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7.7 Decomposition Reactions Emma, Molly, Safeyyah.

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2 7.7 Decomposition Reactions Emma, Molly, Safeyyah

3 What is a Decomposition Reaction? Decomposition occurs when a single (complex) compound is broken down into two or more products Decomposition = The opposite of synthesis (when two or more simple substances come together to form one product).

4 Process This is the complex compound before a reaction occurs These are the components of the compound that have broken down into simpler products Reaction

5 Steps to Create Formulas 1.) Identify formula Ex. H2O ? 2.) Separate each element out 2 Ex. H2O H + O 3.) If HONClBrIF applies those atoms cannot be alone 222 Ex. H2O H2 + O2 4.) Balance equation H2O22 Ex. 2H2O 2H2 + O2

6 Elements Explanation To make any compound break apart or decompose you have to add energy, by heat, light, or electricity These products can be combinations of elements and compounds 222 Example: H2O(l) electricity H2(g) + O2(g) (unbalanced) 222 2H2O (l) electricity 2H2 (g) + O2 (g) (balanced)

7 Check for understanding Which one of these equations represents a breaking down and it is balanced…… 2 + 7 O27 A. O2 + D7 O2D7 23 B. Al2S3 2Al + 3S 2 C. MgCl2 Mg + Cl + Cl + O2 D. AB + C ABC B. Is the correct answer, because it is balanced.

8 Compound Explanation Compounds can be categorized as a carbonate or a chlorate Carbonates= metal oxide + carbon chlorate= metal chloride + oxide Example of Carbonate Example of Chlorate 32 (lab) CaCO3 CaO + CO2 2KClO3 2KCl + 3O2 (lab) 2 OR 2 Take out CO2 OR O2 then see what is left and balance

9 Check for understanding BaCO3 ? A. BaO + CO2 3 B. Ba + C + O3 C. COB + a3 2NaClO3 ? 5 A. Cl + ONa5 443 B. Ocl + Na443 C. 2NaCl + 3O2

10 Experiment toothpaste-foamy-flask/a/1849/

11 PQP Homework Question Complete and balance these equations: A. Al2O3 ? B. Ag2O ? C. NaClO3 ?

12 Example Energy (of love) Complex sexual compoundBreaks apart into 2 simpler parts

13 CONFUSED? Click here to watch a video on decomposition reactionshere

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