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Support Advantage – Overview

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1 Support Advantage – Overview
August 10, 2011

2 Support Advantage Features Overview
All Support Advantage Offers: Global offer with consistent policies Simplified per license/server/gateway pricing Expanded and flexible software upgrade subscription, Upgrade Advantage, available with Essential or Preferred Build support coverage with additional Onsite and Terminal Replacement options with either Essential or Preferred Preferred Support has all Essential entitlements plus includes monitoring and quicker response Required minimum level of support: Essential Support and Parts Next Business Day 6 month transitional period for parts* Upgrade Advantage Advanced Services Options Onsite Parts Preferred Requires Parts Now, let’s take a quick look at the Support Advantage offers and features. If you start with the graphic on the right and you look at the bottom box in red, called Essential Support, that is the required minimum attach with Support Advantage. Essential Support includes 24x7 remote hardware and software support with Parts Next Business Day. Essential Support is also available in a co-delivery model for certified partners under the Avaya Connect joint service delivery program. Preferred Support is also an option for remote support that includes all Essential entitlements plus monitoring and a much quicker response and resolution time. Above that, we have Onsite Support, which is available with both Essential and Preferred and includes parts. This offer features an Avaya technician providing onsite services at a customer location. Terminal Replacement parts are available as a separate additional option with all Support Advantage offers, but it does require Parts Next Business Day or Onsite support. Looking at our Advanced Services offer, we currently provide many optional services such as, Remote Backup Administration, Enhanced Monitoring, SPOC, and Software Release Maintenance (among others). We will be bringing all of these offers with Support Advantage in a license/server/gateway model. Finally, Upgrade Advantage, available with all Support Advantage offers, is the most economical way to have access to our software subscriptions and major releases. Support Advantage provides globally consistent offers with consistent policies and they are priced in a license/server/gateway model. Recommended Package Essential Requires Parts * Does not apply to CALA and APAC Minimum required attach

3 New Enterprise Products
Eligible Avaya Enterprise Products Support Advantage GA New Enterprise Products All Software Support Eligible Products (examples): Communication Manager 5.0 + Modular Messaging 3.1+ Call Center 5.0+ Other Solutions covered under Software Support New Product Releases Check for applicable products at: 3 3

4 Flexibility & Simplicity
Enhancing Customer Value through Support Advantage Flexibility & Simplicity Immediacy Immediacy Globally consistent remote hardware and software support included in all support offers Simple pricing and invoicing 24x7 access to web resources and remote technical support Menu of service offers aligned with customer needs Experience award-winning services and support - recognized by 13 separate industry awards Co-termination of contracts at system level Synchronized billing for multi-year coverage* With Preferred Support: Up to 85% faster response times via web ticketing Proactive alert of alarms related to PSTN facilities Monitoring and proactive issue resolution with EXPERT SystemsSM High-speed secure connectivity with centralized management 99% resolution of system generated alarms without dispatch 20% average faster resolution Now, let’s examine how Support Advantage is delivering more value and capabilities than previous maintenance offers. Flexible Simplicity We’ve simplified our support model to include 24x7 remote hardware and software support and access to extensive web resources. This new holistic model is globally consistent across all theaters and all channels, and includes Parts Next Business Day, access to our Intellectual Property (IP). We’ve also simplified our pricing methodology, now based on per license/server/gateway. Support Advantage is designed to be flexible and modular allowing you to choose the support level needed for your business. You can choose your base support and add on additional services such as Onsite, Terminals, Upgrade Advantage, and other Advanced Services designed to provide ongoing support for your communications network and applications. With Support Advantage you’ll also experience Avaya’s industry award- winning services and support. Immediacy Our Preferred Support offer builds upon the Essential offer and delivers more value with EXPERT SystemsSM proactive monitoring and resolution, faster response times – reducing the risk to your communications environments and saving you time. Customers with Preferred enjoy up to 99% of system generated alarms resolved remotely. Also, you’ll receive up to 85% faster response times with preferred, proactive alert of alarms related to PSTN facility, and on average a 20% faster resolution with onsite support *Synchronized billing will be available post GA (August 1, 2011), at a date to be determined, 4

