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Oracle CEP – OTN ACE Directors Briefing Update

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1 Oracle CEP – OTN ACE Directors Briefing Update
Robin J. Smith, Director of Product Management/Strategy Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP)

2 The following is intended to outline our general product direction
The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 2

3 <Insert Picture Here>
Agenda <Insert Picture Here> Event Processing Concepts, Market Landscape, Industries, Packaging Technology/Business Value Proposition Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Immerse yourselves in Oracle Event-driven Architecture Technology Resources 3

4 What are Event-Driven Applications?
Distributed order orchestration Asset management Need to support one or more of: High volume Continuous streaming Sub-millisecond latency Financial Services Transportation & Logistics Algorithmic trading Telecommunications & Services Manufacturing Disparate sources Time window processing Complex pattern matching ‘Negative Working Capital’ inventory management Proximity/Location Tracking Intrusion detection systems Military asset allocation Utilities & Insurance Public Sector & Military Grid Infrastructure Management Reponses to calamities – earthquake, flooding

5 Why not use existing Technology
Why not use existing Technology? STREAMS: Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP) Streams Continuous input, often in high-volume Time ordered Does not end Impossible to process / analyze in real-time with traditional relational database systems Example: Raw Sensor Event streams, GPS, Market Data Feeds BA BOEING D 77.575 800 :03:02:78 DO DUPONT 41.575 3000 :03:04:12 AA ALCOA INC 20.125 1000 :03:01:55 AXP AMER EXPRESS CO 45.875 500 :03:02:10 C CITIGROUP 34.125 2000 :03:03:05 CAT CATERPILLAR 22.5 600 :03:03:46 Time Event Processing provides a new data management infrastructure to support and analyze Streams in real-time

6 Why not use existing Technology
Why not use existing Technology? In-Memory, Queries: Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP) Event Processing Output Filtering New stream filtered for specific criteria, e.g. stock price > $22 Correlation & Aggregation Scrolling, time-based window metrics, e.g. average # of stock trades in the last hour Pattern Matching Notification of detected event patterns, e.g. price changes A, B and C occurred within 15 minute window CAT CATERPILLAR D 22.5 600 :03:03:46 DO DUPONT 41.575 3000 :03:04:12 AA ALCOA INC 20.125 1000 :03:01:55 AXP AMER EXPRESS CO 45.875 500 :03:02:10 BA BOEING 77.575 800 :03:02:78 EP Example: Stock Trading “W” Pattern Runs In-Memory (not in Database) *** Logic is defined through Continuous Queries on the data Z Y W X minutes 1 9 12 19 6

7 CQL Example - Aggregation
Calculates aggregate values over a sliding 1 second window with output every half second

8 Focus on Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) OSGi Lightweight, Low Latency, Extreme High Throughput, and Java-based Application Solution Container Oracle Complex Event Processor Enriched Streams From any source: data streams, web services, Java, Database Adapters Translate external events/data into java objects for processing EDA Java Application Container Data/Msg. Feeds Processors Set of queries applied to the streams Listeners Handle triggers raised by the processors Events Implemented as JavaBean or Map Data Feed Adapters Process Events (CEP) Listener/SINK: User Code (Plain Java) Shown is a typical EDA Customer implementation Use case showing the need for a high though-put low latency Java Container which had the ability to singularly scale above and beyond 120,000 events (messages)/sec with latencies around 10 ms, with EDA Applications leveraging a collection of industry relevant continuous queries. (The event processor is configured to monitor the incoming data for any one of 200 different stock symbols. Each of these stock symbols is monitored for the following two conditions). Latency measurement is from the adapter EPN node entry point to the execution of the POJO. As competitive vendors, started to highlight more performance numbers at the end of the past year, we formally released a industry Whitepaper in October 2007, which highlights the power and extensibility of this new innovative OSGi based Java container to exceed expectations, reaching event through-put of 1,000,000 with industry leading average low latencies in the microseconds. Aggregate, correlate, filter data Can Handle Unlimited Queries Incoming Data Streams 1M+ Messages/Sec Resulting Data fed to vast business opportunities with Java language Latency Microsecond Latency (Avg.) 8

