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Complex Analysis Exercise sheet 7 (Avoiding mistakes in Questions 1 & 2)

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1 Complex Analysis Exercise sheet 7 (Avoiding mistakes in Questions 1 & 2)

2 Just to familiarize ourselves with the clicker: Which English indie rock band had a 2007 single entitled Mathematics? 1.Cherry Ghost 2.The Killers 3.Red Hot Chili Peppers 4.Snow Patrol

3 Just to familiarize ourselves with the clicker: Prior to the 2008 redesign, on which British coin can you find a German sentence that translated to English reads I serve? 1.1p coin 2.2p coin 3.5p coin 4.10p coin 5.20p coin 6.50p coin 7.£1 coin 8.£2 coin 9.None

4 The reverse side of the 2p coin:

5 Now, lets start with Question 2:

6 We start with This is 1.true. 2.true, but even more is true. 3.false.

7 Okay, lets be more specific: This is 1.true 2.false

8 Remember: The complex numbers are not ordered! would mean that something like holds which however doesnt make sense!

9 By Cauchys formulae for the derivatives we have: 1.True 2.False

10 If z 0 =0 then 1.True 2.False 3.True, but we can do more

11 Or: 1.True 2.False 3.Not sure what is going on here

12 To finish: Using Cauchys formula for the first derivative, we obtain

13 Now, move on to Here, we cannot use the Cauchy formulae for the derivatives since z 0 is not in the Interior of the contour. But I think 1.This thought is correct. 2.Nonsense!

14 That is because we can use Cauchys Theorem since there is a domain D such that 1.Correct 2.Hold on a minute!

15 Yes, true, but the main point is: and since z 0 is outside the contour we can apply Cauchys Theorem to get 0 for the path integral in question.

16 Now, on to Question 1: Gauss Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Every non-constant polynomial has a zero!

17 Begin of proof? 1.Correct 2.Mistakes in line 1 and 3 3.Mistakes in line 2 and 3 4.Line 3 is false

18 There are two problems: Again, the complex numbers are not ordered, thus do not write (what does infinity mean here anyway?) You cannot bound it that way, see the following real example:

19 Now have a look at this calculation: where R>|z|. Which of the three inequalities are correct?

20 1.None 2.Only the first 3.Only the second 4.Only the third 5.The first and second 6.The first and third 7.The second and third

21 Only the first… Second inequality: One cannot iterate the inverse triangle inequality (at least not in this way)! See For the third inequality, compare

22 Lets thank all the people that contributed their errors in this exercise sheet so that nobody has to do them in the final exam again! (Please, at least, come up with new ones!)

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