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Complex Engineered and Natural Systems

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1 Complex Engineered and Natural Systems
National Science Foundation Directorate for Engineering Adnan Akay and Judy Raper


3 The Urban Water Cycle P ET E RO RO RO I Stormdrains Wells Septic
Interbasin Transfers of Water & Wastewater P Impervious Surfaces Riparian & Upland Forest Patches Stormdrains ET E RO RO RO I Wells Water Table Septic Systems Artificial Channels Rooting Zone Wastewater Conduits Water Supply Pipes Local GW Hyporheic & Parafluvial Zones Regional GW Courtesy of Ken Belt, USFS

4 Complex Engineered and Natural Systems
Definition: Complex, Complexity (adj., n) Consisting of interconnected or interwoven parts; Involved or intricate, as in structure; complicated. Difficult to understand because of intricacy: A whole composed of interconnected or interwoven parts Engineering Complexity -- the condition of being difficult to explain and predict systems behaviors, robust operation of the same. Complexity in Engineered systems Natural systems Interface of engineered and natural systems

5 The Challenge Sources of complexity:
Creation of common principles, unified theories, and methods to design, operate, and protect complex engineered systems. Sources of complexity: Too much information, too many components, too many constraints, too many parameters for consideration to accomplish a particular task Not enough information about essential elements or components of a system or about their interfaces Not enough information about how elements or components will behave under known or unknown conditions that may lead to unintended consequences

6 NSF Role To encourage the community to think about
What is complex system science Fundamental questions related science of complexity Questions related to design, control and management of complexz systems To invest in the development of “science of the complex”

7 NSF Activities A series of workshops on complexity
Considering complexity under three topics Transportation Systems Biological Systems Healthcare Delivery

8 Infrastructure - Transportation

9 Biological Systems

10 Neuromuscular Biomechanics
analysis of dexterous manipulation; characterization of muscle and brain activity; & computational modeling of dexterity CAREER PI: Francisco Valero-Cuevas, Cornell University

11 Healthcare Delivery

12 Functional Neuroimaging of Information Flows within the Brain:
Mechanisms of cognitive processes and brain functions ITR: High-Resolution Cortical Imaging of Brain Electrical Activity. Bin He, U Minnesota

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