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2013 March Madness. Bracketology: Secret Formula.

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1 2013 March Madness

2 Bracketology: Secret Formula

3 Wifes Picks Wichita State (Shockers) vs Gonzaga (Bulldogs) Wichita is gonna shock the nation Florida Gulf Coast University (Eagles) vs Georgetown (Hoyas) What the heck is a Hoya, Eagles will soar

4 Spokane Conservation District Non-Point Source Pollution Project Implementation Walt Edelen, Water Resources Program Manager


6 Technical Assistance BMPs/cost-share Funding Free site assessments and consultations Workshops/trainings Volunteers Demonstration projects Publications and brochures Peer to Peer assistance

7 Livestock BMP Projects Riparian Fence (3) -2500 Roof Runoff Structures (5) Heavy Use Areas (5) Off Creek Water Facility (3) Waste Storage Facilities – Static (4) – Aerated (4) Sub Surface Drainage (3) – 1100 $60,000 in cost share



10 Before After

11 Shoreline Restoration Hangman Creek -1600 Newman Lake – 150 Lake Spokane – 120

12 2009 2012 Hangman Project 1600 of streambank STEPL Model N Reduction of 4497 lb/yr P Reduction of 1042 lb/yr Sediment reduction of 559 t/yr

13 Newman Lake Shoreline Project 150 of shoreline protection Bio-technical design Wave attenuation Volunteers

14 2011 2013 Lake Spokane 120 of shoreline Bulkhead removal Shoreline naturalized

15 On-Site Septic System Program Many systems before 1974 standards Thousands of OSS threaten groundwater Costs to replace can be approximately $15K NEW Program! Provide low interest loans for – Repair, Replacement, Connections – Available in fall of 2013

16 Agricultural BMPs – Direct Seed Improves soil tilth Reduces soil erosion Improves water quality Improves air quality Moisture savings Economic benefits

17 Direct Seed Loan Program Low interest loan program (equipment) 17 counties in WA and ID Mentor program available Assessing acres in program Assessing impact to region and counties

18 Hangman Creek AWEP Program $1.2 Million (Special EQIP Program) 2010 - 2015 PracticeNRCS CodeAcres/ft Cons. Tillage (Direct seed, Mulch Till)329, 3452700/5080 Nutrient Mgt.5906,500 Filter strips3933 Critical area planting3428 Riparian Fencing3821,300 Water and Sediment Control Basin6381 Grassed Waterway4127 Integrated Pest Management5954,098

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