9 CEP Performance Enhanced by JRockit
JRockit Real-Time Provides High Throughput, Low Latency JVM Included in Oracle CEP install Works with open hardware x86 hardware Addresses the key latency issue with Java Unique non-intrusive tooling to identify latency bottlenecks Extension of the award winning JRockit JVM 9

10 On Standard Commercial Commodity Hardware
Oracle CEP 11g: A Complete Event-Driven Application Infrastructure Solution Platform (COTS) A Mature Complete Deterministic Java EDA focused Development & Deployment Platform for Complex Event Processing 100% JAVA Built on OSGi, Powerfully Extensible, (Best of Breed bundles, WLS- Core) Solves low latency/Extreme through-put demands Implements Event-Driven Architecture Application Model (EPN) Complete Visual Development , Web Platform Management & Monitoring Tools Advanced Rich Formalized CQL- Oracle Complex Event Processing Processor Evolved from years of research by Oracle CEP team Driving Industry Standards in this space – CQL – ANSI SQL Standards SQL-99 Compliant solving complex event analysis Endless Integration Opportunities using AQ, JMS and HTTP Publish/Subscribe Connectivity, Coherence In-Memory Grid, SOA 11g EDN, Event Connect SDK On Standard Commercial Commodity Hardware Event Delivery Network

11 Oracle CEP 11g: A Complete Event-Driven Application Infrastructure Solution Platform
Real Time Business In-sight & Pro-activity Customers Pre-empt, React to, and win competitively addressing immediate Business, Infrastructure Issues Gain Business insight using previously untapped, raw event sources Real Time Business Analyst Oriented Development – BAM Business Users create BAM Dashboards Easily integrate with SOA – Alerts/BI Hot-pluggable world-class integration Low latency Real Time JRockit JVM In-memory Coherence Data Grid Tight SOA portfolio inter-operability Industries First and Only Enterprise Strength, Extreme Performance, Massively Scalable, Highly Available, OSGi™ Event Driven Application Solution Platform

12 Evolution of Oracle Event-Driven Architectures (Mature 3rd Generation Platform)
1992 Database: Oracle DML Triggers 1997 Database: Oracle Advanced Queuing 2002 Database: Oracle Data Streams 2004 Middleware: Oracle Business Activity Monitoring 2006 Middleware: Event-Driven Architecture Suite 2008 Middleware: BEA WebLogic Event Server Oracle CEP 10gR3 Released October 2008 NOW Available: Oracle Event Processing 11g Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), java edition Oracle Complex Event Processor

13 Oracle SOA and Event Technologies
REAL-TIME VISIBILITY & PROCESSING Alerts Business Monitoring BAM Events Data Streams CEP Application Development Framework Enterprise Modeling BPA Suite JDeveloper Business User BPM Suite GOVERNANCE System Monitoring Enterprise Manager UDDI WS Policies Security Web Services Manager Registry SOA lifecycle governance Enterprise Repository Native BPEL Business Rules Human Workflow BPEL Process Manager ORCHESTRATION Routing Transform Data Quality ETL & Replication Data Integrator Oracle Service Bus Mediation ROUTING & DATA SERVICES Apps Adapters B2B Partners DB Legacy CONNECTIVITY Coherence Cache J2EE Application Server (Oracle AS, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss) Messaging JRockit VM & RT 13 13 13 13 13

14 Oracle EDA Suite Complete Suite for Industrial Event Processing
Socket Routing Transform Data Quality ETL & Replication Data Integrator Oracle Service Bus Mediation Alerts Business Monitoring BAM DB File Business Rules J2EE Application Server (Oracle AS, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss) Industry Specific JMS JRockit RT Adapters Event Feeds Data Streams Java-based Event Server CEP REAL-TIME VISIBILITY & PROCESSING ROUTING & DATA SERVICES CONNECTIVITY ENTERPRISE PERFORMANCE & SCALABILITY JRockit VM Coherence 14 14 14 14

