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Lagrangian Floer theory of arbitrary genus and Gromov-Witten invariant Kenji Fukaya (Kyoto University) at University Miami (US) 1.

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1 Lagrangian Floer theory of arbitrary genus and Gromov-Witten invariant Kenji Fukaya (Kyoto University) at University Miami (US) 1

2 A finite set of pairs (relatively spin) Lagrangian submanifolds weak bounding cochains A cyclic unital filtered A inifinity category set of objects set of morphisms F, Oh, Ohta, Ono (FOOO) (+ Abouzaid FOOO (AFOOO)) 2

3 3 Hochshild cohomology Hochshild homology Cyclic cohomology Cyclic homology Open closed maps FOOO, AFOOO

4 Gromov-Witten invariant Counting genus g pseudo-holomorphic maps intersecting with cycles in X 4

5 Problem to study or Compute in terms of the structures of 5

6 structure. relation 6

7 7

8 8 is (up to sign) a Poincare duality on cyclicity Inner product and cyclicity

9 Problem to study or Compute in terms of the structures of 9

10 Answer is determined by the structures of in case In general we need extra information. I will explain those extra information below. It is Lagrangian Floer theory of higher genus (loop). 10 NO we can't !

11 dIBL structure (differential involutive bi-Lie structure) on B 3 kinds of operations differential Lie bracket co Lie Bracket is a derivation is a coderivation with respect to d Jacobi co Jacobi 11

12 is compatible with Involutive a 12

13 IBL infinity structure = its homotopy everything analogue operations : Homotopy theory of IBL infinity structure is built (Cielibak-Fukaya-Latschev) 13

14 chain complex with inner product has a structure of dIBL algebra (cf. Cielibak-F-Latschev) (dual cyclic bar complex) basis of C 14

15 15

16 There is a category version. Dual cyclic bar complex has dIBL structure 16 Remark: This structure does NOT (yet) use operations m k except the classical part of m 1, that is the usual boundary operator.

17 Cyclic stucture (operations m k ) on satisfying Maurer-Cartan equation This is induced by a holomorphic DISK 17

18 18 is given by relation among

19 Theorem (Lagrangian Floer theory of arbitrary genus) (to be written up) There existssuch that BV master equation is satisfied. The gauge equivalence class of is well-defined. 19

20 Note: induces and 20

21 21 induces

22 is obtained from moduli space of genus g bordered Riemann surface with boundary components 22

23 23

24 24 Remark (1): In case the target space M is a point, a kind of this theorem appeared in papers by various people including Baranikov, Costello Voronov, etc. (In Physics there is much older work by Zwieback.) (2): Theorem itself is also expected to hold by various people including F for a long time. (3): The most difficult part of the proof is transversality. It becomes possible by recent progress on the understanding of transversality issues. It works so far only over. It also requires machinery from homological algebra of IBL infinity structure to work out the problem related to take projective limit, in the same way as A infinity case of [FOOO]. This homological algebra is provided by Cielibak-F-Latshev. (4): Because of all these, the novel part of the proof of this theorem is extremely technical. So I understand that it should be written up carefully before being really established. (5): In that sense the novel point of this talk is the next theorem (in slide 33) which contains novel point in the statement also.

25 Relation to `A model Hodge structure' Let Put We (AFOOO) have an explicit formula to calculate it based on Cardy relation. 25 We need a digression first.

26 Formula for 26

27 a basis of Theorem (AFOOO, FOOO....) 27

28 28 Let be the operator obtained by `circle' action. Hochshild complex Hochshild homology is homology of the free loop space of L. is obtained from the S 1 action on the free loop space.

29 Proposition Let be the operator obtained by `circle' action. it implies that there exists such that because if Z is non-degenerate Hochshild complex 29 2 nd of BV master equation

30 Corollary (Hodge – de Rham degeneration) (Conjectured by Kontsevitch-Soibelman) If Z is non-degenerate then Remark: This uses only : moduli space of annulus. To recover we must to use all the informations 30

31 31 Remark: Why this is called `Hodge – de Rham degeneration' ? Hodge structure uses with One main result of Hodge theory is we may rewrite this to is independent of u We have Put is independent of u

32 32 Table from Saito-Takahashi's paper FROM PRIMITIVE FORMS TO FROBENIUS MANIFOLDS Floer's boundary operator Landau-Gizburg potential ( Similar table is also in a paper by Katzarkov-Kontsevich-Pantev ) plus paring between HH * and HH *

33 MainTheorem (work in progress) The gauge equivalence class of determines Gromov-Witten invariants for 33 if Z is non-degenerate.

34 34 The story of fits naturally to the on going project to prove homological Mirror symmetry by family Floer homologies. So we can expect that it can be used to enhance homological Mirror symmetry and classical Mirror symmetry to include arbitrary genus. (B sides should be quantum Kodaira-Spencer theory. (BCOV).)

35 Idea of the proof of Main theorem Metric Ribbon tree Bordered Riemann surface Example: 2 loop 35


37 37

38 38 Moduli of metric ribbon graph Moduli of genus g Riemann surface with marked points This isomorphism was used in Kontsevich's proof of Witten conjecture etc. =

39 39 is identified with moduli space of bordered Riemann surface. Fix and consider the family parametrised by

40 Consider one parameter family of moduli spaces L L 40

41 41 Study the limit when ??

42 42 etc. (various combinatorial types depending on.)

43 Counting 43 More precisely integrating the forms on the moduli space by the evaluation map using the boundary marked points gives

44 Counting We obtain numbers that can be calculated from 44

45 45 Actually we need to work it out more carefully. Let and try to compute Need to use actually

46 46 Forgetting defines is identified with the total space of complex line bundle over (the fiber of is identified to the tangent space of the unique interior marked point.) (The absolute value corresponds to c the phase S 1 corresponds to the extra freedom to glue.)

47 47 is not a trivial bundle. (Its chern class is Mumford-Morita class.) Sois not homlogous to a class in the boundary.

48 48 is homologous to a class on the boundary and here D is Poincare dual to the c 1 a class on the boundary

49 49 Becauseis a union of S 1 orbits, then Hodge to de Rham degeneration something coming from boundary. and

50 50 A a class on the boundary are determined by and QED and

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