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The Negev Desert in Action Multipurpose Sports Complex Nitzana Rural Educational Community.

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1 The Negev Desert in Action Multipurpose Sports Complex Nitzana Rural Educational Community

2 Nitzana Rural Educational Community Originally established in 1987 as an educational community by Arie (Lova) Eliav. Located two miles from Israels peace border with Egypt, and 40 miles S.W. of Beer Sheva. Today, it is: 1. an educational community hosting 15,000 kids annually 2. a first home for young new immigrants from the former Soviet Union andEthiopia 3. a pioneering ecological village 4. a leading center for extreme sport training

3 A Pearl in the Desert Nitzana plays a major role in attracting young people to the Negev and strengthening this national priority region: Thousands of Israeli and Jewish students worldwide participate in the Negev Desert Seminars. Tens of thousands of Israeli children and tourists learn about sustainable living at the unique Solar Park and Recycling Center. Hundreds of new immigrants from the FSU and Ethiopia learn Hebrew and prepare for higher education. Avid sports men and women from Israel and the world over train at Nitzana.

4 An Ideal Place for Extreme Sport Training Open roads for long distance running and biking. Desert terrain for mountain biking Constant sunshine and dry weather for triathlon and duathlon training. Perfect conditions for orienteering – the sport of navigation. A covered, solar heated swimming pool is open all year round. Rappelling can be tailored to people of all ages.

5 Our Educational Sports Activities Schools, youth movements, soldiers, students on long and short-term programs in Israel, and visitors from all over the world take part in Nitzanas educational sports activities: 1.Endurance Sports Seminars – studying physiology and the effects of stress 2. Negev Desert Seminars – experiencing the desert through hiking, mountain climbing, bike riding and rappelling 3. Orienteering – navigating from one place to another while discovering the unique desert environment.

6 National and International Sports Events International Orienteering competition – participants from Israel, Europe and South America National Chanukah Health Run Israels Duathlon Championship – running and bicycle riding Triathlon Training Center – running, bicycle riding and swimming International long distance biking competitions Iron Man Competition

7 Healing Youth The New Rehabilitation Center Nitzana recently opened a rehabilitation center for youth recovering from trauma and physical illness. The 7-10 day program includes many sports activities and: -- Gives these children a new lease on life -- Builds confidence after their long hospital stay -- Helps them to regain their mobile skills -- Provides the chance to meet and interact with other children who are in the same situation -- Gives them motivation and renewed energy to heal.

8 Advancing Our Sports Program There is no indoor sports center at Nitzana. This greatly limits the sports program. A new Multipurpose Sports Complex will give Nitzana the opportunity to expand its successful sports program. It will enable to train all day long in desert conditions With complete handicapped accessibility, the Sports Complex will provide enhanced activities for healing youth, and for physically challenged people. The Sports Complex will also serve as an auditorium, hosting Village and regional events. A New Sports Complex will play a major role in the growth of Nitzana and the development of the Negev.

9 The Multipurpose Sports Complex The 1450 sq.m. Multipurpose Sports Complex will be comprised of: A state-of-the-art gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer Bleachers with seating capacity for 500 people A fully-equipped workout room Classrooms Complete handicapped accessibility Connecting passage to the pool and locker room Total cost: $1.5 million

10 A Look From the Outside

11 And from the Inside

12 With Your Support, Our Desert Dream Can Become A Reality The Negev Desert is Israels last frontier. Development of this vast area is essential to the State of Israel. Nitzana plays a vital role in strengthening this region. With our help, we can turn Nitzana into a major Sports Center and turn out desert dream into reality.

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