15 CEP Market Landscape Flurry of M&A activity Progress bought Apama
Aleri bought Coral8 IBM previously acquired Aptsoft Microsoft Technical Preview – SQL Server Streamsight Lanched Informatica Acquires Agent Logic Mature - Oracle Complex Event Processing 11gR1 Released (July 2009) Gartner predicts huge growth area and other Industry analysts focusing on CEP CEP space will evolve & consolidate around major vendors Oracle has mature offering available today IBM will merge various acquisitions into in-house “System S” product, ETA 2010 Microsoft also planning to debut new product, ETA 2010 Oracle Key Enabler for “Event-Driven SOA” “Event Driven Networks” - Focal area for Oracle SOA Suite 11g AT Oracle we see now the CEP vendor space is Imploding. We agree with the Analysts and industry experts that the market for delivering complex event processing solutions is a huge growth area and IT is evolving toward more EDA platform based solution architectures. The “pure play” CEP companies are joining forces and consolidating in an attempt to compete with the major vendors who are extremely well equipped with complete SOA and EDA combined middleware infrastructure. This strategy for us is called Event-driven SOA. Over the next few coming years we suspect that a further consolidation will emerge around the major vendors, with Oracle already now providing the most complete, performant, scalable and mature offering today on Standard Commercial Commodity Hardware. 15

16 CEP Market Landscape Not only do we predict a trend towards complex event processing solutions but various reputable media outlets around the world are now also promoting the value of this technology. 16

17 EDA/CEP Customer Use Cases
Real Time Environmental Air Pollution/Traffic Flow Real Time Systems Management & Fault mitigation, Real Time Manufacturing Production line monitoring Border Security, Transportation Logistics, Roadways Toll Management Systems, Embedded Automotive Telematics Real Time Online Fraud Detection Smart Meters/Grid Realtime Slot Machine Usage “persuasion” Intelligent Cable Set-Top Management Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing Emergency Services Real Time Location Proximity Tracking Partners – OCEP Performance Tools, OCEP Adapters, EDA Packaged Vertical Industry Solutions

