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The Complex Sentence By Shannon Haugstad.

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1 The Complex Sentence By Shannon Haugstad

2 A SENTENCE has a noun, a verb (also called the subject and predicate), and a complete thought.
Example Sentence: I shall haunt you until your dying day. A sentence is also called an Independent clause. Sentence = Independent Clause

3 A complex sentence is made of an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.
A dependent clause CANNOT stand alone as a complete sentence. It HAS a subject and verb, but DOES NOT complete the thought. Examples: When the shadow appeared on the wall. . . If I see blood. . . Although I thought I would like to see a ghost. . .

4 A Dependent Clause frequently begins with a relative pronoun
That . . .which Who. . . Whose. . . whom Examples: 1. The ghost, Whose image I see in this photo, haunted my house. 2. I really think that ghosts are real. 3. The old Hotel, which is reported to be haunted by the Blue Lady, is located in Skykomish, Washington

5 Other Dependent Clauses begin with Subordinating Conjunctions
Here are a few: before, after, when, until, while, because, since, if, unless, provided that, although, though, even though, despite, in spite of

6 Add a Dependent Clause to a simple sentence and you have a COMPLEX sentence!
Examples: 1. When the Zombie was about to strike, I lit him on fire. 2. Although I like movies about zombies, I would not like to meet one in real life! 3. I carry garlic because I believe in Vampires.

7 Beware the Comma! DC,IC ICDC
No comma is needed if a sentence has the independent clause first. If a sentence has the dependent clause first, use a comma.

8 Your Task: Due Thursday 11-14
1. Create Sentences using Vocabulary Unit 5 2. Make each sentence complex (use a dependent clause) the dependent clause 4. Circle the comma (if it is necessary) or Underline the Vocabulary word 6. Write your sentences about any topic you wish as long as it is school appropriate.

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