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Keith J. Abate Sr. – Perpetuum Director of Business Development

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1 Vibration Energy Harvesting: Perpetual Power for Emerson Wireless Transmitters
Keith J. Abate Sr. – Perpetuum Director of Business Development Session:

2 Presenters Keith Abate Dan Crainer Tim Bonnin

3 Introduction Vibration Energy Harvesting for Wireless Automation
Topics to be Covered: Construction, Operation, Performance, Usage Why use an Energy Harvester Market Segments and Applications Maintenance Logistics and Costs of “Battery Only” Solutions Vibration Energy Harvesters & Emerson Wireless Transmitters Transmitter Performance With and Without Energy Harvesters Site Walk Down & Installation Current Field Trials Topics presented will provide an understanding of the issues and costs associated with “battery only” powered wireless transmitters and how Vibration Energy Harvesters can eliminate or minimize these barriers.

4 The Evolution of Power for Wireless Monitoring and Automation
Vibration Energy Harvesting The Evolution of Power for Wireless Monitoring and Automation Vibration Energy Harvesters convert vibration to electrical energy providing perpetual power for Industrial Wireless Sensor Nodes (WSN)

5 VEH Construction & Operation
Electromagnetic VEH Construction: Magnets, Coils & Springs Power management Temperature compensation Vibration moves magnet across a fixed coil. AC current is generated according to Faraday's Law. AC current rectified to DC output. MAGNET COIL SPRING VIBRATION CASE

6 Robust and Reliable

7 Core Product Description
Vibration Energy Harvester Electromagnetic – Coils & Magnets Industrially robust & reliable Hazardous Area Certified Full Temp. Compensation -40C to +85C With or W/O internal energy storage

8 Detailed Product Description
20mW max Power output 4mA max current output ~ .3mA output with 0.025g vibration level Current drive independent of load voltage 316L stainless steel, hermetically sealed case ATEX, IECEx, FM, CFM certified. Class1 Div1. -40C to +85C Temperature Operation Standard IEC connector interface

9 Why Use a Vibration Harvester?
Battery (D Cell) Vibration Energy Harvester Life Cycle ~4 years Indefinite Start of Life Uncertainty 1-3 years None Maintenance Difficult to Predict None Needed Calculations based on: * Single Lithium Thionyl Chloride Cell battery with 19,000 mA-hour capacity. * 7.2V Average Transmitter Power Draw.

10 Market Segments & Applications
Industrial Oil & Gas Power Generation Chemicals Paper & Pulp Water / Waste water Process Monitoring Equipment Health Transportation Rail Wheel bearing monitoring Cargo Security HazMat

11 Cost of Changing Batteries
Cost of Changing Power Moduales for Deployed WSN's: Battery (Time): Identify & locate 30 (Time): Paperwork & Logistics (Time): Pull repair stock items 15 (Time): Traveling to & locating, devices (Time): Change time per Power Module 5 (Time): Number of Power Modules to change 1 (Time): Added travel time for multiple WSNs (5 mins/ea) (Time): Power Module Change time - Total (Time): Return & Verify operation 40 (Time): Disposal of old batteries (Time): Total Time in minutes 165 (Cost): Burdened hourly labor rate $100 (Cost): Hourly Rate Cost $275.00 (Cost): Consumables / Other costs $15.00 (Cost): Replacements $150.00 (Cost): Inventory cost of spares $45.00 (Cost): Lost Labor Productivity $68.75 Total Costs $553.75 Simple Case

12 Wireless Sensors Networks can not scale using batteries alone
Cost of Scale Wireless Sensors Networks can not scale using batteries alone Battery Only VEH Augmented Power

13 Staggered Battery Life Disruption
At $500- $1000+ Per Battery Change!

14 Battery Only Powered Transmitter
Transmit Data Control Panel Processing Costly, Disruptive and Unnecessary Maintenance Logistics Ahead Wireless Transmitter Battery Power Measurement

15 VEH Assisted Transmitter
Control Panel Fit & Forget

16 Harvester Enabled Power Module
Intelligent Power Management Key features: Same form factor and capability as current Emerson Smart Power Module Flexibility to add harvester benefits anytime Harvester Power Module provides same capability as current Emerson Smart Power Module but does not need to be changed

17 Interface to Wireless Transmitter
3 5 1 4 2

18 Battery Life – No Harvester
Battery Life Reduces Rapidly as Update Rate Increases

19 Impact of Using Harvesters
No battery changes needed for 4 sec Update Rates Battery life increases from 1 to sec Update Rates Dramatic Improvements using Energy Harvesters

