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INVEST IN MAURITIUS Mauritius is a small Republic in the Indian Ocean 1.2-Million Inhabitants 1.4-Million Tourists per year visit the Island 67-Hotels.

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3 INVEST IN MAURITIUS Mauritius is a small Republic in the Indian Ocean
1.2-Million Inhabitants 1.4-Million Tourists per year visit the Island 67-Hotels. Six of which are 5-Star


The Mauritian Government through The Board of Investment of Mauritius has given tax breaks to encourage inward Investment The Board of Investment facilitates Foreign Investment by helping to secure the relevant Permits Land in Mauritius is considerably cheaper than Europe Labour in Mauritius is the cheapest in the world outside India and Mexico (average weekly wage is €45) Mauritius is a favourable holiday destination for honeymooners, windsurfers, deep sea diving enthusiasts, snorkelers & golfers alike Situated 2,000-km east of South Africa, beside the Seychelles 340-Days of sunshine per year

Each Investor will receive an annual Dividend based on the profits of the Hotel Each Investor has the opportunity of having a site within the complex of the Hotel to build their own Villa Tax on the Dividend and rental income is only taxed at 15% An Investor’s private villa can be leased back to the Hotel After 3-years the Investor can apply to obtain a Residency Permit for tax purposes


8 Lloyd Bowmaker (Mauritius) Limited

9 Executive Summary Introduction Project Outline Ownership / Management / Employment Market / Marketing Strategy Projections

10 I. Executive Summary The Directors of Lloyd Bowmaker (Mauritius) Limited, have leased 18 acres of land beside the sea to develop and construct a Hotel/villa complex on the beach on the North of the island. The sole purpose of the project is create a wealth management programme for our clients while investing in Mauritius and to give a favourable return on our clients investment.

11 We envisage employing a respected local contractor to build between 40/60 villas with a reception area, restaurant and bars. We envisage when the complex is fully functional to be employing upwards of 40 staff members. We believe that we can bring Irish tourists/Europeans to this wonderful Island to holiday and to spend their monies here on the island of Mauritius.

12 II. Introduction & Background
This Business plan is written to: Document strategy Act as a management tool in monitoring performance Raise € 6 million equity funding

13 Background Address: Port Louis, Mauritius Status: Limited Company

14 Registered for: VAT Income tax PAYE/PRSI Corporation Tax Formed as: Hotel & Villa Resort Business in operation?: Yes, started on 01/06/2007

15 Products & Services

16 It is the company’s intention to have two bars
and two restaurants on site and to cater for all the needs of our clients. We will provide water sports activities including: Fishing Jet ski Snorkelling Diving Boating Beach sports i.e. volley ball etc

17 III. Project Outline General description of proposed business:  We have leased 18 acres of land for the purpose of developing a hotel/villa complex to a high standard. The Location has 480m of beach frontage beside the Indian ocean which will attract Irish, South African, Indian, Chinese and Australian tourists. The complex will cater for all the requirements for a family stay on the Island. The hotel, food & service will be of a 4/5 star quality with a 3 star price for our services.

18 The all-inclusive package is being considered
for our clients to allow them enjoy their stay without having to spend more. There will be a half board package, which will allow the clients have the option of eating out for their lunch or staying within the complex. We will be gearing our style of that of the Marriot Hotel Group in Europe that offer Exclusive accommodation with tailor made service to ensure that the client returns again and again.

19 To give good value with exceptional attention
Mission Statement To give good value with exceptional attention to the needs of our clients.

20 Trends in industry In Europe, people have had a good life style for the past ten/twelve years and people are travelling further from home in an effort to see the world. The island has no Irish owned hotel or complex and perhaps this is one of the reasons why Irish people don’t come to the Island in their thousands.




24 Existing Site Photo

25 Existing Site Photo

26 Existing Site Photo

27 Existing Site Photo

28 Existing Site Photo

29 Existing Site Photo

30 Existing Site Photo

31 Targets We are building 60/80 units and it is our intention to have 75% occupancy so we would hope to bring 4,608 new people to the island each year assuming two visitors per Villa. The operation to commence building work would be Late May 2009 with our doors opening for October 2010.

32 However with the planning regulations to be
overcome, we would envisage a six month delay in commencement of the project and more realistically we would be planning for a grand opening in March 2011. This will give the company three months to train the staff and to be completely ready for July 2011 to welcome the first of the Irish Tourists.