18 CEP Integration with Oracle Vertical Solutions
Press Release Oracle Financial Services Software Announces New Release of Oracle® Mantas Fraud Release Strengthens Fraud Detection to Help Financial Institutions Defend Against Increasingly Sophisticated and Globalized Financial Crime Schemes Redwood Shores, CA – September 1, 2009 Real-time payments and online fraud detection capabilities through integration with Oracle Adaptive Access Manager and Oracle Complex Event Processing Use Cases Real Time Environmental Air Pollution/Traffic Flow This has evolved from an Academic University project to a government sponsor commercial product, which provides special in-expensive sensors connected in various locations around UK/Italian cities to traffic posts/street lighting. These sensors collect air emissions from traffic (CO2) and traffic movement data which is passed to OCEP for immediate analysis, which is recorded on a real time dashboard and allows for the future dynamic manipulation of traffic signals and other automotive devices (such as car telematics) to alleviate congestion and reduce the poor air conditions. Real Time Systems management & fault mitigation (used across most industries) Customers who need their entire system infrastructure online and running at optimum performance (such as some major online retail Customers) see a need for OCEP to collect and analyze events occurring from all event enabled system artifacts, such as SNMP traps indicating hardware status, Operating system warning and error events (log “tailing”), middleware infrastructure events, such as those from EDN, ESB and even events triggered directly from the executing critical Applications. These can all be filtered, aggregated, correlated and causality determined by OCEP to proactively ensure system viability, perhaps if HW is issuing known errors, which proceed a typical major shutdown scenario, then application load can be redirected to other stable processors. Border Security , Transportation Logistics We see many use cases with vendors who produce drone tracking sensors, facial and resource imaging technologies and who want to leverage OCEP to take the feeds from these devices and from many other event sources (such as GPS from surveillance vehicles, weather and terrain conditions, persisted alien historical tends) analyze in real time, and initiate immediate response systems. Government entities, such as Immigration agencies around the world are seeking to improve their real time insight and automated visibility with such CEP solutions. Transportation companies can leverage similar solutions with GPS and satellite feeds to monitor truck and car movements, improving “ONSTAR” types of solutions with far more personalized capabilities. Location of Cargo ships (GPS) with real time monitoring of the condition of each individual container and the goods within (temperature and humidity sensors etc). In the airline industry, real time passenger flow through the airport is another use case, where OCEP can directly interact with the available movement flow resources such as slowing down or speeding up the “travelators”, controling movements around the immigration areas or increasing revenue by retaining customers for a certain amount of time in the duty free areas. “NOT” event tracking for lost bags is an OCEP use case, where using potentially, RFID tagging, bags can be monitored from the check-in counters right up to the containers on the plane and when one goes missing (i.e an event does not happen within a specific time period) then OCEP can be used to trigger downstream BPM/BAM systems. Dynamic Aircraft Maintenance. The US airforce indicated an OCEP use case for analyzing event data directly from their fighter jets as soon as they land, together with historical trending data, to determine the flight readiness for the next mission. The OCEP team is also working with Meiter on a US Airforce NDA use case around real time terrorist movements and response. RealTime Slot machine usage “persuasion” Largest Slot machine manufacturer in Reno, had a use case to ‘encourage” gamblers to stay playing a slot machine (losing money) with real time available concessional offers. It will use OCEP to monitor the play of a user, determine loss levels and monitor immediately available facilities to offer, for example, a discounted meal in the nearby restaurant in 20 minutes or a free room if play continues for 1 more hour etc. Real Time Online Fraud (Financial) Many use cases for banks/credit card companies to augment existing solutions with analysis of real time fraudulent activities, identifying common criminal event patterns and anticipating trends prior to successive attempts. The Oracle Mantas team is working on an integrated solution in this space. Smart Meters Utility companies around the world (Sempra, PG&E, Finland Power) have now identified OCEP as the technology to effectively manage the new world of Smart Meters and the associate power grid. In house, these smart meters are “event” devices and can provide a wealth of consumption data which can be used together with other power event data (such as sub-station utilizations). As load on sub-stations increases, the technology is now available to “influence” individual meters to reduce home consumption levels. Customers agree to this capability with reduced power cost incentives. Roadways Toll management Systems Roadway toll companies want to use OCEP to effectively manage and charge for car/truck usage dynamically for only the amount of road used. A use case in Australia, indicated that exit points on a particular toll road did not have toll charging gates, so they wanted to use the “NOT” event features or OCEP to identify that a tracked car has passed one location but did not pass a subsequent location within a specific time period (the assumption is the car departed the toll road or had a breakdown (which could trigger another action by the toll management company). Intelligent cable box Management (Telco) Several companies supporting AT&T and other cable companies, had use cases where their cable boxes for each household provided event data. This data indicated not only, BOX ON, BOX OFF, but the viewing trends which would be analyzed by OCEP to offer addition services and preempt tampering scenarios. Currency Exchange, Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing (Financial) Almost unlimited use cases coming from the financial services world. Real Time stock trading is an obvious one, where we are told that milliseconds matter! One trading company said “if I can save 1 millisecond a year it is worth $100M to us!” Smart order routing uses OCEP to determine the best worldwide financial market to trade from a specific customers order book. It uses a complex collection of “strategies” which not only indicates “SELL/BUY/Price levels/market SLA’s” but is also impacted by the actual real time latencies from the markets. Complex event processing isn't just for trading equities. It delivers a new FX Trading solution for foreign exchange. Complex event processing (CEP) has long been the domain of algorithmic trading on the equity side of the business. Thanks to a maturing platform for handling the vast stores of market data inside a trading firm, CEP is entering foreign exchange (FX) with a laser-like focus. In May of this year, electronic FX trading platform FXall released a new trading platform for its active trading clients to take advantage of algorithmic FX trading. With the new FXall Trading platform, the firm will offer services to more than 800 global financial institutions that trade daily on FXall, which had $15 trillion in annual volume last year. With the release of its new FXall Trading solution, customers can now find a vibrant CEP engine under the hood. See more….. Real Time Manufacturing Production line monitoring Customer like Dell, HP and Seagate have purchased or are evaluating OCEP to be used with there manufacturing line devices to identify issues and provide immediate alerting to upstream devices or processes. Emergency Services Real Time Location Proximity Tracking When a fire emergency happens it is mission critical that many complex event scenarios happen instantly and at the same time. This demonstration shows how an Oracle Complex Event processing solution isolates the fire location and immediately creates boundary areas around the incident, based on several complex criteria’s, such as the geography of the area (whether next to a river or on a hillside etc) and the density of the population. In parallel, the solution identifies the fire resources, via GPS (Global Positioning Systems) that are in the vicinity and are best equipped to deal with the particular type of emergency (is the fire causing poisonous gases, or is the fire in a steep location requiring tall ladders etc) and invokes the require processes to expedite those resources movements. While Oracle Complex Event Processing is executing these tasks in the background, it also communicates instantly with a lightweight Monitoring Dashboard, which is constantly updated, driven by the generated resource events showing the actual location of each resources and whether it is transgressing the boundary areas, indicated by the status of, IN, NEAR or IN VOID (very close to the incident). Other Use Cases (Telco, Retail) Using the GPS tracking capabilities of OCEP, Telco vendors working together with certain retail outlets (Sears, Target etc), can offer a service that would give customer incentives if traveling close to a specific store by offering “15/30” minute opportunities to purchase their favorite goods at a lower price. Using OCEP real time analysis for monitoring store temperatures and ensuring customer comfort and ensuring specific goods in certain location around the store do not “spoil”.

