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TOSCA Value for CxOs Ad-hoc workgroup status update to TOSCA TC members Editors: Karsten Beins (Fujitsu), Peter Gibbels (HP), Paul Lipton (CA Technologies),

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Presentation on theme: "TOSCA Value for CxOs Ad-hoc workgroup status update to TOSCA TC members Editors: Karsten Beins (Fujitsu), Peter Gibbels (HP), Paul Lipton (CA Technologies),"— Presentation transcript:

1 TOSCA Value for CxOs Ad-hoc workgroup status update to TOSCA TC members Editors: Karsten Beins (Fujitsu), Peter Gibbels (HP), Paul Lipton (CA Technologies), Derek Palma (Vnomic), Matt Rutkowski (IBM) Date:

2 Objectives for this TC meeting
Provide transparency to the TC about ongoing activities in this ad-hoc workgroup creating Executive Briefing material Encourage input and feedback by other TOSCA TC members regarding the direction we are taking YOUR input / feedback is appreciated: In this call Via JIRA issue TOSCA-131 By to: .com In our workgroup calls: Tuesdays 11am EDT (see Kavi)

3 Content we created / collected so far
To address CIOs - at a very high level TOSCA introduction to CIO (slide, see p. 4) Call to action (slide , see p. 5) To address CTOs and Enterprise Architects – at a somewhat lower but still non-technical level Possible TOSCA storyline (narrative, see pp. 6-7) Set of key challenges to demonstrate TOSCA values First illustrations of the storyline (slides, see pp. 9-10) Lots of remarks for speaker notes and a whitepaper (not shown here)

4 TOSCA Introduction TOSCA is an important new open cloud technology, supported by a large and growing number of international industry leaders It addresses critical cloud application challenges: Speed and accuracy moving apps to Cloud TOSCA captures knowledge to automate rapid implementation and deployment TOSCA spans the entire technology stack and multiple Clouds Agility adapting to change (Business and IT) TOSCA enables holistic lifecycle automation ensuring Integrity, Security and Compliance TOSCA reduces complexity by expressing application requirements independently from infrastructure capabilities Choice of Cloud vendor and technology TOSCA enables flexible deployment and migration on different Clouds while maintaining needed functionality, quality and manageability TOSCA is a recognized OASIS industry standard, aligned with key open source projects (e.g., OpenStack, Cloudify, Eclipse) Deploy to the cloud of your choice AND migrate from one cloud to another with changes in size and shape still maintaining the required Functionality, Qualities of Service, and Manageability updating and transforming the deployment as needed while ensuring Integrity, Security and Compliance Change velocity / agility: (once you have already deployed something), correct error prone activities, knowing changes will work Examples: Change topologies Update components Automate all kinds of changes that are traditionally done manually Members: ASG Software, Axway, CA Technologies, China Internet Network Information Center, Cisco, Citrix, CloudSoft, EMC, FastConnect SAS, Fujitsu, GigaSpaces, Google, HP, Huawei, IBM, NetApp, Nokia, Primeton, Red Hat, SAP, Software AG, VCE, Vnomic , WSO2, Yaana, Zenoss

5 Call to action for the CIO
Business demands greater speed and agility while application complexity increases If you intend to use the Cloud to address these challenges then TOSCA impacts your Technology Strategy! Determine how leveraging TOSCA can benefit YOU Talk to your vendors and platform providers Charter your CTO office to investigate – we can deliver deep dive material

6 Possible TOSCA Storyline (narrative)
Assign the main role to Application Centricity Benefits of TOSCA from an application perspective Extending the view to the underlying infrastructure Advantages of TOSCA being an Open Standard

7 Application Centricity (narrative)
The TOSCA standard is application-centric because in IT, applications are the key to support business processes For compelling benefits applications are moved to Cloud Apps need Automation of key operations to deliver expected services Operations including deployment, update, transformation, migration Enabling agility, accuracy and control Without jeopardizing integrity, security and compliance Abstractions are needed for these operations to Decouple applications from specific infrastructures details Articulate application requirements in a platform neutral way Enable infrastructure environments to understand such application requirements and offer their best matching capabilities Be prepared to provide our definition of application centric Be less technical in last main bullet

8 Some Key Challenges for CTOs
How do I optimize time-to-value for moving apps to Cloud? How do I leverage domain expert knowledge and best practices as cloud applications become more complex? How can I support business dynamics and IT change agility while keeping IT costs balanced? How do I scale to support growing business? How do I keep Development & Operations aligned while optimizing time-to-value and continuous delivery of cloud applications? How do I preserve choice of Cloud vendor, platform and technology?

9 TOSCA models integrate the collective knowledge of application and infrastructure component experts
Application / Service Web Server Tier Database Server Tier Web Server DB Server Web App Database PHP Script Module Containment and Connectivity Concepts Support Composition & Reuse Models can be validated by automation to ensure app-aware, policy-aligned config, deployment and other operational semantics Reusable models extend investments by making composition of more valuable and complex apps from existing app models easy

10 TOSCA enables an eco-system where service providers can Compete and Differentiate to add value to Your Applications Application / Service TOSCA supports automated application requirement to service provider capability matching Application can be portable to any cloud (including hybrids) that meets the app’s requirements Opposite of a “lowest-common denominator” approach Cloud Provider A Cloud Provider B Each cloud provider offers his “best fit” of unique capabilities, features, and services, based on requirements described by the application’s TOSCA Service Template

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