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Using the Information Governance Toolkit PRIMIS Fifth Annual Conference 11 – 12 May 2005 Piecing Together the Future Jane Bacot-Kilpatrick Heidi Cresswell.

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2 Using the Information Governance Toolkit PRIMIS Fifth Annual Conference 11 – 12 May 2005 Piecing Together the Future Jane Bacot-Kilpatrick Heidi Cresswell

3 Using the Information Governance Toolkit in Luton tPCT Heidi Cresswell Clinical Governance Facilitator Luton tPCT

4 About Luton tPCT Luton tPCT is situated 40 miles north of London and forms parts of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority. The Trust provides and commissions health care for Lutons population of 196,000 people and works closely with family doctors, dentists, community pharmacists and optometrists Health inequalities in Luton are high. Though not the worst in the country, Luton Health statistics do not read well. The average man in Luton can expect to live four years less than his neighbour in St Albans. The average women three years less. Source: Luton Public Health Report 2003.

5 Luton tPCT Information Systems All bases have computer access but not all of them have access to the tPCT server. Many different systems are in operation including Continuum database for community care and two ad hoc systems in our Walk In Centre and Treatment Centre. Paper Records are currently stored at various locations around the PCT bases. The PCT also operates Single Assessment Record which the patient themselves keep hold of Our Information holding and storing requirements are complex and incomplete

6 The Diary of How Luton tPCT Implemented Information Governance

7 February 2004 Everybody needs to know about Information Governance Dear Diary Went to an information governance presentation. Had not realised how complex the requirements were. So much work Must get buy in from the whole organisation

8 Actions from February 04 Get Buy in from Board Level Members Take Time to look at individual requirements they can be complex Make sure your managers realise the time commitment it will take on your resource

9 May 04 One Person cant do everything Dear Diary Have just tried to complete first baseline assessment and couldnt even complete one section. HELP!!!

10 Actions From May 04 One person will not know all the information Get a group of experts together to share their knowledge – Take into consideration experts out in the field Dont Panic

11 July 04 Use the Toolkit to help implement new standards Dear Diary What a fantastic toolkit it tells me everything I need to do, to successfully implement the Freedom of Information Act.

12 Actions From July 04 Excellent prompts to implement FOI and other statutory requirements Able to get more interest around the Information Governance Toolkit due to the detailed requirements, Used to plan complex implementation programmes within the PCT.

13 August 04 Have faith the organisation is probably doing at lot of things already Dear Diary Have started reading the trusts policies and we already have many information governance requirements in place and the ones we havent I have found on the knowledge base

14 Actions From August 04 Read your Trusts Policies The Knowledge base is an excellent resource Remember to check if you have an agreement with Shared Services

15 October 04 Find the people who can help you Dear Diary Completed another assessments at least there are not so many blanks now! Am still convinced someone somewhere will have answers to these but who!

16 Get out of the office and meet people Talk to other Information Specialist in neighbouring Trusts Make Action Plans Actions from October 04

17 December 04 Dont Panic Dear Diary Being swamped for requests for information from the QMAS system. Not sure on how appropriate it is to share information and who to share it with. Starting to worry about the Freedom of Information Act as well there is bound to be a influx of queries in the new year.

18 Actions from December 04 The Standards in the toolkit help you understand what information can be and cant be used for. Allows for Robust systems to be in place across the organisation Start to build an accurate map of what information we have and what it is used for and who has access to it. Not something we have had in place before

19 February 2005 New Year, New Objectives Dear Diary Have met with all the people I need to I think! There is much good work out there and people who have a specialist interest. Should be so much easier next year – I hope. People are really excited about the action plan gives them clear direction for next year.

20 Strengthens partnership working Provides strategic direction for the organisation Never make assumptions that work is going on! But never under estimate what might be going on! Actions from February 05

21 March 05 Its a continuous cycle of Improvement!! Toolkit completed, Action Plans in place, Everyone knows what they are doing Lets get ready to do it all over again Did someone mention GP Practices!

22 Definitely need a holiday then!

23 Seriously, Information Governance is changing the way the whole tPCT's work. It will provide support to GP Practices in implementing the nGMS contract It is a fantastic knowledge sharing resource. Every organisation will be surprised at what they find they do have in place already and what they also need to put in place!

24 Using the Information Governance Toolkit Jane Bacot-Kilpatrick Heidi Cresswell

25 Hampshire & Isle of Wight Experience Small project of expert team members Methodology Risk assessed requirements Facilitated baseline assessments for all health communities (in advance of mandate) Action planning tool Pan-community development workshops

26 The team IG lead for the SHA (part of national IG toolkit team) Project manager DPA/Security expert Health records expert IQA expert Caldicott/confidentiality (and then)FOI expert

27 Risk assessment Why? Risk conscious team Requirements were not weighted – you could pass but still be illegal! Means of prioritising actions Simple tool (likelihood x severity – high, medium, low)

28 Facilitated assessments Offered to all health communities whether mandated yet or not. Many were therefore prepared a year in advance Baseline assessments, with option of mid- year reviews and sign off assessments Based on concept of critical friend (challenge and support)

29 The methodology Time out sessions only (2 days) Team from SHA, team from organisation (dont rely on one persons version!) 1 PC with internet access to score on-line (essential to read guidance and knowledge base) 1 PC (laptop) with action planning tool to capture score, evidence base, action plan and ownership

30 The action plan Overarched by risk assessment (colour coded) Excel spreadsheet By initiative, requirement Used to support the on-line score Score colour coded (comparison of score against risk assessment) Provided to all organisations post- assessment

31 Follow-up Pan-community support network – FOI monthly workshops to develop compliance and ensure pan-community preparedness (eg universal policy template, standard letters) –IG leads network (to launch assessments) –IQA network (acute focused originally, now towards PCTs) –Feedback to centre (influence on version 2)

32 The results All organisations submitted their scores! All organisations that participated (2 did not choose to ask for support) now agree with version 2 access to expert advice! Development workshops were particularly successful Caution 1 : develop an expectation Caution 2 : cross over with performance monitoring

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