19 Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Immerse yourselves in Oracle Event-driven Architecture Technology
Related Sessions Related Demos Related Labs S308677: Oracle Complex Event Processing Design Patterns Hilton Hotel, Franciscan A/B Sunday, Oct. 11: 2:30 PM S308688: Oracle Business Activity Monitoring and Oracle Complex Event Processing: Best Practices for EDA Marriott Hotel, Golden Gate B3 Monday, Oct. 12: 5:30 PM S311920: Protecting your business in tough Economic Times (CEP & MANTAS) Westin Market Street Hotel, Olympic Tuesday, Oct. 13: 11:30 AM 2622: Oracle Complex Event Processing Oracle Complex Event Processing, a foundational product of the Oracle Event-Driven Architecture strategy, enables event-driven SOA for the real-time enterprise by providing tools to build, deploy, and manage event-driven applications. This demo highlights the product's capabilities through several vertical industry examples, including front-office event-driven applications and event-driven SOA implementations. S311678: Building Event-Driven Architecture Applications with Oracle CEP Hilton Hotel, Continental Ballroom 5  (2 sessions) Monday, Oct. 12: 10:15 AM Tuesday, Oct. 13: 1:00 PM CAB break-out Session for EDA – Short future looking presentation & Customer Survey Solution Spotlight Theater Session – Showcase Primary Pavilion Demonstration (Advanced Retail Selling Powered by CEP) 19

20 <Insert Picture Here>
Resources <Insert Picture Here> People Primary PM: Robin J. Smith Other Knowledgeable SOA PMs: Lloyd Williams, Payal Srivastava, Peter Belknap, Clemens Utschig-Utschig Development: Shailendra Mishra, Eric Hsiao, John Huston, Thomas Cook A Q & Links (CEP internal PM site) ( public) ( public) (OTN public) Oracle University Intensive Customer Technical Course available September 2009 20

21 Competitive – Internal
Real Time Decisions – Siebel Targeted at CRM – Customer Relationship Management Market Does not address STREAMS, but SOA pub/sub type messages Uses a Rules based engine so needs well formed Business Objects to provide analysis Can not perform the event pattern matching It was built on legacy J2EE infrastructure, so be definition relatively slow “Whats in a Name” Real Time?, I suspect that means seconds not micro-seconds for any large number of messages Competitive – External APAMA – Not an EDA development/deployment (container) Platform, Parallel processing issues as no multi-threading capabilities (Not OSGi) - Can not come close to Oracle in terms of Product portfolio Integration possibilities Focused on FSi with a nice array of FSi related Event Source Adapters, Built an array of customers as it has been in the market for several years with little to no competition TIBCO Effectively an “Event” solution built on a ESB, so relatively slow Can not come close to Oracle in terms of Product portfolio Integration possibilities

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