33 Employers / Employees: Initial Staffing Proposal

34 Employers / Employees:
Who will replace you during any required absences? We have a project manager on the ground living in Mauritius already. We will send out a qualified Civil engineer to look after and mind our investment. It is the intention that the board of management will come to Mauritius on a bi monthly basis to over see the development of the project. Our Engineer will report back to the board of management on a weekly basis.


36 Market Target market to 55 years

37 Competitors Competitors’ strengths compared to LBM

38 In what ways do your products/services differ
from your competitors’? Each Villa will have a dedicated team A shuttle bus service in and out of Grand Bai Price will be 60% of the other hotels Loyalty discount for repeat business We will have a tie up with an exclusive golf club for our clients

39 Marketing Strategy: How are you going to present your business? Brochures Internet Travel Agents


41 Key competitive advantages:
What extras do you offer compared to the competition? Personal attention to the client. Better value for money. We will promote Irish tourists, presently none of the hotels promote in Ireland. Being Irish, we know what the Irish want and what they are looking for.

42 Rate those areas your customers are most
interested in, and your relative strengths in those areas.

43 How are you going to approach your customers
and what buying motives are you going to emphasise? We are going to show our clients on the Internet a video of your country and encourage people to try the island once in their lifetime. We will hopefully use some of your tourism budget to advertise this little paradise. We will use brochures to encourage clients to book with us.

44 Marketing & Promotion Resources

45 Promotion methods (how, where, frequency, why, etc.) We will use the Internet to promote the country and our Hotel & Villa Complex We will have a dedicated marketing team to liaise with tour operators worldwide and with corporate entities for conference facilities etc. The Mauritian Tourist Board have backed our plans to allow us to advertise our hotel on their website.


47 Distribution By and by brochures

48 New capital expenditure required
Land Lease costs €1million We will invest €5million to build the complex We will invest our knowledge and expertise. One of the directors is a former Hotel manager and has the know how in running such a business.

49 Capital Expenditure:

50 We have engaged our Construction Manager Mr
We have engaged our Construction Manager Mr. Shane Doyle to ensure that the standard of construction and of completion is of the highest quality. We have engaged Mr. Ajit Teelock Chartered Architect to head up the design and build. Mr. Teelock is decorated as being one of the best architects on the Island and has overseen the design, construction and completion of the Government State Bank of Mauritius.

51 Raw material sources It is the intention of the company to contract out all the works and that includes the raw materials for the construction. This price will be fixed. The contractor who is successful will be totally responsible for the materials both in relation to payment there of and the security of same on site.


53 Assumptions The figures for income are based on 75% occupancy of the villas when all villas are built and operational. The figures assume that the villas will be built and ready for let from March 2011. This allows for the commencement of the building project in May 2009 allowing for 18 months construction time, completion of the manicuring of the complex and the marketing of the resort together with the training of our staff.


55 Analysis of Overheads

56 Cost of Project Income Projections on Villa Rentals (€)


58 Projected Profit & Loss in Income

59 Projected Figures: Continued>>

60 Projected Figures:


OPTION 1 Lloyd Bowmaker Mauritius has been set up as a Pension Trust Fund in order to be able take investment from clients who do not wish to have the high risk of the stock market (ie. One can invest their pension in bricks and mortar by way of Lloyd Bowmaker Mauritius Hotel & Villa Resort). Capital Investment Guaranteed 10% Annual Growth Confirmed Exit Strategy* Tax Free Growth on Fund *Advanced date confirmed with each investor to suit individual retirement date.

OPTION 2 (A) €100,000 is the entry level per share. This share would entitle the Investor to 1% Annual dividend on declared profits. OPTION 2 (B) €500,000 of an investment would entitle an Investor to 5 shares and a 5% Annual dividend on declared profits and a plot of land to build a Villa. If 5 shares are purchased, then the Investor will be permitted to build a Villa and lease same back to the Company, giving a double income Stream to the investor.

OPTION 3 The third option is a an investment opportunity to purchase a detached villa outright, with a leaseback to the Management Company. 50/50 split on all rental income from the villa through the hotel. Choice of 5 individually designed villas. Prices range from €400k - €550

65 Thank You.

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