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Rich Byrne Vice President, The MITRE Corporation

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1 Rich Byrne Vice President, The MITRE Corporation




5 Financial Meltdown Healthcare Crisis

6 2005 2007 2009 2002 2003

7 From Fixed Perfect Requirements (watchmaker) to Adapting Good Enough Requirements (gardener)

8 CPOF TIGR ROVER GMTI Predator Falconview >60% of Army systems in theater arent Programs of Record

9 Composable Capability on Demand (Harmonizing Innovation with Integration) SOA1 SOA3 REST ERP Web2.0 SOA2 ESB TADILJ Nato-Ex ACARS USMTF EPLRS Link-22 JVMF SIGINT OSINT Commercial Cellphones Humans IMINT MASINT APPLICATIONS INFO INFRASTRUCTURE INMARSAT JTRS PRC117 TTNT CTII JTIDS ARC210 NETWORKS SENSORS GeoRSS, SensorXML CoT, UCORE, Ontologies RSS, Mashups, Chat, Office IP Gateways, IPoL, IP Loose Couplers for Global Integration across Groups Continuous and Rapid Local Innovations in Groups

10 Virtualization (A Key Enabler of CCoD) SPEED ISPAN: Deployment from 1-12 wks to 8 hrs WEIGHT TDC: Reduced from 1800 to 600 lbs FOOTPRINT AOC: 60% less machines, 78% less power/HVAC ADAPTABILITY Composable Ops Centers on Demand using App Stores

11 From Bell Curves to Power Laws

12 Blue Force Tracking: What: Friendly Where: 72.31234º... When: 1930Z… Details: www.4thBgd//... Surveillance results: What: ISR data Where: 73º74º... When: 1930Z… Details: www. Direct Fire Mission: What: Hostile Where: 72.558º... When: 1950Z… Details: www. Air Space Deconfliction: What: Reservation Where: 72º, 73º, 74º, When: 1950Z… Details: www.

13 we are using the C2PC adapter for our Scan Eagle UAVs...working extremely well…we want more! S/F, Maj Rob Buzby IMEF Info Management Officer Camp Fallujah Iraq (11/12/04) Pioneer Predator-Link16 Scan Eagle UAV SA JFCOM Cmdr. James M. Joyner, a de facto standard for tactical system integration." (1/06/05)

14 Loose Couplers at Network Level 14 (loose coupler) IPIP (loose coupler) E m a i l T a r g e t i n g E c o m m e r c e S e a r c h e s P a y r o l l A p p l i c a t i o n s ATM S O N E T Ethernet D W M D a t a l i n k s Dial-Up C a b l e M o d e m DSL T e c h n o l o g i e s S O N E T D a t a l i n k s Dial-Up C a b l e M o d e m DSL T e c h n o l o g i e s D W M Ethernet ATM Diverse Local Innovations Above and Below the Convergent IP Loose Coupler Datalink Diversity Application Diversity IP

15 PC + Legacy Radio Radio Driver IP Transport E-mail Chat Imagery SA IP-Based System

16 From Centralized (single failure point) to Decentralized (distributed failure points)

17 17

18 From Protection (they will get in) to Resilience (fight thru attack)

19 Resilient Cyber Solutions (Reversing the Asymmetric Advantage) Assume Attacks Will Succeed & Rebuild VMs Routinely VM physics is very different Constantly Change the Attack Surface from a Million Random Variations Separate Internal/External Networks to Slow Down Massive Data Exfiltration

20 From Short Term Targets (symptoms) to Long Term Targets (underlying diseases)

21 Training Camps Human Capital Fighters and Leaders Technical Expertise Weapons Suppliers Sympathetic Members of Legitimate Govts Financiers and Front Companies Safe Havens Recruitment and Education Internet and Proselytizing Media and Propaganda Ideologically Sympathetic NGOs Facilitators, Smugglers WMD Research and Development

22 SOC (POWER TO THE EDGE) From: Centralized solutions To: Decentralized solutions Uncertainty (FIGHT THRU ATTACK) From: Eliminating uncertainty/risk To: Accepting uncertainty/risk Power Laws (LOOSE COUPLERS) From: Uniform data interop reqts To: 80/20 data interop reqts Deep Security (SMART POWER) From: Short-term symptoms To: Long-term diseases Emergent Behavior (CCoD) From: Perfect, fixed reqts To: Adaptive, good enough reqts

23 CYBER: Taking Back the Initiative in Cyber Asymmetry: Dramatically increase the cost of cyber attacks Mission focus: Use technology for effectiveness, not efficiency Doctrine: Learn to leverage the new physics of cyber (time, space, cost) ACQUISITIONS: Getting Back the Recipe Cost: Maintain continuous competition and evolution of small things Schedule: Build integrate-able components not integrated systems Performance: Fixed perfect reqts become adaptive good enough reqts OPERATIONS: Winning Battles of Complexity Decentralize: Push power to the edge Adapt: Enable warriors to compose new capabilities on demand Focus: Address the long term networks, not just the short term threats

24 The Watchmaker: Everything has its place. Traditional Systems Eng Static: As Is – To Be Views Passive: One Design Choice Uniform: All Parts Are Equal The Gardener: Plant, Fertilize, Weed; Repeat. Enterprise Systems Eng Dynamic: Constant Change Competitive: Crops compete Scale Free: 80-20 Rule

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