complex in nature, the first glimpse into the psycho-physiological stress signatures can now be identified.

37 Where Stress Can Hit Circulation Bones – Teeth – Jaw Muscles – Ligaments – Cartilage Immune Endocrine Digestion Respiratory Brain Skin Reproductive / Urinary Emotional and Nervous Systems

38 The imbalances discovered in the Stress Blueprint create the pathway for the practitioner to aid the patient towards recovery and optimal wellness. Bionetic testing is an effective method for measuring imbalances in the body and is a widely accepted practice throughout America, Europe and Canada.

39 BodyScan 2010 & Bionetics Sold to professionals for biofeedback use and stress management. Non-invasive, painless - aids the body in overall strength and resistance towards elements that create weakness and imbalance. Helps practitioners create a stress reducing protocol which can include: herbology, homeopathy, music, diet and nutrition, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes, restructuring of belief and thought patterns, and identifying environmental stressors. Primary goal is to alleviate stress and give support to allow the body to address deficiencies and toxicity.

40 More on Bionetics We do not diagnose, treat symptoms or disease, nor do we prescribe treatments or courses of therapy, but give recommendations designed to simulate the body to make such changes on its own. Bionetic and Biofeedback testing are not substitutes for medical and/or dietary treatment of disease. In times of illness, we strongly encourage all clients to seek medical attention immediately from a licensed physician. Although we do not necessarily try to alleviate symptoms directly, many of our clients have found resolution to their symptoms through our preventative approach.

41 There is a return to the ancient vitalistic concept of living organisms, but this time with technology to measure precisely biological electrodynamic fields and their actions. -George Vithoulkas

42 Health is having attained a state of well- being; having a dynamic state of serenity and calm; and having a total unification with truth. -George Vithoulkas

43 As long as we address only the surface manifestations of our estranged consciousness, we will continue to perpetuate, in changing form, the vary maladaptive destructive behaviors that in every moment are not only killing our bodies, but the hearts and souls of people everywhere.

44 Furthermore... We cannot focus on individual well being and discount planetary well being. What is the point of encouraging individual wellness if there is no planet on which to exist. Join the Phazx Systems, Inc. family.... on our journey of


46 Thank you for joining us, for more information on becoming a BodyScan Technician please contact your local practitioner or contact us: Phazx Systems, Inc. at 719-632-0991

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