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Driving a Sales & Service Culture in the Public Sector Alastair Hamilton Chief Executive 27th May 2010.

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1 Driving a Sales & Service Culture in the Public Sector Alastair Hamilton Chief Executive 27th May 2010

2 Implementing Transformational Government Ensure that real customer insight is driving service design Challenge delivery models to reduce duplication and non- value-adding customer contact Optimise channel management to make use of cheaper digital channels where appropriate Bring performance of web, contact centre and face-to-face services into line with best practice standards and benchmarks

3 Current Structure of Enterprise Support in NI NI BUSINESS European Programmes SEUPB District Partnerships Intermediate Funding Orgs Financial Institutions Urban Regeneration Universities DRD FE Colleges DARD Rural Dev Division IFI DEL NITB DCAL DETI Agencies Invest NI ENI District Councils Private Providers Local Enterprise Agencies LEADER Local Action Groups Central NI Govt Local Govt Private Sector Education Sector EU Funding Key Multiple touch points Un-coordinated channels Programme focused departments Inconsistent Processes Unaligned employees Siloed Applications

4 How ? Improve the performance of each contact; Rationalise and simplify the number of contact points; Optimise the use of channels to deliver cost-effective as well as quality services. Varney Report, 2006

5 Our Approach

6 Where we work

7 Invest NI – Some stats – last year performance £182m of Assistance – leveraging £687m Total Investment Support for Innovation, R&D etc up 60% 44% increase in offers of support made = 3,745 offers (93% to local businesses) 6,575 jobs promoted or safeguarded 74% of new inward investment jobs above Private Sector Median salary 55 Employment based Foreign Direct Investment projects - £196m Investment 220 Innovation based Foreign Direct Investment projects - £80m Investment 2296 new business Start-ups 3346 Trade support participants £10m to support companies in difficulty

8 The challenge for Invest NI Moving from Targeted Client Approach Bespoke Solutions for all Complex end to end processes Customers perceive as slow Values not lived consistently Complex Budget management Risk Averse Unclear reporting of outcomes Complex product set To Range of support to wider base Segmented solutions Improve Customer Experience Improve speed of response Maximise all opportunities Live Values & Performance Mgt Budget Flexibility Risk Manage & improve returns Open Transparent Reporting Simplify & Consolidate Product

9 Transforming how economic development is delivered by…… Embed a customer-led service culture at all levels and enhance the customer experience of Invest NI; Bringing clarity to product/service offering through streamlined and simplified services; Improve transparency and performance reporting – continuous improvement; Improve performance and impact of our interactions; Ensuring staff are equipped with the skills, knowledge, systems & resources they need to support business needs. to.. support business to move up the value chain and improve productivity Page 9

10 Customer Development Products & Services Organisation Design People Development Customer People Processes & Systems Governance & Financial Flexibility Reporting & Communication ProcessPerformance Built around key priorities of:

11 Customer Key Project Areas Tiered service delivery model to a wider business base; Driving innovation in the services sector; Enhanced Customer Experience of Invest NI; Rationalisation of current programmes & product gap review; Optimising use of Selective Financial Assistance; New skills model to support inward investment and expansions.


13 Developing a tiered service delivery model Segmented Base Segmented Services Segmented Channels Outputs & Dependencies Segmenting business / service Prioritise resource Sector vs stage of development Partners and external channels Online/offline alignment Service sector strategy Requires CRM improvement Clarity on what we do / dont do Feeds to product / solutions model Mass customisation

14 Rationalisation of current product range & product gap review Segmented Customer Base Activity & Outputs Range of Core Solutions Customer focused language Bespoke at Top End Productise selected services 1:1 vs 1:many services Prioritise to improve productivity New Product Development process Dependencies Service Delivery Model Online vs Direct Engagement Role of Channel Partners Alignment with other service provider s Bespoke Solutions Products Advice

15 Processes Key Project Areas Simplification of end-to-end customer processes; Major projects process – forecasting & delivery; CRM capability within Invest NI; New set of delegated limits between Invest NI, DETI & DFP; Refine appraisal methodology & economic efficiency tests; Reduce budget line reporting & achieve End of Year flexibility.

16 Simplification of end-to-end processes Activity & Outputs Review end-to-end processes Identify bottlenecks/duplication Consider technology solutions Streamline processes Shorten processing times Improve customer satisfaction Stage 1 Stage 2Stage 4Stage 6Stage 7Stage 9 Stage 11 Stage 12 Stage 14 Stage 3 Stage 13 Stage 10 Stage 8Stage 5 Dependencies Offers & Claims System Widening of client interaction Tiered service delivery Customer engagement model Product consolidation

17 Governance & Accountability Activity & Outputs Review Current Delegations Consider RDA Best Practice Revised IC Framework Risk Assessments Consider options Dependencies Revised delegations Parallel Processing – Approvals Improved Customer Interaction Risk Management Internal & Invest NI Delegations Board Board Audit Committee DETI / DFP HM Treasury / NIAO

18 Performance Key Project Areas Development of tiered performance reporting framework for KPIs linked to PfG; Development of output/outcomes driven reporting; Communication of performance & impact across all stakeholder groups; Annual assessment of key policies & programmes; Measuring performance on a portfolio basis.

19 People Key Project Areas Review Organisation Design & alignment to tiered service delivery model; Embed Vision & Values to deliver a service –led culture; Implement a value based performance management /competency framework; Achieve greater empowerment & improved decision making; Review role & interfaces with Invest NI Board.

20 Delivering Economic Benefit Strategy provides a solid foundation for our business Values drive our behaviours Our behaviours influence the customer experience The customer experience drives economic benefit

21 People Development Outputs & Dependencies Values based Performance Management framework Development of competency framework Reward & Recognition Leadership Walk the Talk Mentoring programme Talent Management Launch and Extend Sales Academy

22 Driving a Sales & Service Culture in the Public Sector Thank you

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