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Dr. Carolyn Bennett M.P University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine LEADERSHIP Passion & Principles.

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1 Dr. Carolyn Bennett M.P University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine LEADERSHIP Passion & Principles

2 Vision Values Risk taking

3 Never retreat, never apologize, get the thing done and let them howl

4 Florist, Artist Not a manager… dad did that ! 2 things Work hard Value your friends

5 My mother …grandmother Camp.. Patient as Partner … Feminist Theory… Inclusive decision making Parenting the toughest job weve ever done Complexity Theory and Politics for every complex problem, there is a simple solution thats WRONG !! Role as M.P.

6 Fairness natural leadership evident Good and Bad !!! Motivation ??? Expected more of me than I expected of myself… Friendship… Loyalty vs principles…..

7 The toughest job weve ever done Barbara Colorosa Consequences convince me Have a plan !!

8 Empowered patients Effective advocates Engaged citizens

9 Non Quo Sed Quo Modo …. Not what we do, but how Patient as Partner Social Determinants of Health Poverty, Violence, Environment, Shelter, Equity, Education Doctor Multidisciplinary Hospital Community

10 Asking people whats wrong and listening… what do they think it is ? Patient knows their body best As a professional – know what you know, what you dont know, who & when to ask for help Comment on the affect Evidence-based

11 it is a safe rule…. That the best teaching is that taught by the patient himself Aequanamitas

12 Inclusive decision-making Horizontal structures Harvesting solutions from the trenches Good ideas can come from anywhere Attitude …. Good governance Fair Transparent Takes People Seriously

13 First Woman Premier, NWT

14 The worst thing for a physician is to help someone get well and then send them straight back into the situation that made them sick in the first place

15 Politics in Canada has always been the art of making the necessary possible. Peter C. Newman Deciding what s necessary is political

16 Good public policy is developed when the policy-makers can keep in their minds eye the people affected. Jane Jacobs

17 Canadians Patient Advocate Citizen Government Professionals

18 NGOs Professional Organizations Media Electoral Politics

19 Knowing whats best and just doing it ? or Listening and responding….. or Values based, evidence based strategy, education and effectiveness

20 Power is not real. It is an illusion maintained by the belief of the powerless that others hold it. Elizabeth May Leader, Green Party

21 1. Stop talking like victims 2. Stop assuming we all agree 3. Stop underestimating our strength. Michael Ignatieff Three mistakes:

22 Feel our strength. We cant go back to some nostalgic paradise in the past. Michael Ignatieff

23 Underestimating our power. Well- meaning fatalism. What can we do? Michael Ignatieff


25 Education, cheerleading, persuasion, championing, inspiration vs. Control, command, supervision, intimidation

26 No amount of good you can do if you dont care who gets the credit

27 There are 2 groups of people : those that do the work and those who take the credit…… I have always preferred to be in the former group because there is less competition


29 Wisdom … having made all the mistakes but learned from them… A Complex Adaptive System !!

30 For every complex human problem, there is a neat simple solution. It is just that it`s wrong ! H.L.Mencken We must fiercely defend the need for complex solutions for complex problems….. Progressive movements needs much simple language.

31 Simple… following a recipe Complicated… putting a rocket on the moon Complex…. Raising a child

32 It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin

33 The folly of rewarding A while hoping for B


35 The enemy is ourselves: We cant let the desire for perfect get in the way of good. Le mieux est lenemie du bien. Voltaire

36 2 way Friends in all generations Ursula Doris Monique, Judy Lyn McLeod Mary Eberts, Marilou …my age Siobhan Coady, Kirsty Duncan Briony Penn Tricia, Sinead, Vanessa Webb, Chi, Moneen Nasmith

37 Knowledgeable Stakeholders + Committed Politicians = Better Public Policy


39 A politician thinks of the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation James Freeman Clarke

40 Life begets life. Energy begets energy. It is only through spending ones life that one gets rich.

41 Physical and mental energy come from feeling in control of your life, having real choices and being involved with others to find ways of organizing for a change for the better.

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