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2011 PASBO Conference Stan H. Wisler, CFO Montgomery County Intermediate Unit March 16, 2011.

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1 2011 PASBO Conference Stan H. Wisler, CFO Montgomery County Intermediate Unit March 16, 2011

2 PurposeTopicsOutcome

3 Increase your credibility Build trust Change in thinking Make a difference – foster results

4 Review communication basics Using Word, Excel, PowerPoint Presentation tips

5 Think differently when presenting information Build trust and credibility with constituents, colleagues, and staff

6 Communication Basics Using the Tools Presenting the Package

7 Setting the Stage

8 Remember, its not just what you say that matters - how you say it has an impact as well

9 7% =__________ 38% =__________ 55% = __________ 93% of message is _____________________

10 7% = words 38% = voice 55% = body language 93% of message is body language & tone of voice

11 7% - words you choose 38% - tone of your message 55% - way it is presented

12 Whats the goal – start with the end in mind Keep it simple Use language carefully Avoid jargon Avoid acronyms Avoid red flag words Avoid overly complex words

13 Dont present to impress – check your ego at the door Present for understanding Transparency is golden Goal is to build trust and credibility

14 Remember the KISS rule?

15 15 – 20% dedication 15 – 20% expertise 15 – 20% openness 50% caring Caring and empathy dominate

16 CharacteristicMenWomen Caring & Empathetic Open & Honest Dedicated & Committed Expert & Competent

17 CharacteristicMenWomen Caring & Empathetic Open & Honest Dedicated & Committed Expert & Competent Score: 20 80

18 The Changing Landscape Access to Information Lack of Trust Difficult Decisions Increased Complexity

19 Influence and gain buy-in Inspire and motivate Inform or educate May be a mix of the above

20 Help community understand Assist with decision making Maintain/develop sense of transparency Increased accountability

21 People remember: 20% of what they hear 30% of what they see 50% of what they see and hear PowerPoint can be an effective tool PowerPoint forces you to think about how you organize your material

22 Must agree with premise that helping others understand the issues and rationale is a good thing Put yourself in the audiences shoes Be willing to put yourself out there Boil the subject matter down to its basic components

23 May not agree with your decisions Cant hide – transparency Your perceived importance/expertise

24 Will help determine the format of your information, e.g. PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet, hard copy document

25 What do you want them to do? Agree with your decision? Help them make an informed decision? Relay the information to other stakeholders? Something else? Answering these questions will help to focus your approach

26 Take time to: Research Organize Frame the information (perspective) Review the impact of the decision Help them understand the context Present the options and the rationale for the one being recommended

27 WordExcelPowerPoint

28 Make the recommendation Provide the background Detail the process Provide the supporting detail

29 Keep it short and simple Organize into paragraphs Insert charts Use bulleted lists

30 Limit # of words on one page (7 X 7 rule) Use color (tasteful and business like) Use clip art (appropriate and pleasing) Organize the subject matter/avoid clutter Limit the use of humor/animation/sound Include graphs and charts Provide handouts

31 Your content should be center stage – not the PowerPoint itself – it is a tool to help you emphasize your points – not the focal point It can help you to: Be concise Be interesting Be prepared

32 Legal Requirements: School budgets are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and accounting during the year must also meet these standards. Budgets must be approved by June 30 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, and ending June 30 the subsequent year. Expenditures cannot exceed the budget by function and object during the fiscal year without board approval, and actual total expenditures may not exceed the total budgeted expenditures for the year. Budgetary transfers are presented for the boards consideration no sooner than 90 days after the start of the fiscal year. An annual audit by a CPA is required at year end and single audit requirements must be met. State compliance audits are also performed every two years.

33 Required for General Fund Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) Approved by June 30 Fiscal year – July 1 through June 30 Board approved budget transfers Cannot exceed total budget

34 Annual Local Audit Auditing firm – district appointed Single Audit requirements State compliance audit – every 2 years

35 Include only critical and important information Limit the # of columns and rows Keep it clear and concise Illustrate your point with a graph

36 Ask yourself these basic questions: What am I trying to show? What conclusion do I want them to make? Is a spreadsheet the best way to display the info?

37 Excel Spreadsheet 200809-102010-11 11-12vsbudget Actual BudgetEstimatedBudgetestimatedchange Employee Salaries - admin support2034972001672126272200012202670.1%3.59% Employee Salaries - support staff762356803671737744848327611.8%16.1% Medical Insurance23043310853568735000385000.17.9% Dental Insurance191321022652230024150.05-9% Life Insurance1579429003724007.527%-55.556% Income Protection Insurance227723453510 36854.986%5% Other Group Insurance22718341100009100100009.890%0.0% Social Security165981931717400180002084716%19.8% Employer Retirement102391115213706138111960842%43% Tuition1690550 0%0.0% Unemployment Compensation2293433000350#DIV/0!16.7% Worker's Compensation252224282843294430353.09%7% Purchased Administrative Svcs003002753009.09%0.0% Other Professional Services18091081950180019508.33%0.0% Purchased Property Serv139150484600510052500.02941214%

38 Excel Spreadsheet - revised Object2008-092009-102010-11 2011-12% incr/decr CodeAccount DescriptionActual BudgetEstimatedProposedest vs budbud vs bud 100Employee Salaries - Business Office $ 279,732 $ 268,203 $ 284,364 $ 294,485 $ 303,54311.9%19.7% 200Employee Benefits $ 60,840 $ 77,155 $ 87,548 $ 85,587 $ 99,39011.8%34.7% 300Purchased Professional Services $ 1,809 $ 108 $ 2,250 $ 2,075 $ 2,25017.4%0.0% 400Purchased Property Services $ 1,391 $ 5,048 $ 4,600 $ 5,100 $ 5,2502.9%14.1%

39 Some basic guidelines and dos and donts

40 Use the appropriate tool Start with the end in mind State your objective up front Provide info on all sides of the issue - balanced

41 Remember: You cant sell it outside if you cant sell it inside

42 Dont use charts full of numbers Dont use narrative full of words Avoid glitzy documents that look like a sales pitch

43 Wrap Up

44 Credibility is earned Not hard work alone Sincerity and honesty = earned trust Be honest – if you dont know the answer, say so

45 Do you agree with these concepts? Sharing of your ideas and experiences What are you committed to doing as a result of this presentation?

46 Contact Information: Stan H. Wisler, CFO Montgomery County Intermediate Unit 1605 W. Main Street Norristown, PA 19403 610.755.9304

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