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1st International Conference Life Energy, Syntropy, and Resonance August 1– 4, 2013 Viterbo, Italy Jean M Ratte Agence Recherche Épistémologie Appliquée.

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1 1st International Conference Life Energy, Syntropy, and Resonance August 1– 4, 2013 Viterbo, Italy Jean M Ratte Agence Recherche Épistémologie Appliquée Centre Holonergétique, Montréal (Québec) Canada Biosemantics of Syntropy, entropy and dystropy

2 Epistemic hurdles (obstacles épistémologiques) Discovery of semantic vascular resonance From linear to non linear – spherical model of Abellio Embryo-logics Vascular system as manifold harmonic oscillator Outlines of the presentation

3 The human body can measure what no other device can detect (Goethe) It is a spectroscope of matter and antimatter (Heisenberg + Schrödinger) – Goethe = 0 Science doesnt prove but probes Outlines of the presentation

4 Physicist = applies physics to biology From the less complex to the more complex Bottom up point of view Science can measure only the parts or the Local The less complex cannot measure the more complex The physicists renormalize the infinite Physician = applies biology to physics From the more complex to the less complex Top down point of view The more complex can measure the Whole and the Non Local The physician cannot renormalize the infinite Only the Whole can really measure the parts. 2 complementary Kinds of Biophysics

5 Médicine = mechanics Acupuncture = electronics Holonergetics = Information Technology Epistemic Hurdles

6 Auriculotherapy = somatotopy = photography Auriculomedicine = beginning of hologram Holo-energetics = hologram (matter only) Holon-ergetics = holon (matter+antimatter) Steps from hologram to holon

7 Paul Nogier External Ear as hologram of the body Resonance of vascular system to pigments Vascular signal = arteries as resonators Specific Resonance of the different embryos layers to specific pigment filters

8 Vascular Pigments Resonance Is a Chemical Topodynamic Resonance Pigments Wratten-Kodak Filters Arteries of the wristExternal ear

9 Experimental Set-up

10 Multiplexing = wave guide for 1/ transverse (sine) ectodermic waves; = Pulses; chinese pulse, VAS of Nogier 2/ longitudinal (cosine) mesodermic waves; = parietal tension wave of semantic resonance Not modulated by nervous system Conformal mapping between vascular system and microtubular cellular system. Both are wave guides Harmonic oscillator manifold between all levels of reality ; From quantic level to metaquantic level Cardiovascular system is also a resonator

11 Analysis = Fourier Transform Enzymes = exocrines From analogical to digital Gives color Catalysis = Inverse Fourier Transform Hormones = endocrines From digital to analogical = synthesis Biochemical reactions Without pigments there is no life, no memory, no consciousness, no international conference Dual fonction of Pigments Human being as a pigment


13 Pigments as catalysts of biochemical reactions control the first chemical cycles. A biochemical cycle is the first form of memory (Harold J Morowitz) An ideogram is the memory of the gesture (Fabre dOlivet) Vibratory equivalence between pigments and ideograms

14 Memory of action = resonance = representation Pigments = firsts forms of memory Ideograms = memory of the gesture Map = memory of the territory Curve = memory of the function Circle = memory of the circular action Entanglement of the rose and the name of the rose


16 Permutations of zones of resonance matter & anti-matter 16

17 Communication between Matter and Anti-Matter Physical Body and Subtle Body

18 Embryology Gastrula

19 Ectoderm = reflection = retarded waves Endoderm = refraction = retarded waves Mesoderm = resonance = phase conjugation = advanced waves Biophysics of embryo`s layers

20 Dialectic retarded waves - advanced waves Amplification - Intensification Retarded waves are diverging and amplifying Advanced waves are converging and intensifying

21 Ectoderm = logic of non contradiction = Objectivity Endoderm = logic of contradiction = Subjectivity Mesoderm = logic of crossed double contradiction = logic of life (Abellio) Embryo-logics


23 Vibratory equivalences of subtle body of antimatter or Aura Pericorporel field of antimatter ( faster than light) = 4D- 4K+ Retrocausality = Orgone = Life energy = bio-energy = Physiosphère Biosphère = 55 + prana (( Biofield = prana only) Noosphère= 70 + vijna = Morphogenetic field = radiesthesy = ondes de forme( Waves of form) Noetic field = vijna only Theosphère Black Hole 4D 4K + White Hole 4D 4K = Tsim Tsoum Semiosphère = 4D+ 4K- Energy Ego Anima Conscientia sui Chi

