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Understanding complex vocabulary Comprehension Toolkit.

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1 Understanding complex vocabulary Comprehension Toolkit

2 Comprehension means understanding. The answers to some questions are easy to find, while the answers to others are more difficult to work out. The best way to understand a text is to ask yourself questions as you read it.

3 Comprehension Toolkit When youre reading, you often come across words that you are unsure of or dont know. You cant always look up the meaning of a word in a dictionary, but you can try to work out its meaning by using clues in the text.

4 Comprehension Toolkit Lets work out the meaning of the red words. Lucas started watching the program on the secrets of the universe, but found it incomprehensible. Instead, he turned his attention to a magazine, and was soon engrossed in an article on the dirty habits of young boys which Lucas found fascinating because it seemed a very good description of himself!

5 Comprehension Toolkit If Lucas found the program on the secrets of the universe incomprehensible and stopped watching it, it could mean that: he found it boring. he found it scary. he couldnt understand it. How do we know which answer is correct? Comprehensible sounds a bit like comprehension, which means understanding, and the prefix in- stands for not. From these clues, we can work out that incomprehensible means cannot be understood.

6 Comprehension Toolkit If Lucas became engrossed in a magazine article, it could mean that he: became disgusted by what he was reading. became interested in what he was reading. was surprised by what he was reading. How do we know which answer is correct? The text tells us that Lucas found the article fascinating, which suggests that he was interested in it.

7 Comprehension Toolkit To fully understand the meaning of a text, you need to know what all of the words in the text mean. Sometimes it is possible to work out the meaning of a word from clues in the text. But to be absolutely sure, its always best to look it up in a dictionary.

8 Comprehension Toolkit

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