5 Questions

6 Back up

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8 Recommended Combination of Support Advantage Services: For Optimal Solution Performance and Stronger ROI Preferred Support For just slightly more per user license when compared to Essential Support, Preferred Support provides a comprehensive yet flexible support package, including: 24x7 hardware and software support monitoring and proactive issue resolution 15 min accelerated response interval on majors via web ticketing off-board alarm notifications Onsite Highly-trained certified technicians dispatched to customer’s site. Advanced Services Robust selection of enhanced service offers, including Software Release Maintenance, Enhanced Monitoring, Remote Back-up Administration and more. Upgrade Advantage Access to major software upgrades on subscription basis. Recommended Combination of Services 85% of U.S. customers buy equivalent of Preferred + Onsite Preferred Support is a comprehensive, yet flexible hardware and software support package, delivering 24x7 support services to businesses with Avaya communications environments. With Preferred Support, customers receive industry-recognized Avaya services with fast response times. Whether a customer chooses to manage their own environment or rely on Avaya or one of our authorized partners to assist, the Preferred Support package includes a comprehensive array of capabilities, including: Through Support Advantage Preferred Support, customers will experience: 74% reduced risk of experiencing a major system outage 99% resolution of system generated alarms without dispatch 85% faster response times on majors via web ticketing a modular menu of services that address their specific needs Remote 24x7 technical support for hardware and software Remote monitoring with EXPERT Systems Off board alarm notification and Secure Policy Management The recommended package is grouped in a way that gives you comprehensive, cost-effective and flexible support. The combination of these features allows Avaya to detect problems faster, and we can bring in our experts quickly to address those core issues. It’s no wonder, that 85 percent of Avaya’s enterprise customers in the US choose a support package that’s equivalent to Preferred, Parts, and Onsite. This package provides timely upgrades, enhanced monitoring, onsite support and a combination of other enhanced support options. 99% Alarms resolved remotely with automated tools Faster response times than previous support offers Reduced risk of experiencing a major system outage 85% 74%

9 Four Steps to Customizing Support Advantage Coverage
Choose Upgrade Advantage 4 Upgrade Advantage Choose from Advanced Services: 3 Advanced Services Options Software Release Maintenance Terminal Replacement Product Correction Support Client Service Manager Enhanced Monitoring Single Point of Contact Agency Carrier Remote Back-Up Admin Onsite Parts Select Parts or Onsite Support: Parts NBD* Parts 8x5x4 Parts 24x7x4 Onsite 8x5 (includes Parts Coverage) Onsite 24x7 (includes Parts Coverage) 2 Preferred Requires Parts It’s important to understand how to successfully create comprehensive support coverage. Step 1 What do you need to do? You need to choose a core support offer, which could either be the Essential Support, or if you need the value we discussed in the Preferred Support offer, that could be your selection. Step 2 You must also choose a parts option, and have three choices for parts: select from Parts Next Business Day Parts 8x5x4 Parts 24x7x4 Step 3 If Onsite coverage is needed you could purchase either an 8x5 or 24x7 package that includes an Avaya technician onsite with Parts (Terminal replacement is purchased separately). This option is available with either Essential or Preferred Step 4 You can also select any Advanced Services that might meet your needs, whether that be Software Release Maintenance, Enhanced Monitoring, or other Additional Services. Some of the Advanced Services require Preferred, and we can share that detail with you if you are interested (reference Advanced Services brochure on the Portal) Step 5 Finally, you can elect to add Upgrade Advantage. It is the subscription model that allows you access to Avaya’s innovation in the most economical way. The majority of our customers find that this offer element provides excellent value – it is also available with either Essential or Preferred. Essential Requires Parts Select Core Support Coverage: Preferred Essential 1 *6-month transition period for minimum parts requirement of NBD for US, Canada and EMEA following GA. Parts NBD is already required by policy in APAC and CALA. Replacement of any covered part that Avaya determines to be inoperative will be shipped for next day delivery, where available. 9

