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BCA Click to continue Click to begin…. Any member of staff from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Blackpool or NHS North Lancashire.

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1 BCA Click to continue Click to begin…

2 Any member of staff from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Blackpool or NHS North Lancashire. Students on placement at Victoria Hospital. Click to continue

3 The aim of this induction is to help you make the most from your library service by telling you about… A Access B Borrowing, resources, Enquiries C Courses, current awareness & other services Click to continue

4 A Know about how to access the library service, how to become a member, making enquiries, about our opening times and how to get 24hour access. You will also know how to buy credit for and use the printing/ photocopying facilities. B You will understand your borrowing rights and about loan periods and fines. You will learn about the options for renewing and returning your items. You will also learn about other resources such as online journals and how to access them with an Athens username and password. C You will be aware of the courses that the library offers and other services such as literature searching, document supply and current awareness services. Click to continue

5 The induction takes the form of a presentation that you can work through at your own pace. Optional tasks are included as you make your way through the material. In places you will be directed away from the presentation for example to view a website. The induction will take anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or you are having difficulty viewing this presentation you can contact the library staff on 01253 303831. Click to start the course

6 Where are we? The Library is located in the Education Centre at Victoria Hospital Click to continue

7 Library Opening Times: Monday – Thursday 8:30am to 6pm Friday8:30am to 5pm Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays 24 HOUR ACCESS IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR LIBRARY MEMBERS WITH YOUR TRUST ID BADGE. ASK LIBRARY STAFF FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO ACTIVATE YOUR BADGE. Click to continue


9 There are several ways to contact the library: By email to By phone to 01253 303831 In person by coming to the library and speaking to any member of the library team. Click to continue

10 Your borrowing rights: You can borrow up to 10 books at any one time All items are 4 week loans Items can be renewed a maximum of 3 times (unless someone else has requested the item) You can renew your items either by bringing them into the library or by phoning/ emailing so long as they are not overdue. Items must be returned to the library either to a member of staff during open times or by dropping them off in the book bin located just inside the library when we closed. Click to continue

11 Finding the books you want: You can search the library catalogue either within the library or online from a PC on the Trust network by following the link from the Library Services Webpage. The catalogue will tell you if the library holds a particular item, where it is located within the library and whether or not it is currently available. Optional task: To have a look at the library catalogue now click here, otherwise click to continue with your library induction. click here Click to continue

12 What happens when my books are overdue? Overdue items are charged at 10p per item per day. The library will send out overdue reminders by email or post. After your third reminder you will be sent an invoice for the replacement cost of the Items. Click to continue

13 There are 12 open access pcs in the library that you can use, you will need a personal username and password that can be obtained from the IT Department. If you have a laptop you can use the wireless network from within the library. More information including the password can be obtained from the library staff. Click to continue

14 Printing/ Photocopying credit can be purchased from the library enquiry desk. Charges for printing : B&W 5p per A4 B&W10p per A3 Colour25p per A4 Ask library staff for instructions on how to print or see the PC guides located near the computers. Click to continue

15 There are a large number of resources available online including books, journals and databases, however you will need an NHS Athens username and password to access them. TASK: If you do not have an Athens password you will need to register. Complete the online form, you will then receive an email and you need to follow the instructions to activate your account. Please note that the email may not come through immediately. Click here to register for Athens Click to continue

16 MEDLINE is a vast source of medical information, covering the whole field of medicine including dentistry, veterinary medicine and medical psychology. DATABASES INCLUDE… EMBASE provides current and comprehensive information on drugs and pharmacology, and all other aspects of human medicine and related disciplines. British Nursing Index comprises over 250 of the most popular and important journal sources in the nursing and midwifery fields. CINAHL covers all aspects of nursing and allied health disciplines. Allied and Complementary Medicine is a unique database covering the fields of complementary or alternative medicine. HMIC - The Health Management Information Consortium database is a compilation of data from two sources, the Department of Health's Library and Information Services and Kings Fund Information and Library Service. The PsycINFO database provides extensive international coverage of the literature on psychology and allied fields. Remember you will need your NHS Athens username and password to access them!! Click to continue To access these databases go to: and click on the Databases link. (Optional)

17 Once you have your Athens password you will have access to hundreds of online journals. You can access them either by going to the library webpage and clicking on the A-Z List, or by going to : and clicking on the journals link. Remember, you will need to sign in with your Athens username and password to be able to access full text articles and see the complete list of journals available. Optional Task : Have a look now at the list of journals available. Click here to go to the A-Z list or click continue to carry on with your Library induction. Click here Click to continue

18 Your Athens password will also give you access to a large collection of e-books including many of the Oxford Handbooks. To access these e-books go to and click on the journals and databases link, and then the e-books You will need to log in with your Athens username and password to access these books. Optional task : Have a look at the e-books that are available by clicking here, remember you will need your Athens password. clicking here Click to continue

19 The library offers a number of training courses to help you make the most of the resources available to you. A complete list of the courses on offer can be found on the Library webpage under Information Skills Training along with available dates. To book onto any of these courses please either complete the form or contact the library. Courses include: Introduction to Health Resources on the Internet Accessing the Electronic Books and Journals Searching the Healthcare Databases Evidence Based Healthcare Resources The Cochrane Library of Databases NHS Evidence Click to continue To see the Library Training page click here

20 A literature searching service is provided to answer clinical questions related to patient care and questions that have arisen in the clinical setting. The service can also undertake comprehensive literature searches of a complex nature across several databases to provide good quality evidence-based information to support research, guideline and care pathway development, audit and policy documentation. Are you doing a research project? Are you looking for evidence to improve patient care? Are you working on a care pathway or guideline? Click to continue

21 You can request a literature search either by completing the form that can be found on the Library webpage (click here) under literature searching or by contacting the Clinical Librarian, Michael Reid on ext 3338, or by email to michael.reid@bfwhospitals.nhs.ukclick here Click to continue

22 The Library has a number of ways to help you keep up to date with research/ literature and with the Library itself. Email Alerts: Newsletters and journal content pages sent straight to your inbox from your chosen journals and organisations Online Newsletter: Latest health news: click here to view the newsletterclick here Newsletters including whats new in the library and more research needed that highlights areas for possible research. Available on the Library webpage Click to continue

23 For more information about any of our current awareness services or to sign up for alerts please contact Laura Sims, Assistant Librarian either by email to or by phone to ext Click to continue

24 Fiction books & DVDs Self- help books General interest books All available for you to borrow Click to continue

25 Other services that the Library offers include: Document Supply: Order copies of journal articles Inter-Library Loans: Borrow books from other libraries Laminating and Binding services Click to continue

26 You should now know everything you need to know about your Library Service. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact the library staff and we will be happy to help. Thank you. 01253 303831

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