24 From Linear to Global Spherical Model of Abellio


26 Quadrature - circulature

27 Quantum level = polarisation matter-antimatter = Semiotic level Subquantum level = polarisation space-time = Semantic level Metaquantum level = polarisation local-non local Spherical model is an invariant with 3 levels

28 Equatorial level : fundamental interactions emission absorption Strong nuclear electromagnetic gravitational Weak nuclear

29 Equatorial plane= atoms of life phosphorus iron carbone oxygene nitrogene hydrogene

30 Equatorial plane -DNA purines Pyrimidines adenine Thymine cytosine guaninne

31 Equatorial plane; neutotransmitters melatonin somatotrophin noradrenaline serotonine dopamine acetylcholine

32 Catabolism = kinetic energy= OS= time Anabolism=potential energy= PS= space cathode anode catabolisme anabolisme

33 Cellular organigram Spherical structuration centriole reticulum endoplasmic nucleus Mitochondries membrame microtubules endoderme

34 embryos layers Spherical structuration matrix placenta Meso intra ectoderme Meso extra endoderme

35 Heart spherical structuration sinoatrial node Coronary arteries Left ventricle Right ventricle Left atrium Rigt atriume

36 Dialectic of waves; advanced-retarded Big bang Big crunch advanced retarded Advanced retarded


38 Projections of subquantic and metaquantic on the quantic or semiotic level Dialectic subquantic = space-time Space = parasympathetic= Potential energy Time = orthosympathetic= Kinetic energy Dialectic metaquantic = local – non local Local = retarded waves = electro-weak forces Non local = advanced waves = gravito-strong

39 Space-time projection on quantum level Space dialectic (Local space + Non local space) = Anabolism = Parasympathetic = Potential energy = Yin = Shakti (Local space – Non local space) = Hunger, Thirst

40 Space-time projection on quantum level Time dialectic (Local Time + Non local Time) = Catabolism = orthosympathetic = Kinetic energy = Yang = Shiva (Local Time – Non local Time) = rhythm, pulsion

41 Space-time projection on quantum level (Space +Time) = parasympathetic + orthosympathetic = Anabolism + Catabolism = Potential + Kinetic energy = Yin + Yang = Being = Ontos ( Space - Time ) = Eros

42 Syntropy = Metabolism = (Ontos + Eros) Entropy= (Ontos – Eros) = antimetabolites = antibiotics Dystropy = dysfunction of metaquantic and subquantic projections on the quantic level

43 Hyper-Sensibility to environmental factors Confusion DNA-RNA = Auto-immunes diseases confusion transcriptase-transcriptase inverse Confusion Insulin-glucagon Confusion frontal – occipital = Déjà Vu, Past life Dystropy quantic level Matter-antimatter distorsion

44 Vigil coma Nightmare Post-Traumatic Syndrome Multiple Personalities Syndrome LSD Delusion Divination ( divinisation) Dystropy subquantic level Space-Time distorsion

45 Dysfunction between hormones and enzymes hormones = local to Non local = catalysis = digital to analog enzymes = Non local to Local = analysis = analog to digital Distorsion right venous heart-left arterial heart = tachyarrhythmia Sensorimotor Incoordination = Ataxy Distorsion left brain-right brain General Anesthesia Deep Coma Dystropy metaquantic level Local-Non Local distorsion

46 Le Mal = the Evil Le péché = Sin La tristesse = Sadness Découragement = Disheartening Antimétabolite Vibratory equivalents of Entropy


48 Quadrature = anode = 3,14 circulature = cathode =1,61

49 Vitruvian man of Leonardo square discontinous, circle continous

50 Square or Finite Man


52 Circular or Infinite Man


54 Circulature and Quadrature Infinite and finite

55 "Just because an idea is true doesn't mean it can be proved. And just because an idea can be proved doesn't mean it's true. When the experiments are done, we still have to choose what to believe. I believe in nothing, so I have faith in everything From: wcruttendenwcruttenden To: Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 9:10 PM Subject: [SSE] Is there something wrong with the scientific method? (New Yorker Magazine) Conclusions

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