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Chemistry Daily 10’s Week 18.

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1 Chemistry Daily 10’s Week 18

2 1 1. If a piece of aluminum is heated from 30.0 C to 50.0 C, what is the value of ? a. 0.0K b. 20.0K c K d. Cannot be determined from the information given

3 2. How much energy does a copper sample absorb as energy in the form of heat if its specific heat is J/(g·°C), its mass is 8.00 g, and it is heated from 10.0°C to 40.0°C? a J/(g·°C) b J c J d J/(g·°C)

4 2 1. The minimum energy required for an effective collision is called
a. energy of enthalpy. b. activation energy. c. free energy. d. kinetic energy.

5 2. In an energy-profile graph, the activated complex is represented at the
a. left end of the curve. b. right end of the curve. c. bottom of the curve. d. top of the curve.

6 3 1. What takes place in an activated complex? a. Bonds form.
b. Bonds break. c. Some bonds form and other bonds break. d. A catalyst is produced.

7 2. Reaction rate depends upon
a. both collision frequency and efficiency. b. average kinetic energy. c. collision efficiency. d. average potential energy.

8 4 Which process is used to speed up chemical reactions? a. calorimetry
b. catalysis c. activation d. inhibition

9 2. For a cost-sensitive reaction, catalysts can be
a. thrown away. b. used as reaction inhibitors. c. regenerated and reused. d. used as reaction indicators.

10 5 1. If a chemical reaction proceeds in a sequence of steps, the slowest step is called a. the kinetic step. b. the constant step. c. the problem step. d. the rate-determining step.

11 2. In a single step reaction represented by the equation A + B  2C, the rate law for the forward one-step reaction is a. R = k[2C]. b. R = k[A][B]. c. R = k[2C]2 . d. R=k[A]2[B].

12 Answers & Standards 1.1 b - sc6b 1.2 c - sc6b 2.1 b – sc5c
2.2 d – sc5c 3.1 c – sc5c 3.2 a – sc5a 4.1 b – sc5b 4.2 c – sc5b 5.1 d – sc5b 5.2 a – sc5b

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