20 Business Case per Node (4 sec)
Saving of $1870 over 10 years (per node)

21 Business Case per Node (2 sec)
Saving of $2870 over 10 years (per node)

22 Perpetual Power for Wireless

23 End-User Field Trials - Oxea

24 End-User Field Trials – Dan Crainer & Oxea
Puffer-Sweiven account manager for Fisher Controls products at Oxea, Bay City Location. Oxea operations: Oxea Chemicals, Bay City Site is the largest production facility in North America. The site produces wide range of Oxo intermediates and derivative products. Emerson Wireless at Oxea: Oxea has installed Emerson Wireless products in one production unit and has several additional projects in different stages of execution. Vibration Energy Harvester – Value Proposition: The “Vibration Energy Harvester” allows for use of wireless field instruments with lower cost power supply than standard Emerson power module. Benefits Alternate power options vs. batteries only Faster update rates while minimizing/eliminating battery changes Reduced overall maintenance logistics & costs

25 Pictures and Field Trial Overview

26 Sherri Law Senior Instrument & Electrical Engineer - Oxea
Oxea Quotes: “Vibration Energy Harvesting offers Oxea a cost effective way to utilize the fastest update rates available on any wireless instrument we choose without the costs and maintenance logistics of frequent battery replacements. This is an obvious aid in process optimization and we see it as the next step towards wireless control”. “Low maintenance costs are critical to the operations of a small facility with limited resources. Vibration Energy Harvesting is seen as a means to reduce maintenance costs due to fewer battery replacements, reduction in stock and lower battery disposal costs. These benefits will also increase as we consider new uses for wireless devices in more remote plant locations”. Sherri Law Senior Instrument & Electrical Engineer - Oxea

27 End-User Field Trials - Firestone

28 End-User Field Trials – Tim Bonnin & Firestone Polymer
Senior Instrument Representative; Beaumont, TX Firestone Polymer operations: Firestone Polymers supplies synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomers and impact modifiers to rubber, plastics, adhesive and asphalt markets around the world Emerson Wireless at Firestone Polymer Firestone was an early adapter of Wireless HART. They have employed WiHart devices throughout the plant and continue to look to wireless instruments as reliable and inexpensive monitoring solutions Vibration Energy Harvester – Value Proposition The Vibration Energy Harvesters have performed exactly as advertised. The Harvesters has been a welcomed addition to the wireless network that is established at Firestone and gives greater confidence that signal loss due to power interruption will not be a problem. Faster update rates while minimizing/eliminating battery changes is a huge positive for Firestone. The use of the Vibration Energy Harvester should result in reduced overall maintenance logistics and costs

29 Pictures and Field Trial Overview

30 Firestone Polymer Quotes:
“Firestone Polymers has benefited from being one of the facilities chosen to host the beta testing of Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvesters”.  “We have learned that the concept is useful in more ways than one”. “The cost savings that are realized by eliminating the continued purchase and replacement of batteries for wireless instruments”. “Harvesting technology can lead to an even greater reduction in cost for the prioritized wireless instruments in our facility. These instruments require the fastest update rates”. “Fast update rates drastically reduce battery life, it would be prudent to target these wireless instruments as a first justification toward putting this technology to work for our benefit”. Christopher Julian Senior Instrument & Electrical Engineer - Firestone Polymer

31 Key Points Business Case: Maintenance: Impact on Battery Life:
Overloaded and diminishing available skilled resources Batteries present disruptive & unnecessary maintenance logistics VEH can minimize or eliminate disruptive logistics Impact on Battery Life: Emerson 3051S: (Wireless Transmitter with Greatest Power Profile) Battery changes 4 sec Update Rate for life of equipment Battery life increased from 1 to sec Update Rate Business Case: Close to pay back on 1st avoided battery change (on easy assets) Pay back on 1st avoided change on more difficult assets

32 VEH connected to multi-meter
Installation Simple Site Walk Down Logistics Use Power Puck to determine optimal VEH Frequency Unit. Measure the current with a multi-meter to verify the exact current that will be supplied to transmitter when connected to VEH. VEH connected to multi-meter Power Puck

33 Installation Overview
Find suitable asset to harvest from. (Power Puck) Attach VEH to Transmitter Power Module. Install wireless transmitter. Power transmitter - connect to gateway & network. Collect & Transmit PV’s / QV’s at up to maximum data rates. Eliminate/Minimize battery change maintenance logistics >10 yrs.

34 Summary Unplanned maintenance is disruptive and costly
Unnecessary maintenance is just bad business Energy Harvester Payback ~ Cost of One Battery Change How many Batteries are you planning to change?

35 Perpetual Power Solutions for Wireless Monitoring & Automation
Vibration Energy Harvesting Perpetual Power Solutions for Wireless Monitoring & Automation Who’s Harvesting Your Success?

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