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Mitosis Cell division.

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1 Mitosis Cell division

2 Cell division All complex organisms originated from a single fertilized egg. Every cell in your body began here, then through cell division the numbers are increased. Cells then specialize and change into their various roles.

3 Mitosis Mitosis is the process by which new body cell are produced for: Growth Replacing damaged or old cells. This is a complex process requiring different stages

4 Parent cell Chromosomes are copied and double in number Chromosomes now split 2 daughter cells identical to original

5 Mitosis All daughter cells contain the same genetic information from the original parent cell from which it was copied. Every different type cell in your body contains the same genes, but only some act to make the cells specialise – e.g. into nerve or muscle tissue.

6 Mitosis – bone cell slides
2 1 Cells split Chromosomes copied Parent cell 3 4 5 2 daughter cells Copies separating

7 Plants apical meristem

8 Rat – epithelial cells

9 Cell membrane

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