10 Avaya Products Not Migrating
Support Advantage GA Products Not Migrating Pre-SSI releases (examples): DEFINITY Communication Manager R1– 4 INTUITY Audix Call Center R1-4 CMS R1-16.2 Renew existing maintenance until customer upgrades to an Avaya Support Advantage eligible product Other Enterprise Products (examples): CS1K Call Pilot Contact Center Data Products Continue with existing maintenance (i.e. PASS), or take advantage of new offers (i.e. Full Service Delivery) SME Solutions: IP Office Partner ACS Support by partner through the SME Technical Support OEM Products: UPS Nuance Witness Polycom Juniper Use or renew existing maintenance offer 10 10 10

11 Transitioning to Support Advantage
New System Sales & Upgrades Sales Scenario Available Options Purchase Support Advantage New System Sale (Except for Master Agreements with SSI) Recast to Support Advantage OR Continue with existing contract until expiration. At expiration coverage recasts to Support Advantage Utility Contracts (North America) Recast to Support Advantage Traditional PSS contracts (Global) Recast to Support Advantage, including cancellation of hardware maintenance contract Customers with Software Support and accompanying hardware maintenance Customer takes advantage of the +U to get their entitled upgrade. Existing hardware maintenance remains in place. Customers with Software Support + Upgrades Support and accompanying hardware maintenance

12 Transitioning to Support Advantage
Renewals Sales Scenario Available Options Continue with existing contract Utility (North America) or PSS (Global) Maintenance Contract Customer stays on non-SA eligible product Recast to Support Advantage, including cancellation of hardware maintenance contract OR Continue to renew existing Software Support and hardware maintenance contract until a product upgrade occurs. Customers with Software Support and accompanying hardware maintenance Recast to Support Advantage, including cancellation of hardware maintenance contract Customers with Software Support + Upgrades and accompanying hardware maintenance AND a product upgrade occurred Recast to Support Advantage, including cancellation of hardware maintenance contract OR Continue to renew existing Software Support + Upgrades and hardware maintenance contract until a product upgrade occurs Customers with Software Support + Upgrades and accompanying hardware maintenance AND a product upgrade did NOT occur

13 Support Advantage Product Eligibility for SA & How Quote Tools Affect It
There are two determinants for SA eligibility: Product must be designated as SA-eligible The quote tool used must support SA Both must be true to get an SA quote Sample Scenarios Product Tool Used Offer Produced Rationale Session Manager with CS1K V7.5 EC PASS / Express CS1K must be quoted in EC. EC will not quote SA, which drives Session Manager offer produced Session Manager with Aura R6 ASD/MSQT/MPT SA Session Manager is now SA. It is an SA-eligible product and the quote tool used supports SA AACC AACC is SA-eligible but EC does not support SA AACC is SA-eligible and quote tool used supports SA Data Data is not eligible for SA Component-based

14 Billing for SA SA bills Just like SS & SSU bills today on ‘Day 1’. This billing will apply to all SA offers including Parts and Onsite. If the Supported Products are purchased through an Avaya authorized Partner, support will commence on the first day of the second month following Supported Products Order Closure. Support for additional licenses (after initial commencement of support) will commence on the first day of the month following Order Closure for those additional licenses. If Avaya sells and installs the Supported Products, support will commence on the date Avaya notifies the Customer that the Supported Products are installed according to specifications. If Avaya sells the Supported Products directly, but does not install the Support Products, support will commence on the earlier of the date when software (i) features are enabled, (ii) is downloaded to the target processor or (iii) physically delivered to the Customer premises.

15 Parts 8x5x4 and Parts 7x24x4 Parts 4 hour response offers:
Available in selected geographies in countries where Parts coverage is available Quote tools DO NOT control 4 Hour coverage selection availability in countries where Parts are available 4 hour coverage eligibility is determined based on driving distance from Avaya stocking location to customer site as follows and stated in the SAS: Within 100 miles for the U.S., 150 kilometers for all countries within EMEA and 75 kilometers for all other countries 4 hour coverage eligibility must be determined before quoting the offer. Otherwise, customers may contract for support that cannot be delivered In order to determine support eligibility: Go to the Support Advantage page of Avaya Support located at Click on the link Avaya Stocking Locations for Parts Will be updated with stocking location addresses prior to SA GA Use Google Maps or similar to determine driving distance For Avaya’s FY12, we are looking into having an interactive tool that a partner/customer could use to determine eligibility. This is not available for SA GA and timing is TBD.

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